The structure of Gazprom under the unpretentious name of OOO Gazprom completeness quietly held a tender for the purchase of 144,000 tons of large diameter pipes for "repair work."


As always, the "kings" of the trumpet state order won: Vyksa Steel Works of the United Metallurgical Company ordered 2.9 billion rubles, the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant - 2.9 billion rubles, the Pipe Metallurgical Company - 2.3 billion, Pipe Innovative Technology "- by 4 billion and Izhora Pipe Plant" Severstal "- by 1.8 billion.


"The mosquito does not undermine the nose"


We will start with the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, which belongs to the prominent United Russia party Andrei Komarov. Interestingly, in the spring of 2014, Mr. Komarov and his lawyer were detained by officers of the Main Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Combating Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs!


"According to the investigation, FSUE" Promresurs ", which conducted the inspection of JSC" ChTPZ ", found violations of the legislation on mobilization training, which made it impossible to unreasonably receive material benefits amounting to 2 billion rubles," said Vladimir Markin, the then official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia.


Top-managers Komarova used the opportunity to recover 20% of the cost of property related to the mobilization capacity.


But inspectors from "Promresurs" found out that the funds were simply written off, while there were no real costs for mobilization. That is, in fact, in order to get 20% of target spending from the budget, Komarov's subordinates "drew" these expenses in appropriate documents, which allowed them to "profit" at the expense of the state.


The billionaire was suspected "in an attempt to bribe an official." They opened a criminal case under the article "Commercial bribery".


In May 2014, it became known that Komarov, accused of commercial bribery, the decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow was left under house arrest.


When Komarov was under arrest, investigators suspected that a 300-thousand-dollar bribe in US currency required that the auditors "forget" about the allegedly illegal return of 1.8 billion rubles from the budget by the pipe-rolling plant! That is, simply stealing budget funds!


In February 2016, Komarov was released "for lack of evidence of the composition of the crime." Moreover, the state refinanced to it 78 billion of the plant's debt! And now Komarov again wins a tender with Gazprom.



Tube "Shabash" Shabalov


Another "winner" of the order from "Gazprom" LLC "Trumpet Innovation Technologies" (TIT) Ivan Shabalov. This is generally a special person, you can say "a person close to the emperor." The assets of his company are 22 billion rubles.



Here it is necessary to say that Shabalov in 2005 created an office called "Northern European Pipe Project" (CETP). In just a few years, he became the largest pipe trader in Russia. In 2010, the controlling stake in the company was sold to the brothers Arkady and Boris Rothenberg, close to the Kremlin. Taking them into partners, Shabalov's business began to grow as a "leap".


Arkady and Boris Rothenberg


After that, the revenues of the SESP alone approached 90 billion rubles, and it accounted for more than 60-70% of the total supply of large-diameter pipes to Gazprom. "I think that random people do not win Gazprom's tender for LDP," commented Mikhail Korchemkin, head of East European Gas Analysis. - It's like in the construction of gas pipelines - tenders win "Stroygazmontazh" brothers Rotenberg and "Stroygazkonsalting" Ziyad Manasir ".


In 2011, the FAS began to investigate why Gazprom buys pipes from intermediaries, while paying them 20-30% more than the pipes their producers have. FAS demanded that pipes from different participants be bought. Thus, Shabalov, who took Rothenberg's partners, is now fully in line with the requirements.


In 2014 CEPTA closed. But Shabalov and Rotenberg were able to return to the market and again win tenders.


By the way, with the FAS Shabalov constantly fights. In 2014, TIT Ivan Shabalov received 14% of supplies in the next tender for Gazprom to purchase large diameter pipes (LDP) for 10.3 billion rubles.


In 2015, to prevent antimonopolschiki Shabalov filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration Court of Moscow to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). And what's the reason? "Since May 2015, several months have been spent researching documents, which made the work of the TIT difficult," said a source in the company. Antimonopolschiki conducted inspections and this did not please Shabalov!


After that, TIT Ivan Shabalov won one of four lots of Gazprom for the delivery of LDP 1.44 billion rubles at the end of 2015 and the first half of 2016.


As can be seen from the report of Gazprom, TIT again won the tender.


United Metallurgical Company


Another notable winner is the United Metallurgical Company Anatoly Sedykh. It won this time orders for 2.9 billion rubles. Sedykh secured a loan guarantee of 21 billion rubles from the state, but did not fulfill their promises. It is rumored that some of this money was trivialized.


Anatoly Sedykh


There is information according to which Anatoly Sedykh controls the Metallinvestbank through top managers, that is, it was in his interests that the withdrawal of assets could be carried out. How can he do it without consequences? In business circles, they say that the "patronage" of Anatoly Sedykh could allegedly be made by the owner of the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant (CHTPZ) Andrei Komarov!


The history of Sedykh and Gazprom is quite old. Back in 2005, Sedykh actually formed informal relations with the top officials of Gazprom and the Ministry of Railways, which enabled him to get an opportunity to participate in very profitable contracts, including with the involvement of budgetary funds. "




Izhora Pipe Plant Severstal received orders from Gazprom for 1.8 billion. Here we need to recall that the owner of the enterprise Alexei Mordashov registered OAO Severstal in the offshore FrontdealLtd.


In 2004, the media published materials denouncing Mordashov in the unfair possession of Severstal. The source of the information was the ex-general director of the Cherepovets metallurgical plant Yuri Lipukhin.




The pipe metallurgical company of Dmitry Pumpyanskiy received orders for 2.3 billion rubles. Pumpyansky actually exists on loans. The problems started as early as the end of 2013, when OAO TMK Pumpyanskiy "opened two non-revolving credit lines through subsidiaries of Taganrog Metallurgical Plant OJSC (TAGMET) and OJSC Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ) by 8.9 billion and 7.7 Billion rubles, respectively. "


Dmitry Pumpyansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMK


Interestingly, the money went not to the development of projects, but only to restructure the company's current debt.


There is information that Pumpyansky, who started doing business in the Sverdlovsk region, had close contacts with representatives of the so-called UGG "Uralmash". According to 2003 information, this OPG controlled significant sectors of the region's economy. With reference to the opinion of observers, the reported that Pumpyansky owed his career to the organized crime group Uralamash. Allegedly, having established control over a significant share of the Russian pipe business, the group tried to gain access to the financial flows of oil and gas workers with the help of Pumpyanskiy.


It was repeatedly mentioned that criminal cases were allegedly brought against Pumpyanskiy, but each time they were stopped due to the efforts of the Uralmash organized criminal group and the local prosecutor's office. It was rumored that in September 2002, Zlatoust's police department opened a criminal investigation into the sale of 37 percent of fictitious shares in the Zlatoust Metallurgical Combine.


According to investigators, using a fictitious extract from the register of plant shareholders, Dmitry Pumpyansky allegedly sold a 37 percent stake in the enterprise to three individuals.


In a criminal environment there were rumors that Pumpyansky played a key role in the so-called "Tagmet project" (Taganrog Metallurgical Plant). The enterprise was at the center of the struggle of criminal groups.


It should be recalled that the FAS of the year initiated a proceeding regarding the purchase of pipes with a violation by Gazprom of 12 billion rubles. In the end, after a personal meeting between the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev and Alexei Miller, an agreement was reached in the field of procurement - a joint group to curb violations.


Alexey Miller, the head of Gazprom


True Miller unilaterally refused this idea! As a result, all those who won earlier won: the Vyksa Steel Works of the United Metallurgical Company ordered 2.9 billion rubles, the Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant - 2.9 billion rubles., The Pipe Metallurgical Company - 2.3 billion rubles, Pipe Innovative Technology "- by 4 billion and Izhora Pipe Plant" Severstal "- by 1.8 billion.