Source: continues to study the report of the Interpol of the early 2000s "Millennium", dedicated to the activities of the Solntsevo group. And we find in it all new interesting points. So, the review chapter lists the main groups of Russia (and rather Moscow) of the 90s. Previously, we did not pay attention to him. And here

“The Solntsevo group, consisting mainly of Slavs, is considered to be the most powerful criminal organization in the world. The "Solntsevo" community includes the "Organization of Mogilevich" led by Mogilevich Semen. He settled in Budapest / Venria, and at the same time acted in Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, the UK and the USA. The organization deals with prostitution, money laundering, weapons and trafficking in drugs, precious stones and nuclear substances.

2. Izmailovskaya: this organization is one of the leading criminal groups in Moscow. She has other areas in which her interests are concentrated. These are mainly Europe and North America. The primary source of the organization’s income is allegedly money obtained through extortion in the field of trade and fraud associated with the export of precious metals from Russia. Malevsky Anton is at the head of the organization, but the Czerny brothers are also associated with it.

Notes: Malevsky Anton died in November 2001 in a parachute accident in South Africa. There is information that Malevsky was actually thrown out of the plane on the orders of Mikhailov. It became known that an alliance was concluded between the Izmaylovskaya and Solntsevskaya groups. Izmailovskaya pays for Solntsevsky common fund, although it is separate from them. This alliance is headed by Mikhailov.

3. "Podolsk" organization: this criminal organization is one of the most serious groups operating in Moscow and the Moscow region. It is led by Sergey Lalakin. The group is involved in cocaine and heroin trafficking operations between Russia and other countries. It was said that Lalakin and the Sinyakin Brigade (a separate but cooperating organization with Podolsky, led by Mikhail Sinyakin, Lalakin's closest friend) are closely connected with the Izmailovsky organization in Moscow and are part of the syndicate organized by the group leader Aksyonov Sergey.

4. "Mazutkinskaya" organization: operates in Poland, Russia, has connections in Western Europe, the USA and Canada. This organization is engaged in drug trafficking, armed robberies, extortion, making profit from theft of art and cars, money laundering, etc. The organization consists of 50 active members in Russia. Russian, thief in law, Petrov Alexey Dinarovich, born 13.11.1962 - one of the founders of this organization. Ivankov proclaimed him "thief in law" when they were sitting together in prison in Russia from 1989 to 1992. Radko Mikhail or Rodko Mikhail Yuryevich, born 02/18/1964 nicknamed "Misha Lyuberetsky" or "Terrorist" - one of the leaders. Martirosyan Theodor - the financier of the organization.

Notes: The National Central Bank of the Interpol of Prague calls it a member of the Solntsevo.

Notes: There are other very important criminal organizations / communities, such as Chechens. Despite this, there is no information about them in the interpol. The following criminal organizations exist: OPS-Ural and Assyrians, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, etc.

In another part of the Interpol report published by, the following is said: “In January 1996, Sergei MIKHAILOV invited the leader of Ukrainian organized crime with two accompanying persons to“ treat ”him. He then ensured the killing of all three in a restaurant near the Solichnoy railway station in Moscow.

In February 1995, a group of performers was sent by MIKHAILOV to Israel to kill Anton MALEVSKY, the leader of the Izmailovsky criminal gang. The attempt was unsuccessful. MALEVSKIY allegedly escaped from Moscow from two murder charges.

Shortly after the failed assassination of Anton MALEVSKY in Tel Aviv (Israel), a meeting was convened to discuss the case. Among the participants were Sergey MIKHAILOV, Victor AVERIN, Arnold TAMM, Valery KOSHELEV, leader of the Bauman group in Moscow, Garik MOTACHKOLA, a Chechen from Dagestan and a partner of KOSHELEV, Vadim VORONIN, leader of the Lyubertsy group and Anton MALEVSKY.

During the meeting, MIKHAILOV and AVERIN informed the group that they had not given orders to kill MALEVSKY and suggested that this attempt was aimed at starting a war. The end result was a peacekeeping agreement between factions. ”

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov