Lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik, a recent hero of a noisy detective story, has appeared in Moscow. Then his 16-year-old son was allegedly kidnapped, and Skrypnik himself announced that he was being threatened as a valuable witness in the case of the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). The lawyer's son was quickly found, lawyer Eduard Gladilin was arrested on suspicion of a crime, but then he was released. Meanwhile, Skrypnik himself disappeared. Which was not at all surprising, since the story of the abduction coincided with the fact that the case was developing extremely unpleasantly on charges of Skrypnik himself in an attempt to steal $ 30 million. As the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel reported, the UVD of the South-Eastern Administrative District announced in federal wanted list for Skrypnik.

As a source told, the other day Skrypnik showed up in Moscow and immediately provided investigators with a certificate that he was sick with COVID, was hospitalized and therefore could not respond to the investigator's summons. Now this information is being verified. We have at our disposal several different protocols of Skrypnik's interrogation in the Dzhako case. We will cite the most interesting fragments of his testimony. It follows from them that Skrypnik's business was under the "roof" of the 17th Directorate of the FSB of Russia. Somehow, Skrypnik had a conflict with the then owner of FC CSKA, and Gagoev, an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation, helped him in solving problems. In return, Gagoev asked that the Skrypnik hotel actually become the headquarters of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako).

  “I do not need the services of an interpreter during interrogation. The procedure for the interrogation has been explained to me, I have been notified of the use of technical means. I would like to give testimony in Russian. I would like to use the prepared records when giving evidence. Since 1990 I have been doing business, creating and purchasing various business projects. In particular, I and my German partners own High Technology (Liechtenstein), established in 1992 and since 1994 has been leading investment activities in Russia. In this joint stock company, I own 51 percent of the shares. The main asset that I own through High Technology JSC is the property complex of the Art Hotel, located at the address: Moscow, st. 3rd Peschanaya, 2. This is in the area of ​​the Khodynskoye field in Moscow. The Art Hotel itself is state-owned, due to the investment, we are the tenant of the said property (property complex of the Art Hotel) on the basis of a long-term lease agreement with investment conditions. The property complex of the Art Hotel includes the building of the hotel itself, which consists of 85 rooms, three conference rooms, a restaurant and a lobby bar. There is also a summer restaurant under the "Bear Garden" tent, two summer verandas adjoining the building and a car parking for 50 cars. In 2005, I find it difficult to name the exact date, an employee of the FSB of Russia Alexander Samoletov arrived at the Art Hotel and told me that the Art Hotel is supervised by the 17th Department of the FSB of Russia. I took this information into consideration and in the period from 2005 to 2008 fulfilled various legal requirements of A. Samoletov related to the tasks of ensuring state security. In 2008, I find it difficult to name the exact date, A. Samoletov was transferred to another job, and his place as curator of the Art Hotel from the 17th Directorate of the FSB of Russia was taken by Rolan Dzhabeevich Gagoev, who had recently been transferred from his previous duty station in North Ossetia. Gagoev R.D. I was officially introduced by the head of the 6th service of the 17th Department, S.A. Pinchuk.

In this economic conflict arose between me, acting on behalf of High Technology, which is the tenant of part of the premises in the Art Hotel from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for a period of 49 years, with TORGSPETSSERVICE CJSC (General Director Sechkin SA).

Skrypnik spoke in more detail about this conflict during another interrogation: “The current management company, CJSC Torgspetsservice, unexpectedly for me found itself under the control of the former owner of FC CSKA Ruslan Khusainov. Khusainov demanded to leave his management company for another five years on unfavorable terms for me. Otherwise, I was threatened, including paralyzing the work of the hotel. There were raider attacks in the Art Hotel, and I was repeatedly blocked from accessing my property. Information about the corporate conflict became known to R.D. Gagoev. Gagoev R.D. said that he chooses which side of the conflict he should support together with the resource of the FSB of Russia and his partner A.M. Gagiev. To demonstrate their capabilities, Gagoev R.D. let me familiarize myself with the materials of the PTP on the case filed against the participants in the conflict at the Art Hotel. I had to accept the "help" of R.D. Gagoev. in exchange for the following conditions: transferring to R.D. Gagoev. 15% of the hotel's profit, but not less than USD 5,000 per month, free accommodation in the hotel indicated by A.M. Gagiev. through Gagoeva R.D. people, transfer of control over the registration of all guests to Gagoev R.D.

After that, Khusainov, who lived in France, and his people refused to change their position and generally meet with A.M. Gagiev. Ultimately, I managed to independently reach an agreement with Khusainov to buy out the management company from him for $ 700,000. "

As Skrypnik said, he tried to explain to Gagoev that he did not see his role in resolving the conflict.

“In the course of repeated conversations, Gagoev R.D. began to exert psychological pressure on me, threatening to make me a defendant in the criminal case., - Skoypnik told the investigators, "Having suppressed me morally, since I assessed his threats realistically, Gagoev R.D. began to use my business of maintaining the Art Hotel in his own interests. As I understand now, Gagoev Rolan actually organized a transshipment base for the criminal organization of the criminal authority Gagoev R.D., being an active employee of the FSB of Russia, since 2008, he has been escorting the Art Hotel. As a result, he controlled the hotel accommodation service and demanded free accommodation for the citizens indicated by him, without registration. Subsequently, Gagoev R.D. told me that he was acting in the interests of A.M. Gagiev. and will oversee the issues of resettlement in my hotel. I obeyed his request, and in the future, free of charge and without registration, I placed in the hotel those people whom Gagoev R.D. Some of the guests Gagoev R.D. placed in the hotel under his data (name, surname, etc.). According to Gagoev R.D. I know that R.D. Gagoeva with Gagiev A.M. introduced Gabalov A.V., after which Gagoev R.D. organized the placement of the base for people A.M. Gagiev at the Art Hotel, which I own.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov