The head of the Association of the Ulyanovsk Region Tourism Industry Yulia Uba, who has been in a Philippine prison for almost two years, contacted the editors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel and the website. She was detained in the city of Makati (Philippines) in February last year. The Russian authorities asked local colleagues to help find and extradite the woman to her homeland, where a criminal case awaited her. According to the Ulyanovsk police, in October 2017, the owner of Alliance Tour LLC, Yulia Uba, took advantage of her official position and stole 268 thousand rubles from another tour operator - Svoy Tour and Travel LLC. The entrepreneur was accused of major fraud and put on the wanted list. After being caught in the Philippines, she was placed in the Bikutan migration prison, but the return to Ulyanovsk was delayed due to Uba's lack of documents.

Julia has her own version of her story, which is more reminiscent of the "Count of Monte Cristo". leads her with certain cuts.


“I have been in fear for 18 months in the Bicutan Migration Prison in the Republic of the Philippines ...

I walked the streets of our city of Ulyanovsk, laughed, led an active lifestyle, made plans and, as you all hoped for good, looked into the future, raised my son. I developed the tourism sector of our city and was a public figure. She was in good standing with the Government of the Ulyanovsk region. I am an absolutely simple woman and have never caught stars from heaven.

I have lived among all of you for many years, grew as a person, studied and worked.

My mother worked all her life in the guardianship authorities, and my father was in the military, he gave his international duty in Afghanistan, had military awards, in 2005 he was gone. This is a great loss.

Александр Смекалин

Then everything went downhill.

I have repeatedly received signs of attention from A. A. Smekalin who held a high position in the Government of the Ulyanovsk region (served as First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region. From December 1, 2016 to the present - Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region - RED). I was just haunted by him. Then I received a specific offer - to become his mistress, and along the way there was a proposal to pass certain budget money through my sphere in the Travel Industry, which I had built. Many ingenious schemes were envisioned. Many surnames were voiced, including the former regional prosecutor Khurtin.

A. A. Smekalin made big plans for me and made an obvious bet in my direction. I categorically refused him in terms of a personal and even more so in terms of the so-called "business" proposal. One evening after a city event, it came to a violent compulsion to travel out of town.


If you had seen how it made him angry. He began to threaten through his confidant Yevgeny Abramov. He said that he had the Prosecutor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in his fist, that he would turn my life into hell.

I am a weak woman, fearing for my life and the life of my mother and son, I urgently left the territory of the Russian Federation and emigrated to the Republic of the Philippines in 2017. My relatives also left with me. There I, on the basis of the established connections, wanted to do the same - in the sphere of tourism. For a full-fledged business in 2018, I acquired a company on a general and legal basis that belongs to me. The company is very old and dates back to the reign of the former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos, its last Filipino owner died of cancer and put it up for sale:

Full name of Corporation:


Date of Registration: April 8, 1986

I, like any other law-abiding citizen, applied to the Central Bank of the Philippines, since the Companies House (SEC) told me that in addition to the main account, the company

has 9 special accounts in 9 world banks:














The information I received shocked me.

I got out of the fire and into the fire.

It said that the so-called "bank gold" was fixed on these accounts.

I did not calm down and sent to the indicated banks notifications that I am the owner of the company and the only treasurer with the right to sign all financial documents, that I notify them all about the acquisition of this company.

At the same time, I made a will, as I perfectly understood the possibility of threats and they did not keep themselves waiting long.

Time passed.

I'm borrowing I was developing tourist routes around the country. Then I received an official invitation to one of these banks, bought a plane ticket in advance and wanted to fly out. There was no limit to my surprise at the item that I accidentally acquired. It was 2019. Then other banks confirmed my legal correctness, while expressing their willingness to cooperate.

I made a fateful decision at my own peril and risk.

A couple of days later in the evening I received a call from a Filipino, whom I introduced as a nominee director in the company's documents without any rights, the laws of the country were obliged. ... ... He very much asked me to come the next day for a business meeting, as I speak good technical English. Unsuspectingly, I went, the meeting was made in a hotel room in his business wing.

 As soon as I crossed the threshold and entered there were people I didn’t know, including a Filipino I knew. Before I could understand anything, I was knocked down by people in masks with NBI stripes who burst into the room. (National Bureau of Investigation) The officer of this group announced that in this room there was a fraud with a plastic card of some Australian (unknown to me), that they arrived on an anonymous denunciation and that everyone was taken to the NBI branch. Despite all my protests, everyone who was on the premises, including me, was taken away.

On the way out, we were filmed by television. Then I found out that there was a TV report which said that a group of people from Russia wanted to withdraw millions of US dollars from a plastic card of an Australian citizen. Which is essentially complete nonsense, since such limits do not exist in the world.

No charges have been brought against me personally.

On the 10th day, according to the decision of the local court, I was released on bail without the right to leave the country, the bail was made by my friends.


But literally 2 hours before my release, the second secretary of the Embassy R.F.Barmin A.R., out of breath and very agitated (according to the guards), came running to NBI.Without explaining the reasons, without drawing up an appropriate protocol, without notifying me personally, he took my passport in the office of NBI, and to the employee's protests he said that it was the property of the Russian Federation.

When I was released, I naturally went to get my personal belongings and what was my indignation when I found out that an employee of the Embassy R.F. had simply taken my passport.


My knocking and walking at the doors of the Russian Embassy began, but they were closed to me. The guards simply would not let me in.

And a few days later I find out that a criminal case has been opened against me in Ulyanovsk dated 06/26/2018 No. 11801730020000684 that I allegedly stole 277,000 thousand rubles. But this is sheer nonsense, since I have not been to Russia since 2017, but have always been in the Philippines.

First they ran to the Arbitration for the appearance there they were sent three letters and given a refusal. Then they gave birth to this criminal case from a civil one.

Dirty gentlemen directors.

That is why, according to the representative of the Embassy Sapegin I.Yu., from whom I received an e-mail, the employee of the Embassy,​​Barmin A.R., took my passport from me. But - how did he take it !!

A month later, I was still allowed to attend an appointment at the Consulate of R.F. to A.R. Barmin. FMS. What is characteristic in the act was a citizen I did not know about whom I had never heard of, and his passport was also sent to the FMS. I didn't sign anything. I sent him in three letters, grabbed the fake act from the table and ran out of the building up the stairs, as I had probably never run before.

It was out of despair and powerlessness in the face of the situation. After that, I received threats on my phone and the phones of my mother and son from A.R. Barmin. prison. They are very happy about the situation in the Philippines. Then he continued if I agree to cooperate with some foreigners, then I will not need anything, Barmin assured me over the phone ...


All my demands to return my passport or to write out a new one for me were answered with a mocking refusal. At that moment, I will not hide the fact that I experienced an angry joy ringing in my ears from his indignation. I was exhausted both mentally and physically by this whole situation. My health was failing. I spat on everything and decided to ask, beg, humiliate myself

I WILL NOT be anymore.

Let it be. A fair hopeless one was boiling in me

the hatred of a man cornered.

Several months passed - - my enemies were waiting. We were waiting for the delay in visas to gain weight.

Then, a few months later, they came for me from the Migration Service, as I was deliberately deprived of the opportunity to extend the visa regime due to the lack of a passport. ... Employees told me that they received a written statement from the second secretary of the Embassy R. F. Barmin A. R. in which he writes - I quote “on the territory In the Republic of the Philippines, there is a citizen of RF who does not have an identity card and is wanted by the International Interpol with an arrest warrant for committing serious crimes. "

And they arrest me.

The arrest was attended by employees of the Embassy Sapegin I. Yu.

and Barmin A.R., as well as video filming by Migration officers.

It happened on 02/06/2020.


I have been in prison hell for 18 months. During this time, I have not seen a single official document under signature that would say about the restriction of my rights and freedoms, and even more so about the arrest warrant of Interpol, which are so fiercely referred to by the employees of the Embassy of R.F.A.In fact, the Philippine authorities had only an artificially created fact of the absence of a passport, provoked by A.R. Barmin.

I am humiliated, deprived of rights, freedom and perishing from hunger and disease. I am subject to regular violence and bullying by the prison guards !!

People ask you to hear me. !! Throw away indifference !!

God gave all of us such a great opportunity to change our lives !!

I never thought or imagined that life would throw me into such a whirlpool of events. Fateful events, now I want to fight, fight and fight again !! ...

But I need your help. !!! ...

It is not my fault in anything, I did not commit those crimes of which I am so inhumanely accused !!

Everything is sewn with white threads. "

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued