Any abomination emanating from the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory, as a rule, is decorated with multi-colored feathers, beads and other verbal jewelry, designed to hide the true meaning of another strange bureaucratic initiative. The current Kuban parliament, whose term of life is until this September (when new elections of a new deputies are due to take place), has come up with a proposal to expand the rights of municipalities to seize private land. ZSK appealed to the State Duma with the initiative to amend the Land Code of Russia so that the authorities of the Moscow Region could seize land for the construction of social facilities. understands the corruption component of this initiative.

By issuing this “wise proposal”, the Kuban elected representatives painted the request to the State Duma with “care and concern”. In the pro-government Kuban media, an intensified argument began, the essence of which is: Kuban is a super attractive region, migration is still rushing - the population is growing, the social sphere is lagging behind: in polyclinics, an appointment with doctors takes three weeks to a month, in schools there are not enough letters to designate recruited in three shifts classes (the 1st “I” is already almost a common thing), parents enroll children in kindergartens at the age of ... one week, as soon as babies are discharged from maternity hospitals. And “for a person of the 21st century, these objects are vital” (quote from those same media). But since, until now, every municipality that was “rapidly growing” in population, generously distributed land to developers, and did not worry about the seemingly mandatory social infrastructure of new microdistricts, today it turned out: there are more than 100,000 residents in these high-rise buildings there are also quite a few, but there are no schools and other social programs at all. But the main thing is that there is not even land for the construction of all this socially necessary.

The issue of land for the construction of social facilities is indeed acute in the Krasnodar Territory. It was on this that the regional chiefs in the course of the birth of the initiative pressed. The head of the Krasnodar City Duma, Vera Galushko, at the last session of the KYC, where the issue was discussed, said that the proposed withdrawal of private land for the construction of social facilities "is dictated by life itself." “There is an acute shortage of land in Krasnodar. Amendments to the Land Code are simply necessary. Possibility of seizure of land plots by municipalities will solve the topical problem”.

Yury Burlachko, the chairman of the regional ZSK, also noted the need to build hospitals-schools. “Their construction will require additional free places, which are not currently available ... Radical measures are required. It is necessary to use all the potential so that the decision made at the session is noticed at the federal level. Then the cities of the country will have new maneuvers for further growth and development.”

Let's leave without comment the painful desire of the Kuban authorities to forever inflate their petty-weediness to an all-Russian scale (well, what does "other cities of the country" have to do with it - let them sort it out themselves, without our southern parliamentary concern). Let's evaluate the offer. And here it is, to put it mildly, raises questions.

Today, land from private owners, according to Russian land legislation, can be withdrawn in exceptional cases.

We look at the Land Code of the Russian Federation. Article 56.3 “Conditions for withdrawal of land plots for state or municipal needs.

Withdrawal is allowed ... "for the purpose of construction ... of objects of local importance, if these objects are provided for ... by approved territorial planning documents ... by approved territorial planning projects" ...

It would seem that the Land Code already provides for the possibility of land withdrawal. What then, in principle, is the need for "Kuban strengthening"? Once again, show off at the federal level as something pathetic and useless?

But it seems that the essence of the Kuban initiative is different. And it is directly related to the wave of adoption of new master plans for the territories that has swept across the region. Which caused real mass popular riots, in particular, in a number of coastal areas. Tens of thousands of residents of Gelendzhik and Anapa have fainted, whose houses, long ago located in the individual housing construction zones, were, at the behest of the regional authorities and personally Governor Kondratyev, “repainted” into business zones and recreation zones. Now the population of the Tuapse region and Sochi, where the general planning fuss has also begun, is being imprisoned on this powder keg.

Вениамин Кондратьев

The regional authorities have developed not the best option to calm the people. “For you, dear residents, nothing will change. As you lived, so you will live. And if you want to sell your land, then sell it at a high price.” Governor Veniamin Kondratiev reads this mantra to all residents of the Black Sea municipalities. True, at the same time, the governor also indicates the ultimate goal of national prosperity: so that “the view from the expensive yachts approaching the shore would be “fashionable fashion”.

Today, the promising Kondratieff "fashionable", that is, the complete restructuring of territories to the whims of "their own", had only one obstacleaction - the Land Code of the Russian Federation. Although it outlines the possibilities for the withdrawal of land, it also stipulates the conditions for this withdrawal. Examples of the same Krasnodar Territory say that this withdrawal procedure is quite possible, but very expensive for the budget. The sale of land by private owners for the needs of the Olympic construction cost the budget up to 30 million for home ownership. The project to build a new air terminal complex and a runway in the same Gelendzhik was also very expensive. And there the land from private owners also had to be redeemed at a “very negotiated” price.

The current impoverished regional budget, which cannot even pay salaries higher than old-age pensions to teachers, simply cannot afford such a ransom (as Kondratiev says “highly”). No money. Hence the “argument” for taking land from private owners: “We need social assistance, but there are no free plots. So we'll take it."

And only at first glance it looks strange that the regional authorities at the expense of the population are trying to solve the problem that they themselves created. Those who are familiar with the Kondratiev period of the Kuban are well aware of how and who in the region is engaged in the distribution (albeit through tenders, where for some reason "their own" always win) land to developers, accompanied by dashing corruption. But why, in the course of this action, it was impossible to reserve land for schools and kindergartens? Yes, because a school, unlike residential development, is a “recoilless technology”. It is impossible to “roll back” a floor of apartments or hundreds of meters for commerce from the kindergarten to the regional authorities. And, therefore, the main task of the Kuban authorities has always been: to sell land specifically for residential complexes for a good bribe. And so it happened that with residential square meters everything in the Kuban is more than - the region is in the Russian top three in terms of the number of square meters handed over. But in terms of the provision of social facilities, the region is at the tail of the Russian list. True, in terms of the average size of a bribe, Kuban is the undisputed champion.

Although, it is worth noting that free areas still appear. And there are many of them in municipalities. After all, the residential complexes of those developers who do not roll back are transferred to the category of problematic squatters, and they are demolished. Talking about the human tragedies associated with this is a separate topic. But if we proceed from the logic of the shortage of social facilities, then why doesn't it occur to any of the Kondratievites to build a school or a kindergarten on the site of the demolished residential complexes? And why, then, did such a “concern” happen at the last session of the KYC?

It seems that the explanation is extremely primitive. New master plans for a number of "fat" territories have been adopted in the region. In them, the IZHS zones are repainted in the "necessary" color authorities. And this is no longer individual housing construction, but business zones, recreation zones. And now we just need only a tool for the cheap withdrawal of private property for "necessary social facilities." Quotation marks are more than appropriate here. Because there is great doubt that these facilities will be erected in the required quantity. After all, if Kondratiev did not itch in the direction of this problem for seven of his governor years (when the municipalities still had free land), then why would he suddenly itch now?

Much more obvious sense of the undertaking is seen in the fact that the "initiative" is necessary solely for the legislative confirmation of the next land scams of the regional authorities. If there is no land, it must be taken away or redeemed, according to the proposed amendments, for a penny. Well, or give the owners the cadastral value of their acres, which, we note, after the adoption of the same general plan of Gelendzhik collapsed four times!

The fact that the “initiative” has no other goal is also confirmed by the fact that it was nominated by members of the KYC, who will be replaced by newly elected deputies in September 2022. Which already this autumn can say: “It's not our fault - it's our predecessors. Ask them." And the current ZSK deputies considering this issue seem to have the philosophy of a scoundrel-tenant: when such a person is asked to vacate the living space, in the end he will always spoil or screw up something.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued