Source: became aware of the details of the criminal case against the investigator of the 12th department of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, Alexander Artemyev, who at the end of December 2020 was arrested for accepting a bribe.

Александр Артемьев

According to a source of, this criminal story began with the fact that a friend, unemployed actor Dmitry Yartsev, turned to Alexander Artemyev. They had known each other for a long time, so the Servant of Melpomene immediately got down to business: "I'll drive you a good client, and you give me money for bread." Artemyev agreed, everything was agreed. Only now the amount of the bribe turned out to be too heavy for the victim, and he turned to the "M" Department of the FSB. According to the plan, Yartsev was supposed to take the money from the victim and give it to Artemyev. During the transfer of a bribe in the amount of 380 thousand dollars, Dmitry Yartsev was detained. During the interrogation, he pleaded guilty, agreed to cooperate with the investigation and indicated that the money was intended for the senior investigator of the State Investigation Department, Alexander Artemyev.

Дмитрий Ярцев

The FSB operatives were surprised by the behavior of Yartsev, whom they were leading before his arrest. During telephone conversations about the bribe, he called all the names from whom and to whom this money was intended. Artemiev was not particularly secretive either. During the ORM, it was found that he had at least $ 5 million in cash, a house in Miami and 5 apartments in Moscow.

When the smell of fried smelled, Artemyev tried to hide, having issued a sick leave. He was hiding in a 250-meter apartment in the Tricolor residential complex on Prospekt Mira and in a giant cottage in the village of Selinskie dachi, he could not (they will figure it out), so he hid in what seemed to him a secluded place and began to look for someone who would solve his problem. He was not hiding well, thanks to the informant his whereabouts were known, which he did not know. Two weeks later, senior investigator Artemyev found the one who promised to save him and went to the meeting. After that, his whereabouts are no longer a secret - he is in jail.

However, Artemyev's problems began even earlier. According to a source, he came under the supervision of the FSB of the Russian Federation back in mid-2019 thanks to his wife, Ekaterina Artemyeva. She is madly in love with expensive things, expensive alcohol and noisy parties with guest stars. Usually "party from Katya" goes like this. A restaurant with a large number of guests is completely or partially closed for a private event. Most often it is the Swallow restaurant. Guests are pleased with their performances by the group "Hands Up", the group Rasa, "Ivanushki international", the singer Bianca. It is clear that such a life and such celebrities will not be allowed for the salary of a senior investigator at the Main Investigation Department. However, in the GSO, and especially in the 12th department, the work is organized in such a way that you can earn a lot. Lots of. All investigators on economic crimes have from 1 to 3 freelance assistants who are engaged in routine work and travel to receive money for solving problems with the GSO. They literally work in the investigator's office, pass through the central entrance without police identification. Their salary is paid by the investigator from his own pocket, as well as a percentage of the funds received. Artemyev also had such assistants, through whom good money came.

And Artemyev also had informants about cash-out companies who were entitled to a percentage of the amount received, seized during the search. The funds found during the search were partially confiscated without documentary registration and were appropriated.

According to a source, now Yekaterina Artemyeva is driving all over Moscow in her Mercedes GLE-coupe, trying to find someone who will excuse her husband from prison. And he threatens from 7 to 12 years. If she succeeds, then the senior investigator of the State Investigation Department Artemyev will be released and go straight to the salon for a brand new car, worth 10 million rubles, which has already been paid for and is waiting for its (un) legitimate owner.

Catherine tried to find ways out to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, tried to negotiate through retired FSB officers so that she could be helped to resolve the issue. So far to no avail. Everyone understands how this regal can end for them.

Александр Артемьев

To be continued

Timofey Grishin