Evgeny Giner no longer owns a controlling stake in CSKA. In connection with this event, on the eve of the New Year holidays, recalled how Giner became the owner of this football club. It turned out that CSKA Giner was conquered by the “godfathers” of Russian football Vyacheslav Koloskov and Alexander Tukmanov, who then led the RFU. Alexander Tukmanov in a conversation with confirmed that the RFU really recommended that the Ministry of Defense put Giner as the club’s leader. “I was introduced to him by Alexei Yeskov, with whom I played Torpedo. Giner lived a little in Rostov, they met there, and then Yeskov introduced us. It is difficult to say how important our opinion was, after all, the decision was made by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense. Nevertheless, I think it played a decisive role, because it was at a meeting where the RFU, in my opinion, was the only football body. ” already told how the future founders of the RFU Koloskov and Tukman built corruption in Soviet sports. We also described the relationship of this couple with "authorities" and "thieves in law." The new part of the investigation reports on how Tukmanov captured the Torpedo football club, throwing businessmen Vladimir Alyoshin and Alexander Mamut.

Alexander Tukmanov in 2007 became the president of Torpedo, but did not hold on to this position for a year. He was invited in the expectation that, thanks to his connections, it would be possible to find sponsors for the club or to sell it profitably. However, it turned out the opposite. According to, the then owner of the club, Aleshin, was surprised that Tukmanov was also treating the funds allocated by him and the Moscow government to the club as he was used to handling RFU funds. The result of this was that the “Torpedo” flew from the first division to the PFL, and the leading football players left it with a scandal. Tukmanov was pointed at the door.

However, he had already “laid eyes” on the “Torpedo” and he could not be stopped. Aleshin did not have money to maintain the club, which Tukmanov decided to use. He began to meet with prominent businessmen, discussing with them the possibility of buying a “Torpedo”. Among Tukmanov's interlocutors were Roman Abramovich, Mamut, Mikhail Prokhorov and various other entrepreneurs. And after each meeting, news appeared in the media that a particular oligarch was buying Torpedo and would make a super club out of a bankrupt and divested team. Almost like Real Madrid or Barcelona. In reality, only Mamut was the real contender for the team, and the rest refused the deal. But the fans did not know about it and persistently began to demand from Aleshin to part with the “Torpedo”. Luzhkov also caught fire with the idea of ​​turning his beloved Torpedo into a super club. Thus, double pressure began to be put on Aleshin. But at first he was unyielding, wanting to get all his investments in the team for it — and that was a considerable amount.

It is worth noting that by the beginning of this story some kind of “muddy” relationship was associated with the purchase of “Torpedo”, Tukmanov and Mamut. As found out, according to Tukmanov’s closed income statements, in 2003 Troika Dialog paid 20 million rubles to the then RFU vice president, and already in 2004 the payment amounted to 51 million rubles (at the exchange rate almost 1.5 million dollars). During this period of time, Mamut was just the chairman of the board of directors of Troika Dialog.

Then Tukmanov suggested that Mamut “finish off” Aleshin - to create, on the basis of some club playing in the first division, a “double” “Torpedo” with the name “Torpedo 1924” or “Torpedo-ZIL”. Invest in a "double" money and withdraw to the Premier League. Given that the original Torpedo should play in the second division, this Aleshin asset will depreciate and he will make concessions.

Initially, Konstantin Sarsaniy was chosen as a double team. But Sarsania is a football “shark” that can “gobble up” anyone, including Tukmanov. And considering that Mamut did not initially like the latter, everything went to the fact that the “doppelgänger” of the “Torpedo” would go “sailing” with Mamut and Sarsania, but without Tukmanov.

Frightened Tukmanov rushed to Luzhkov with a new idea. Like, Alyoshin will not sell the whole Torpedo to Mamut, but only 51%, let the remaining shares be held by ZIL, consider Moscow. Luzhkov liked the idea, he began to put pressure on Alyoshin. He already knew that a “doppelgänger” of the “Torpedo” would soon appear, therefore he could not resist the mayor of the capital, with whom he had extensive financial interests. However, he immediately agreed that he would give back the shares at a low price - for $ 1 million. But they must leave to ZIL, and from there to Mamut. There should be no intermediary firms from Tukmanov in the transaction.

Thus, Tukmanov got a "trump card in the sleeve" in the form of an already negotiated opportunity to get an "original" Torpedo. Moreover, by that time the Sarsanians were offered to head Khimki and he was not up to the project with Torpedo. However, the process of transferring shares of Aleshin began to drag out. Since he wanted to get $ 1 million in cash right away, and no one trusted Tukmanov with that amount. Direct contact between the representatives of Aleshin and Mamut for various reasons was impossible. As a result, there was a situation in which Mamut might never get the original “Torpedo”, and even the double club with the players would not have time to announce. In a hurry, the "double" is created on the basis of the Torpedo-RG team and gets the name Torpedo-ZIL.

According to an investigation by, Aleshin, meanwhile, under pressure from Luzhkov, begins a free transfer of shares of the original Torpedo to ZIL. The parties agree that the first season is played by Torpedo-ZIL, during which time the transfer of shares under the Aleshin-ZIL-Mamut scheme ends. The two teams merge and the next season plays the united Torpedo, in which the owners are Mamut and ZIL (in fact, the Moscow government) with a minimal package. The contract will also stipulate that Tukmanov and his longtime friend Valery Filatov (former president of FC Lokomotiv) will be the club’s leaders. They are the first season should be led by Torpedo-ZIL.

Everything went according to plan exactly until the moment when Aleshin transferred the Torpedo shares to ZIL. Further, Mamut is surprised to learn that in the proposed Charter of the united Torpedo, Tukmanov and Filatov appear in addition to him and ZIL in the proposed Charter. Moreover, everyone should receive 15%. When asked if they are ready to finance the team in the amount of 30%, both respond negatively. It is clear that Mamuta, who must 100% sponsor the team, but will not be its full owner, does not suit this. But Tukmanov Mamut is not really needed.

He convinces Luzhkov that Mamut hatched insidious plans to “deceive them all”, will finally ruin the team, etc. Yes, and, in general, without Mamut, it’s the turn of those who want to financially help the team. As a result, the shares are “stuck” in the collapsed ZIL, and in fact both they and the club themselves are in 2009 under the full control of Tukmanov. But not his one.

Learning that the team does not go to Mamut Aleshin was terribly indignant. Yes, and Mamut considered himself deceived. But attempts to influence “from above” ran into the “wall” in the person of Luzhkov (Dvorkovich also actively helped Tukmanov). And attempts to influence "from below" came across stern Caucasian gangsters - fighters from the brigade of Surinov and Ibrashka. They themselves officially appeared in the club later, freed from the colony. Gangsters accompanied the team in training, at the base, etc.

We are talking about the "authority" of Tatevos Surinov. Surinov's right hand was the gangster Ibrahim Suleymanov, nicknamed Ibrashka. Back in the 90s, through Ibrashka and the RFU-controlled companies controlled by Koloskov and Tukmanov, entire flows of tickets for matches began to be realized with the participation of the Russian team and our clubs playing in European competitions. As the interlocutors of believe, the broth was divided between Surinov, Ibrashka, Tukmanov. Clearly, they did not forget about Koloskov.

As the friends of Tukmanov “grew” in the criminal and business hierarchy, their relationships increased. So, it was Tukmanov who at one time helped Yevgeny Giner become the owner of CSKA, and then head the Russian Football Premier League. And Tatevos Surinov became Giner’s deputy for the Premier League, until he and Suleymanov were arrested in 2004 on charges of major fraud. And upon reaching freedom, they joined Tukmanov in Torpedo.

But the question remained with the financing of Torpedo. Tukmanov is not used to spending his money. But he was lucky. To help the team financially agreed her longtime fan businessman, Mikhail Ponomarev. In exchange, he was promised to become the owner of the entire club, but for now a small package has been handed over. Ponomareva Energy Consulting Sport & Marketing GmbH became an official sponsor of the club. However, Ponomarev lasted with Torpedo for only two years, and then he left to sponsor the clubs of the English Premier League and Weekday League. His final break with Torpedo coincided with the fact that Surinov officially became present at the team’s matches, who did not hide his co-ownership of the club, and there would be no Ponomarev among the powerful owners of Torpedo shares.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov