The ICR has completed the investigation of the criminal case against the thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan) and members of his organized criminal group. According to the investigation, the organized criminal group for many years actually kept the Ramenskiy district of the Moscow Region under criminal control, intimidating and killing businessmen who refused to cooperate with it. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, according to the investigation, Oleg Medvedev, having created an organized criminal group, by 2010 established criminal control over the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region. With other "authorities" and entrepreneurs who lived in the region and did not obey the demands of the OCG members, the "Ramenskie" brutally repressed. The most notorious of the incriminated acts was the murder in February 2012 in the village of Malakhovo of the deputy of the Ramensky district, the general director of CJSC Plemzavod Ramenskoye, Tatyana Sidorova, and her three relatives for refusing to transfer the land plots (the bodies of people abducted from their homes were found only last year - they were buried in the quarry with the help of bulldozers). Then, the investigation believes, several more murders were committed, including a businessman who refused to transfer part of the profits from his business to the Ramenskies.

Sources of said that Shishkan's militants had kept the Ramensky District at bay for decades, local law enforcement officers and officials danced to his tune. Shishkan himself and a dozen of his militants are in custody, but these militants were many times more. And many remain at large. For example, active members of an organized criminal group named Bubinets, Lesha Tushkan, Truffle, etc. And from the law enforcement officers who acted together with Shishkan, no one has yet been taken. Antipov, the silovik, the former head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ramensky district, is at large. His son (also a member of Shishkan's team), after the arrest of the thief in law, only quit his job (headed the local BEP).

Валерий Газаев

In the course of the investigation of the "Shishkan case", the TFR and operatives discussed the possibility of going to the State Duma for the removal of immunity from the former coach of the Russian national team, and now deputy Valery Gazzaev. It was difficult to do without his interrogations in the case of the murder of the family of the head of the Ramenskoye state farm Tatyana Sidorova. Witnesses testified that Sidorova was personally well acquainted with Gazzayev. There was even a large photo in her office showing Gazzaev with Putin. On the other hand, Gazzaev was a close friend of the thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), who is accused of murdering the Sidorova family. At the same time, Gazzaev was not just a friend of Sidorova and Shishkan, but also a participant in their business. The breeding farm had large plots of land, in 2008 Sidorova wrote to a company controlled by a trainer and a thief in law of the land, on which multi-storey buildings appeared. In 2012, Shishkan and Gazzayev tried to repeat the scheme, but Sidorova resisted. When a conflict arose between Shishkan and Sidorova, Gazzayev was on the side of the “thief in law”. Then Sidorova and her family were killed. However, as sources told, Gazzaev managed to extricate himself from this story. Together with other representatives of the world of sports, art, he even signed a surety for Shishkanov in court.

Investigators and operatives in the framework of the investigation into the activities of the Shishkan organized criminal group and the murder of Tatyana Sidorova, had questions to the former Minister of Property Relations of the Moscow Region Alexei Bodunkov. At one time, Sidorova rewrote 40 hectares of the state farm to some mysterious individual entrepreneur. Everyone knew that this was a bribe "to the top", but it was not clear to whom. For a long time, this land was simply for the individual entrepreneur, without changing the owner. And only now, during the investigation, it was established that in reality it was controlled by Bodunkov. This retired minister was close to the governor Boris Gromov, the head of the Moscow Regional Duma Valery Aksakov. And after leaving all posts, Bodunkov began to steer a real estate company, which still sells tasty objects in the Moscow region, like the one that Sidorova copied to an individual entrepreneur at one time.

Валерий Аксаков

 As part of the Shishkan case and the murder of Sidorova, detectives and investigators really wanted to talk with the former chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma, and now adviser to the governor of the Moscow region, Valery Aksakov. As part of the investigation, it was established that he was a close friend of the thief in law Oleg Shishkanov, they often communicated, had a common business in the Yegoryevskoye highway area (including a gas station). Aksakov was also familiar with Sidorova and was indirectly related to the events around the state farm and its lands. By the way, not many people probably remember the biography of Valery Aksakov, the former chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma, a former senator, and now an adviser to the governor of the Moscow region. In the mid-90s, Aksakov was dismissed from his post as deputy head of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Moscow Region during Operation Clean Hands. It was established that he received two cars from persons involved in scams with fake AVISOs. Aksakov also conveyed to interested people operational information on the case of the murder of State Duma deputy Sergei Skorochkin, transferred to a certain commercial shooting center a large number of weapons belonging to the regional police. A story about the theft of weapons from the warehouses of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate also surfaced. After Aksakov signed acts on the destruction of weapons confiscated from the bandits, they were not destroyed, but sold to other criminal groups. Aksakov miraculously left the landing, but came to the court of the Moscow Region authorities.

In the course of the investigation of the thief in law Shishkan and the murder of the head of the state farm Tatyana Sidorova, the operatives are interested in the Ramensky deputy Nadezhda Shkutko, who was Sidorova's deputy on the state farm. In the course of the investigation, it was established that Shkutko, bypassing Sidorova, was doing things related to the state farm with Shishkan. And it worked well. She built several cottages in Cyprus, in which members of the Shishkan organized crime group often rested. Sidorova, having learned about Shkutko's actions, fired her. And Shkutko, too, to put it mildly, was not upset about the murder of the Sidorova family.

Investigators of the TFR actively interrogated witnesses about the connections between Shishkan and the Moscow region officials and security officials. Moreover, they were especially interested in those in positions. So, the investigators built a picture that Shishkan and Co. not only made successful officials their own, but raised them, invested in young specialists, and helped to move up the career ladder. In particular, the witnesses were interested in the First Deputy Minister of Housing Policy of the Moscow Region Lyudmila Raschepkina. She worked for a long time in various positions in the Zhukovsky patrimony of Shishkan. Witnesses claim that Raschepkina maintained close contacts with Shishkan's right hand, Yegor Yesin. Also, investigators ask a witness a lot of questions about the adviser to the governor of the Moscow region Valery Aksakov. He has known Shishkan for a very long time, even when he worked in the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ramensky District. Until the arrest of Shishkanov, they spent their leisure time together, had common interests in business.


To be continued

Arseny Dronov