Source: Rucriminal continues the publication of a series of articles on "Genbank" and its former owner Evgenia Dvoskine. He "pumped" from the credit institution from 15 to 20 billion rubles. But he did not go to jail. The Central Bank of Russia sanitized "Genbank" and actually freed Dvoskin from any responsibility. There is nothing to be surprised at here, Dvoskin always financially supported the siloviki. However, now it turns out that in general his passport of a Russian citizen is "fake". Accordingly, he could not legally become a shareholder of Genbank. And recall that this bank has repeatedly allocated large sums from the budget. And they were in the hands of a man with a dark past and "left" documents. publishes a continuation of the certificate, which in 2017 "went" to the presidential administration.

 "On December 26, 2014, under No. 448-FZ, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law" On Amending Article 23 of the Federal Law "On the Federal Budget for 2014 and the Planning Period of 2015 and 2016".

           Based on the order of the Government of the Russian Federation in order to increase the capitalization of Russian banks, the Ministry of Finance of Russia in 2014 made a property contribution of the Russian Federation to the "DIA" by transferring federal loan bonds with a nominal value of 1 trillion rubles.

            Within the framework of this program, the ASV Group illegally provided Genbank JSC (TIN: 7750005820), federal loan bonds (OFZ) (No. 29006RMFS, No. 29007RMFS, No. 29008RMFS, No. 29009RMFS, No. 29010RMFS) with a total nominal value of 1 398.175 million rubles.

            The bank's shareholder (7.2%) is a recidivist, citizen Dvoskin EV who uses illegally the passport of a Russian citizen.

            Given that the passport was obtained illegally, the registration of the credit organization itself, as well as its activities are carried out in violation of the Federal Law "On Registration of Legal Entities", as well as "On Banks and Banking Activities".

            For the safe theft of funds Dvoskin EV transferred 50% of the shares of PJSC "Genbank" of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, on a gratuitous basis.

              Legalization Dvoskina EV was carried out through the knowingly illegal decision of the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow passed on May 28, 2009 for deliberately false documents.

            01/16/2009 Dvaskinu E.V. illegally received a copy of the house book, which was seized in November 2007 from criminal case No. 169277 of the IC under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

              Having received this material evidence, Dvoskin EV contact him in the Gagarinsky District Court of Moscow (Dolgova TN), where, upon agreement, an imitation of the trial will be conducted to create the appearance of the process. And through the illegal decision of the judge legalize the recidivist. Extract from the decision of 28.05.2009 (case No. 2-1723 / 2009)




           The fraud, produced in court Dvoskin EV and his patrons, will open, however, as promised by the judge Dolgova TN. no one will appeal against its decision from the state bodies of the Russian Federation (the Federal Migration Service of Russia and the State Duma of the Russian Federation), as well as on applications of citizens, Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation sent to the bodies.

           The book, which Dvoskin EV. submitted to the court contained false information about his residence in the territory of the Russian Federation in the period from 10.12.1990 to 02.03.1992, a fake passport of a citizen of the USSR.

        According to the FBI (USA) and the US courts, the surname of this citizen was Slosker, not Dvoskin.

           He could not be registered in the territory of Rostov-on-Don on 10.12.1990, and also was discharged on 02.03.1992. Since in July 1990, together with accomplices committed another crime in the state of California (USA), he was detained and brought before the jury. He recognized the guilt and was convicted.

             In the house book appears the name Dvoskin.

            On 20.04.2002, the Department of Registration of Civil Status Acts of the Primorsky District of the Justice Department of Odessa changed the name from Slusker to Dvoskin (certificate I-ZHD No. 004699).

            10.12.1990 to 02.03.1992 citizen by the name of Dvoskin Evgeny Vladimirovich, 21.03.1966 of the river. did not exist legally.

             There was a recidivist, a citizen of Ukraine Slusker Evgeny Vladimirovich, a recidivist (No. 16583 JAO of his account with the FBI), Dvoskin received his name on 20.04.2002 in Ukraine.

           April 24, 2002. Primorsky RO OGU UYVD of Ukraine in the Odessa region issued a passport of a citizen of Ukraine KK number 897 to the name Dvoskin.

            Passport of a citizen of the USSR ХIX - ЖД №32 issued on 12.03.1982. False.

            In order to protect against forgery, passports of citizens of the USSR began with a series of 500 001 to 750 000.

           The passport was issued to persons who reached the age of 16, it is not difficult to look at the date of issue on 12.03.1982 when this recidivist had a date of birth on March 21, 1966 ".

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal