Source: continues to publish an investigation about the two founders of the RFU - Vyacheslav Koloskov and Alexander Tukmanov. In the last post we talked about how they "successfully" deystvovali in the system of sports of the USSR.  The schemes created by Koloskov and Tukmanov for Soviet football were transferred to Russian football, but taking into account the new realities. About corruption in the RFU can be told indefinitely, until we stop only on some points that are related to the future fate of our heroes.

One of the major sources of personal enrichment of Koloskov and Tukmanov were funds received from the participation of Russian clubs and teams in international competitions. Because of this, both "did not get out" of scandals 

Consistently on the European and World Championships 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998 players (sometimes together with the head coach) has accused the leaders of the RFU Koloskov and Tumanova in financial irregularities (to put it simply, pocketing the funds intended for the participation of national teams in tournaments and payouts players). However, a couple of functionaries fought off attacks and, despite the failed performances of the national teams, wrote himself a decent prize at the time – from 30 thousand German marks and above.  

At the end of 90-ies the tax police became interested in the activities of the RFU, Koloskov and Tukmanov. Firstly, the tax authorities were interested in why the players of the national team are paid premium in envelopes and these payments are not marked anywhere. And the second question concerned the strange transfers of large sums of money abroad without any explanation. Thus, in 1997, 2 million Swiss francs were sent to the account in Schweizerische Vereinsbank.

In 1998, the Moscow tax police Department began interrogations. First of all, the players of the Russian national team about the circumstances of their awarding in envelopes. Each player in the building tax accompanied personally Tukmanov and instructed what he needed to say. Next questioned and the Tukmanov, as well as his boss Koloskov. As a result, the tax transferred to the Prosecutor's office of Moscow materials for the initiation of the case, but it was never born. Affected all the same.

Since Soviet times, the system has been preserved, in which football clubs "unfastened" the leaders of the RFU percentage of the premium received for a successful performance in European competitions. That is the RFU has indicated UEFA to which accounts should transfer to clubs award. And most often, the leaders of the clubs asked Koloskov and Tukmanov to ensure the transfer of currency to the accounts of incomprehensible firms in foreign banks. Those approved it, but, it is clear, for a certain percentage.     

In the 90-ies the number of friends Koloskov and Tukmanov from the criminal contingent has increased significantly. Both closely communicated with Otari Kvantrishvili (shot by the sniper in 1994). By order of the latter, the bandits cut with knives the face of journalist Alexei Matveev, who wrote in the Central media revelations about the RFU as a whole and about Koloskov and Tukmanov separately. According to sources, Tukmanov and his friend coach Alexander Tarkhanov friendly with the "thief in law" Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan, at one time was the shadow owner of FC "Starun"), the leader of the Lyubertsy OPG Vadim Voronin (Crow, was associated with CSKA), the leader of the Pushkin OPG Alexander Stukalov (Knocked, also had an attraction to CSKA).

Tukmanov through the RFU was the curator of FC "torpedo", owned by businessman Vladimir Aleshin. He also owned the Luzhniki stadium, which in the 90s became the largest clothing market and the largest gathering of the mafia. There began his career Eugene Giner (representative of the Kharkov group Salygin), the current senators Alexander Babakov, Ter-Avanesov, "authority" Maxim Kurochkin (Max rabid), "thief in law" Mikhail Voevodin (Misha Luzhnetsky), etc. With some of them, in particular with Giner, even then became friends and Tukmanov. And with a number of gangsters, he even organized a joint business. We are talking about the "authority" Tatevos Surinov. Right hand Surinov was a gangster Ibrahim Suleymanov, named Ebraska. And here in 90-e years, through Ebraska and they control the firm started a flood of tickets for matches with participation of Russian national team and our clubs in European competitions. As polagayut the sides the broth was divided between Surenavan, Ibrashi Tukmanova. Of course, we did not forget about Koloskov.

Inasmuch as "growing up" in the criminal and business hierarchy Tumanova friends increased and their relationships. Thus, it was Tukmanov who helped Yevgeny Giner to become the owner of CSKA, and then lead the Russian football Premier League. And Deputy Giner on the RFPL was Tatevos Surinov, until he and Suleymanov in 2004 were arrested on charges of major fraud.

And, of course, the number of tukmanov's acquaintances among officials (future and current) grew. In particular, he is in excellent relations with Arkady Dvorkovich (in 2001 at the insistence of Tukmanov Dvorkovich became a member of the Executive Committee of the RFU), our hero became friends with the then mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov - who loved FC "torpedo" and attend matches of the national team in "Luzhniki".

Probably, such "sweet" life of Tukmanov could continue till now. If in 2005 a good acquaintance of Vladimir Putin Vitaly Mutko didn't begin to apply for a post of the head of RFU. As a result, Koloskov was very persistently asked to make room. He agreed, but decided to "push" into the vacant chair of his faithful Tukmanov. Then there was the activation of the Investigative Committee of the Ministry of internal Affairs, in the production of which remained the case of the transfer of Alenichev and fate, the proceeds of millions of dollars, which featured materials and the dark cases of the leaders of the RFU. As a result, at the conference Tukmanov preferred to withdraw his candidacy, and the RFU headed Mutko.

However, the final links with the cash flows of the RFU Tukmanov has not lost. So, in 2006-2007 the son of Tukmanov Sergey was the employee of firms "IMG". In General, IMG is a large international consulting company. And in Russia, the company-named her "daughters" had a strange direction and structure owners. Their founders were listed frequently changing group of offshore companies. "IMG-Media", for example, was headed by Alexander Weinstein - a businessman, a former owner of the "Moscow news", a man closely associated with football and crime. Img-Media closely cooperated and cooperates with RFU, RFPL, in particular in the field of broadcasting of competitions. According, "IMG", where he worked Tukhmanov, Jr., during his activities there, suddenly broke into the top ten of major Russian companies (including the amounts of received budget funds), which cast construction sites.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov