The Investigation Committee of Russia (TFR) will re-examine the circumstances of the death of businessman Levon Hayrapetyan in 2017 in the Mordovian colony. For a long time this person served as a “solver” under the owner of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov and knew a lot of his secrets. But, in due time he did not surrender Yevtushenkov to the investigators. For which he received a deadline. When he was released, he could speak. But did not. And there was something to tell Hayrapetyan. In particular, about the circumstances of how Yevtushenko bought the company Bashneft stolen from the state. And for that, he almost sat down. continues to publish the testimony of people who told about the dark affairs of Yevtushenkov. This time we will tell the reader what the former adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Bashkortostan, former senator Alexander Yakubov, told the investigators about.

“As a result of the problems that have begun with government agencies, U.M. Rakhimov attracted to the search for buyers of shares Hayrapetyan LG, which in my opinion had extensive powers and influence at the federal level. In addition, he was well acquainted with the owner of the SFC "Sistema" Evtushenkov VP I witnessed how Rakhimov U.M. Negotiated with representatives of Sistema AFC, Evtushenkov VP and Hayrapetyan L.G. on the sale of his shares. At the meetings, problems with arbitration processes and shares encumbrance were discussed.

After some time, Rakhimov U.M. informed me that all the technical issues of the transactions were decided, the terms of the upcoming contracts were discussed with the management of AFK Sistema, Airapetyan LG, and also the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Also Rakhimov U.M. I was informed that the shares of Sistema will be sold in several stages, by agreement, part of the funds will be paid officially to the accounts of investment companies created by charitable foundations, another part of the funds will be paid by representatives of Sistema to U.M. Rakhimov's personal accounts ., opened in Austria in the banks of Vienna, ”says the minutes of the interrogation of Yakubov, which is at the disposal of

“According to Rakhimov, U.M. I know that the total amount of the transaction amounted to more than 7 billion US dollars, while the official part was only about 2.5 billion dollars, the remaining amount of about 5 billion US dollars should be transferred to foreign jurisdictions.

After meetings with Yevtushenkov VP and Hayrapetyan L.G. Rakhimov U.M. He also told me that they are aware of the possibility of seizure of shares in favor of the state and that they have been arrested. However, according to the Urals, the solution of these issues is not a problem for them, if only the shares were sold at a significantly reduced price.

As a result of the transactions that took place, Sistema and legal entities controlled by it received shares in ownership ... .. at a significantly underestimated price, while part of the funds in the amount of more than $ 5 billion was paid to U.M. Rakhimov's personal accounts. in Austria, ”reads materials from


To be continued

Zahar Belotserkovsky