Source: continues to talk about the "king" of the Rostov region, the vice-president of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov, who "puppets" the region and organizes personnel changes. Like any "king", Uzdenov has a retinue. It will be discussed in the new publication.

According to the source, Ali Uzdenov's team consists of the following persons.

Musaev Ibragim Magomedovich - controls a large construction company Geomontazhstroy, a specialized developer in Rostov and Sochi. Holds the position of director of the branch of PJSC Gazprom Gazoraspredelenie Rostov-on-Don in the city of Aksai. Currently he plans to take the position of head of Gazprom's subsidiary in the Rostov region. Musaev has repeatedly come into the field of view of the FSB and BEP operatives of the region. First of all, in connection with the specific distribution of contracts for Gazprom and "commercial" connections of facilities to gas networks. This is one of his main sources of income. But there are others. In addition to the construction business, there is also a caviar business. After a series of events, the operatives came to the conclusion that it was Musaev who was behind the left-hand channels for the supply of black and red caviar, including through the Rick trading house.

Ибрагим Мусаев

Repeatedly in Rostov, there were measures for persons controlled by Musaev, but everything ended at verification events.

Aleksey Laptev, a former buyer in the south of Arkady Rotenberg's TSM (Transstroymehanizatsiya) company. Laptev is the godfather of the daughter of Yevgeny Uzdenov (son of Ali Uzdenov). Together with Uzden, dubious contracts were made and about 80 million rubles were withdrawn from TSM, for which Laptev was actually expelled from TSM.

Commentary from a source of from law enforcement agencies: “How the land was transferred between OJSC DRSU and LLC DRSU Yuga. Owners Uzdenov E.A. and his partner Laptev (builder Sochi). Artificial debt obligations were created between DRSU and the gasket firms. The artificiality of these obligations is indicated by the fact that these organizations were actually led by one person by the name of Rylkov. It was completely controlled by the owners - Uzdenov and Laptev. After that, Konstantin Stepanov, a competent lawyer and teacher of SFedU, began to bankrupt these organizations. The land was transferred to the StroyMaster firm under his control. This firm was headed by former BEP lieutenant colonel Zykov. After that, according to the documents, the land went to Tver. At the time of the fictitious transaction, the land was worth a billion. This is how these citizens, by an organized community, threw an entire millionth city. "

Skokov Vitaly - head of own security Evgenia Uzdenova. Former employee of the M Department of the Federal Security Service of Rostov. He also once supervised the current head of Rostov-on-Don, Alexei Logvinenko, Skokov is used for negotiations with serious law enforcement agencies.

Valentin Samsonov is a former deputy head of the regional BEP. Samsonov occupies a prominent place in the security service of Ali Uzdenov. He is the former head of Logvinenko, who worked for the BEP region for 10 years.

Асламбек Джиоев

Aslambek Dzhioev - deputy and former director of the branch of PJSC Gazprom Gas Distribution Rostov-on-Don. According to the source, the latter had good connections through the Prosecutor General's Office, is familiar with the Deputy Prosecutor General Dmitry Demeshin, with the former Prosecutor of the Rostov Region Yuri Baranov (only recently left his post). The Uzdenovs and Dzhioev even have a separate person to communicate with the prosecutors. This is the former acting. Prosecutor of Novocherkassk Alexander Shirinov.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov