FSB operatives detained the head of the Center for combating extremism of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic (KCR) Colonel Timur Betuganov and the former acting head of the investigation Department of the Investigative Committee (SU SK) of the KCR, major General of justice Kazbek Bulatov. They are accused that long time "otmazyvat" the friend Rauf Arashukov from charges of murder of politicians of Fral Shebzukhov and Aslan Zhukov and other crimes. According to this is not the last "wave" of arrests in the KCR. In the near future, the FSB may arrive in the country already on the "gas case", which is in custody Raul Arashukov. Operatives are interested in the owners of large enterprises - gas consumers. The TFR and the FSB believe that they were involved in the dark gas Affairs Arashukov. The interest of operatives concerns the enterprise associated with the business Empire of Filaret Galchev.

As it became known, former pet and closest assistant Rauf Arashukova Executive Director of JSC Mineralovodsk gas company Guzer Khashukaev actively cooperates with the investigation and filed a petition for a pre-trial agreement. He actively talks about all dark Affairs of the chief and his role in them. In particular, Khashukaev said during interrogation that he had held various positions in the gas strukturah controlled by Arshukova, however, they were formal, the Guzer has always been one.

A whole group of KCR enterprises, including large ones, were connected to the gas pipelines by roundabout ways, on "bird's rights". At the same time, they consumed large volumes of gas. Raul and Rauf Arashukov Turned a blind eye. In return, the company paid monthly large sums, however, much smaller than it would be with the official payment. The money was collected from the representatives of enterprises Guzer Khachukaev and passed Rauf Arashukov. In turn, Raul Arashukov gave commands to "write off" gas which was consumed by these enterprises. you know, at least, of the five companies named by Khachukaev. Today we will talk about a few of them.

The first is the factory "Rezinotekhnik", controlled by the family of the Minister of economic development of Karachay-Cherkessia Eldar Alabichev. Second, the Habezsky plaster plant associated with the industry & energy Minister of KCHR Murat by Organovym. Third, Ust - Dzhegutinsky Deposit of limestone and clay, which serves as the main resource base of the company "kavkaztsement" Filaret Galchev.

According to the investigators have been working with managers and owners of these three companies on the subject of giving evidence against Arshakovich in exchange for failure to charge on "gas business". If, on "Rezinotekhnika" and Habezsky plaster plant, it seems, agreed, on the Ust-dzhegutinsky field categorically refused.

Now the investigation team is studying the data, and then follow the conclusions and activities. According to our source, while the greatest troubles threaten it "Kavkaztsement", belonging to the Galchev.

 To be continued

Vitaly Tolstoy