The telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU obtained an audio recording of the so-called working meeting in the spring of 2016 of the team of Anatoly Chubais, who was engaged in money laundering for their boss, tax evasion, etc. Ilya Suchkov, who helped build Chubais' cottage, was also invited to this meeting.

At this meeting, in addition to Ilya Suchkov, there were characters known from previous numerous publications: Dmitry Mints, Ilya Gulin (financial director of Mintsev companies), Elena Orlova (legal officer of Mintsev companies), Sergey Krychenko (Adjutant Anatoly Chubais) and Olga Butkova ( Financial Director of SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING LLC).

Recall that by this time the "LC Peredelki" Odintsovo district, Moscow region was built and handed over on January 1, 2016 to the customer who financed the construction of the "RC Peredelki" - the Swiss company JSC "SFO Concept AG". As indicated in previous publications, the estimated cost of "LCD Alterations" was in the region of 47,000,000 US dollars, and the market value was determined according to 3 (Three) independent assessments, including a judicial one in the amount of: from 34,000,000 to 36,500,000 US dollars .

At the meeting, essentially one issue was discussed - the establishment of an optimal mechanism for the sale of ZhK Peredelka to Anatoly Chubais at the lowest possible price.

Dmitry Mints Ilya Suchkov, if I may say so, was “offered”, and in fact imposed on a peremptory basis, the option to transfer ZhK Alterations, owned by the Swiss company JSC SFO Concept AG, to a person identified by them - Boris Mints at a symbolic cost with for the purpose of the subsequent sale of ZhK Peredelki at the same symbolic cost to Anatoly Chubais.

Борис Минц

According to Dmitry Mints, after the implementation of the scheme “proposed” by him to liquidate the large debt formed by Anatoly Chubais, the Swiss company should have been deliberately bankrupted, and the remaining difference in the amount of about 17,000,000 US dollars of debt obligations recovered from the shareholder and the general director A Swiss company, that is, from entrepreneur Ilya Suchkov and Andre Odermatt, respectively.

Considering that earlier Anatoly Chubais "recommended" Ilya Suchkov to agree on the mechanism for the sale of ZhK Peredelka with Dmitry Mints, Dmitry Mints' "proposal" sounded like an instruction agreed with Anatoly Chubais.

Ignoring the actual costs incurred by the Swiss company JSC "SFO Concept AG" for the construction of the "ZhK Alterations" and its actual market value, to establish an estimate of the ZhK Alterations, adjusted to the desired, necessary and meeting the wishes of Anatoly Chubais and Mr. Mintsev, is significantly less than actually spent on construction of funds, as well as its actual market value, in the region of 8,000,000 US dollars.

Дмитрий Минц recalls that, as we indicated in previous publications, such an underestimated cost of "LCD Alterations" in the region of 7,000,000 - 8,000,000 US dollars met the wishes of Anatoly Chubais and Mr. Mintsev. This fact is confirmed by the statements of Dmitry Mints at the meeting, since this would allow Anatoly Chubais, Boris and Dmitry Mints to hide the passage of such large amounts through the accounts of the Cypriot company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED in the form of loans.

In addition, this, such an underestimate, was necessary due to the lack of declared income from Anatoly Chubais, which would allow him to purchase ZhK Peredelki at market value.

An associate of Anatoly Chubais, including Sergey Krychenko and the financial director of the Anatoly Chubais family office headed by him (Sergey Krychenko) in the Russian Federation, Olga Butkova, at the meeting it was reported that the amount of the budget laid by them for the purchase by Anatoly Chubais of ZhK Peredelki should not have been exceed 8,000,000 US dollars or 520,000,000 rubles.

Thus, it should be assumed that the scheme “proposed” by Dmitry Mints for the purchase of ZhK Peredelka was planned by Anatoly Chubais and the company in advance and was not disclosed to Ilya Suchkov until the last moment by him (Anatoly Chubais) and the company.

Moreover, according to the statements of Dmitry Mints at this meeting, the scheme proposed by him to Ilya Suchkov was completely feigned and, if Ilya Suchkov agreed, would consist, in violation of the current legislation, solely in the transfer of funds between the above participants in the contractual relationship.

Ultimately, Anatoly Chubais would have solved the task he set back in 2016, but due to the refusal of Ilya Suchkov to participate in his (Anatoly Chubais), Boris and Dmitry Mintsev illegal scheme, expressed in the alleged money laundering, he did it only after 3 (Three) years in February 2019!


In connection with the unforeseen circumstances that have arisen, we believe that it was Anatoly Chubais or his associates in his and initiative had to perform a number of illegal actions related to the legally dubious purchase of ZhK Alterations, namely:


- to initiate, on far-fetched grounds, the initiation of criminal case No. 123632 against the intractable businessman Ilya Suchkov. The basis of which is the senior investigator of the SU UMVD of Russia for the Odintsovo urban district Egorova Zh.A. was put, made by Mr. Mintsev or on their behalf, adjusted to the desired by Mr. Mintsev and Anatoly Chubais, an assessment of the "friendly" company KnightFrank, as well as false testimony, we believe dummy, acting by proxy, the so-called, having nothing to do with the Cyprus company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED, representatives of the injured party - Rim Kuks and Dmitry Mosin. This circumstance is confirmed by the materials of the case and the audio recording of the so-called working meeting;

- to initiate, on far-fetched grounds, by artificially changing jurisdiction, the consideration of a civil dispute between foreign legal entities by the Cypriot company KRIZNA HOLDINGS LTD, affiliated with Boris Mints and the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, not in the London International Arbitration Court, but in the Arbitration Court of the Bryansk Region, according to the reason, as we believe, is his pliability and obtaining the decision necessary for Anatoly Chubais.

Recall that the artificial change of jurisdiction became possible due to the fact that the Russian family office of Anatoly Chubais turned out to be the second defendant before the Cyprus company KRIZNA HOLDINGS LTD according to the surety agreement of June 2015, in violation of the current legislation, without notifying the debtor - the Swiss company - SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING LLC, with an authorized capital of 100,000 rubles.

- initiate with the participation of the investigator Egorova Zh.A. organization and holding of auctions for the sale of ZhK Peredelka, which is under arrest and is material evidence in criminal case No. 123632 for 600,000,000 million rubles, that is, for the amount originally planned by the "accomplices" associates of Anatoly Chubais, as part of the so-called working meeting in the spring 2016;

(This scheme of the “raider capture of the ZhK Peredelka” is described in more detail in a publication on the website: dated April 25, 2022 - “Chubais’s giant “pod” was found”)

- to initiate in June 2017 the illegal arrest of Ilya Suchkov;

- contribute to the systematic violation of the law by the investigator Egorova Zh.A. and the investigator of the same department Mogilevskaya A.G. and as a result of bringing Ilya Suchkov to disability.


We believe that the criminal case No. 123632 is certainly custom-made and we recall that it was initiated by the investigator Egorova Zh.A. October 16, 2016 contrary to the actual circumstances:


- loans were taken for the purpose of replenishing the working capital of the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, owned at that time by 100% shareholder Anatoly Chubais, on his behalf by the Managing Director of the Swiss company Andre Odermatt. Loans were taken for a long period, at an insignificant percentage, without any security, under the guarantee of Anatoly Chubais of their return to his friend, colleague and business partner Boris Mints, and were spent by Anatoly Chubais during his 100% shareholding of the Swiss company, that is, until May 2013 of the year;

- the paradox of the prosecution in this criminal case lies in the fact that it was initiated 6 (six) years before the right to claim under loan agreements by the concluded managers of the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC - Andre Odermatt on behalf of Anatoly Chubais;

- in December 2014, Ilya Suchkov, under the loan agreements concluded earlier by Anatoly Chubais, from the profit of the Swiss company, in fact from his own money, partially repaid the obligations to the Cyprus Company of Boris Mints for Anatoly Chubais ahead of schedule. In the hope that, based on an earlier agreement with Anatoly Chubais, these amounts will be compensated to them after the purchase of the Peredelki residential complex at the market value;

- Ilya Suchkov, after the so-called working meeting, in the summer of 2016, repeatedly offered the Cypriot company of Boris Mints and Anatoly Chubais, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and Switzerland, to buy "ZhK Peredelki" at the actual market value, according to 3 (Three) independent assessments, including 1 (One) litigation, with a possible discount for 33,000,000 US dollars allowed by the current legislation. It is especially worth noting that this circumstance in itself excluded any intent on the part of Ilya Suchkov for fraud;

- The property (AITI - equipment) that Ilya Suchkov is charged with as allegedly stolen from Anatoly Chubais is still installed and located in the ZhK Peredelki and as of 2017-2018 did not belong to Anatoly Chubais, which is confirmed by the case materials.

Despite the fact that all the above arguments are indisputably documented by the materials of criminal case No. 123632, investigator YegOrova Zh.A. and the investigator of the same department, Mogilevskaya A.G., were completely ignored, and instead of bringing the above investigators to justice for their illegal actions during the entire 6 (Six) years of the so-called investigation, they were retired and fired voluntarily accordingly. Phenomenal, isn't it?!

For almost 3 (Three) years now, criminal case No. 123632 has been in various courts in Moscow and the Moscow Region, twice returned to the prosecutor for additional investigation.

In turn, Anatoly Chubais' henchmen are extremely active, trying at all costs to drag the insolvent criminal case No. 123632 through the court.

I really want to, I hope that according to the obvious facts of falsification, distortion and manipulation of materials that do not require, in our opinion, lasting 6 (Six) years, we believe that the custom-made criminal case No. grade.



meetings in 2016


(Ilya Suchkova with Dmitry Mints, Ilya Gulin (Mintsev's CFO), Elena Orlova (Mintsev's office employee), Sergey Krychenko (Adjutant Anatoly Chubais) and his CFO Olga Butkova)


Sergey Krychenko: How much do you owe? Let's start with this (meaning how much is the amount of debt received in 2010-2012 by Anatoly Chubais for the Swiss company JSC "SFO Concept AG" "loans" from the Cyprus company of his friend, colleague and business partner Boris Mints - O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED is now reorganized as TILSOKA LIMITED).

Ilya Suchkov: 24, well, 23 with a penny (assuming millions of US dollars)

Dmitry Mints: bankrupt a Swiss company and that's it

Elena Orlova: as planned (implied by Chubais's confidants)

Sergei Krychenko: to bankrupt a Swiss company?

Dmitry Mints: he (meaning Anatoly Chubais) will buy it (meaning the residential complex "Alterations"), I don't know how much for 7 (meaning 7,000,000 US dollars)

Sergey Krychenko: for 8 (implies USD 8,000,000), for 9 (implies USD 9,000,000)

Dmitry Mints: he (Boris Mints) will have to buy debts for 7 (implies 7,000,000 US dollars), O1 T (implies O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) will remain with debt, there for how much 24 (implies 24,000,000 US dollars) minus 7 (implies 7,000,000 US dollars), for 7 (implies 7,000,000 US dollars) he (Boris Mints) will take this house (“LCD Alterations”), then O1 T (implies O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) will go bankrupt, well, wait for bankruptcy slowly Swiss company

Elena Orlova: well, is bankruptcy in 7 (assuming 7,000,000 US dollars)? There, your director (meaning the director of the Swiss company Andre Odermatt) will not suffer on this subject?

Ilya Suchkov: will

Elena Orlova: there the director (it means the director of the Swiss company Andre Odermatt) is already so twitchy and ...

Ilya Suchkov: but there he is not only twitchy

Dmitry Mints: why is he twitchy, got up, left, it's surprising why there is no director who can survive the bankruptcy of the company?

Elena Orlova: Why don’t we just want to buy and sell a house without bankruptcy

Dmitry Mints: well, you have a deal for 24 and give it back for 24 (it means millions of US dollars)?

Elena Orlova: anyway, at the level of companies and debt collectors, the situation will be better or through the bankruptcy of some company there

Dmitry Mints: so that no one would say that in fact it costs 24 (it means the cost of the residential complex "Peredelki" 24 million US dollars) and it was necessary to take away the house (RC "Peredelki") for 24 (million US dollars), so that later someone then I didn’t start to figure it out, it turns out there was a debt of 24 million (it means US dollars)

Elena Orlova: someone will still figure it out, if someone wants to figure it out, there will be bankruptcy of the company and publications, a house, and so on, it’s better to do it all quietly (phone call - alo)

Sergei Krychenko: so, what?

Dmitry Mints: and here it’s not because of the bankruptcy of the company that there were so many assets, but there was so much debt, well, what can you do. They took it for so much, well, plus or minus there, with a plus there, they sold 100 rubles. Forgive the debt, take 8 (it means 8,000,000 US dollars) and look for the rest of the debt from Suchkov

Elena Orlova: how will they find and whose assets they will look for, a shareholder?

Ilya Suchkov: me

Dmitry Mints: why a shareholder?

Elena Orlova: No, well, then what are we going to look for, what assets?

Dmitry Mints: no, we will not look for anything, we will close the topic in such a way that we took something that was 24 and sold it to a comrade in chief (Anatoly Chubais is implied) for 8 (8,000,000 US dollars are implied)

Elena Orlova: well, that's exactly what they didn't sell

Dmitry Mints: in the end they sold it! finally sold it!

Elena Orlova: do you have an estimate of what you took

Dmitry Mints: there is a correct assessment of what I took

Elena Orlova: they took everything that was

Dmitry Mints: a gave it for 24 (it means 24,000,000 US dollars), I’ll say you took it first for 24 (it means 24,000,000 US dollars) and then estimated it somehow and then gave it to Chubais for 8 (it means 8,000,000 US dollars) of which then here...

Elena Orlova: well, the one who will tell you, if suddenly there is such a person, will tell you this in any situation, with or without bankruptcy

Dmitry Mints: why did I buy back debts from O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) for 8 (8,000,000 US dollars are implied), came to the company. Do you want a company to pay you a debt for 8? You have a house for 8. I forgave the debt for 8. The remaining debt remained on O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED), O1 T came and went to sue there. At the level of physicists, he paid 8 (assuming Boris Mints), received 8, gave me a gift, I sold it, earned money if someone warms their ears there

Elena Orlova: about the fact that you came and took away everything that was the rest, they bankrupted the same

Dmitry Mints: why not? O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) is a completely different story, it’s not the same, I don’t feel any difference

Elena Orlova: I don't know this difference, how do you feel, I'm not ready

Dmitry Mints: well, not ready, and then I'm not ready

Elena Orlova: how can I feel the difference without knowing your situation

Dmitry Mints: what is our situation?

Elena Orlova: I don’t even know what it is about O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED)

Dmitry Mints: I am not worried about the fate of O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) in this case. I am infuriated by the situation with two physicists (meaning Anatoly Chubais and Boris Mints)

Elena Orlova: To what extent is it possible?

Dmitry Mints: You don’t want to tell me that…

Elena Orlova: I don't want to say anything now. We're just talking about a path that will be minimally public and troublesome.

Dmitry Mints: this is not troublesome (the above illegal scheme proposed by Mints is implied) and there is no publicity in this, a million companies are going bankrupt in the country, I think the Swiss also have more than one or two, they decided to give away the house

Elena Orlova: well, bankruptcy usually goes through the court

Ilya Suchkov: of course

Sergey Krychenko: well, through the court, through the court, the bankruptcy went through the court. Give me at least approximately the point at which at least Dmitry will be the owner (Dmitry Mints is implied)

Dmitry Mints: this deal with the house (meaning the residential complex "Alterations") does not delay at all

Elena Orlova: it is possible that even a deal with a house (LCD "Peredelki") will speed up. The bankruptcy process does not depend on this topic. Do you want to make an assignment of this debt exactly for the amount of buying a house (LCD "Peredelki")? No delta, no nothing

Dmitry Mints: well, yeah, there ... some kind of delta

Elena Orlova: some kind of delta, no matter what, not fundamental. Part of the debt is assigned to an individual (implies to Boris Mints), an individual comes to the company (implies SFO Concept AG JSC Switzerland) says, make a purchase and sale transaction as part of the offset of the right of claim, and after some time a company appears ... (implies O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED))

Ilya Gulin: well, she appears or does not appear

Elena Orlova: no, she appears (meaning O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED)) because our task is to liquidate this company (meaning SFO Concept AG JSC Switzerland) to hell with Swiss, so she (meaning O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) should appear and go bankrupt and find out that some physicist has already taken everything

Dmitry Mints: no, well, you just need to make an option there, you just need to apparently meet a certain deadline, so observe half a year ...

Ilya Gulin: so that it was impossible to return

Dmitry Mints: and six months later, O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) comes and demands a debt. You have appointed the one who liquidates

Elena Orlova: in general, you need to find out how the bankruptcy procedure takes place in Switzerland

Olga Butkova: our client (Anatoly Chubais) plans to move in on June 01 (2016 is assumed) and already live there (LC "Peredelki")

Elena Orlova: don’t wait Ol, everyone has already understood that we have already made a deal for the sale of physicists and the physicist is already further disposing of his thing (LC "Peredelki")

Dmitry Mints: not then, at least among the physicists (Boris Mints and Anatoly Chubais), there is Boris Iosifovich. Phone call. The physicist comes there, says that's why I bought a house, well, I bought a house, I sold it with a profit, he says my son gave it, instead of 7 (it means 7,000,000 US dollars), well, I sold it, plus or minus, well, it kind of beats there. Our biggest problem is that Mintz sold something conditionally to Chubais there for 3 (Three) kopecks.

Elena Orlova: and if he buys debts, all debts for 8 million (US dollars are implied), let's assume, just so that we don't go bankrupt, but just close

Dmitry Mints: that is, with a discount, I know this, they can formally contact the boss (meaning Anatoly Chubais) "fuck" the investigators for how much he paid (meaning Anatoly Chubais), he exchanged a debt of 24 million (meaning US dollars) for house (LCD "Alterations") there which costs, how much is there 8 (it means 8,000,000 US dollars) in this is the topic on which he (Anatoly Chubais) decided, well, to do so, and then this house (LCD "Alterations") which nominally costs 24 million

Olga Butkova: we have 24 million investments in construction

Ilya Suchkov: 30! (implies US dollars, investment in construction at that time in the residential complex "Alterations")

Elena Orlova: Dim, well, in this design, it’s just docking a house for 8 (it means millions of US dollars), drive away the money, and then go into bankruptcy and generally don’t get involved with debts, then no investigators will have any questions, but as soon as you get hooked through debt, and then some kind of incomprehensible story with debts, well, if you follow this logic, then it should be completely broken.

Dmitry Mints: yes, maybe it makes more sense

Elena Orlova: because as soon as you hook even a part of the debt in general, you will screw up the whole story

Ilya Gulin: in this logic, even if we are chasing money for a part, for 8 (US dollars are implied)

Elena Orlova: no, as soon as you talk about investigators, you must break these 2 (Two) stories (assuming loans issued with the purchase of the residential complex "Alterations")

Dmitry Mints: not for 8 no

Elena Orlova: as soon as you talk about investigators, you should break these 2 (Two) stories

Dmitry Mints: we give Boris Iochifrvich 8 million (US dollars) he buys this house (RC "Peredelki")

Ilya Gulin: I’m saying everything correctly and these 8 (million US dollars) remain there in partial payment of the debt of O1 T (O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED) and remain there 24 minus 8 (million US dollars) roughly speaking, that is, the company (meaning JSC SFO Concept AG (Switzerland) remains in debt

Elena Orlova: and then the company (JSC SFO Concept AG, Switzerland) is already resolving the issue either going into bankruptcy or signing an amicable debt forgiveness and fixing this profit against losses when selling the house, as we actually originally planned and there is no need for any bankruptcy and hemorrhoids with this house

Dmitry Mints: no, it seems cleaner to me

Elena Orlova: if you want to break his story with someone, it's just a sale and then no one will pull you up

Dmitry Mints: no, no, no, there’s no bargaining, at least, here they are, they live in formal categories very much

Sergei Krychenko: Do ​​you mean the investigators?

Dmitry Mints: Yes, investigators.

Sergey Krychenko: the devil knows

Elena Orlova: in formal categories, just buying and selling

Dmitry Mints: no, listen, if I buy a house there for 8, sold for 8,100 (million US dollars), valuation 8,100 or 8, there is 7,500 (million US dollars) Here you go

Ilya Gulin: well, in the end, the main question that remains is left to the SFO (meaning JSC SFO Concept AG Switzerland) with debts of 17 (meaning millions of US dollars), what will be the timing procedure for liquidating this company (meaning JSC SFO Concept AG" Switzerland)

Dmitry Mints: going bankrupt is always cleaner than forgiving a debt there

Ilya Gulin: I agree, let's find out the details then

Elena Orlova: no, well, in order to make a decision on bankruptcy, we really need to find out the details and the exact process, because if so, some independent dude should appear

Ilya Gulin: well, then, by the end of the week, let's have a detailed scenario of what we all want, so good

Elena Orlova: we are talking about debt, but actually about the transfer of ownership of the house

Dmitry Mints: so what will the documents be for the sale

Elena Orlova: that is, a contract of sale for money?

Dmitry Mints: Well, yes. Have you determined this number?

Elena Orlova: we must have a fresh assessment

Ilya Suchkov: we initially had a figure for debts, now it is again offered in the red

Elena Orlova: How much did you budget?

Olga Butkova: I pawned...

Sergey Krychenko: to buy?

Ilya Suchkov: 7 (million US dollars), in my opinion, you pawned

Sergey Krychenko: 8 (US$ million)

Olga Butkova: 520,000,000 (rubles implied)

Ilya Suchkov: 8 or 7 (million US dollars)?

Sergey Krychenko: 8 (Eight), 8 (Eight) (US$ million)

Olga Butkova: I budgeted 520,000,000 rubles

Sergei Krychenko: in rubles?

Olga Butkova: yes

Elena Orlova: no, well, it’s not really the less the better, because from all this amount he (meaning Anatoly Chubais) will then pay tax

Sergey Krychenko: we will buy it from your account

Elena Orlova: because you are according to the old plan, maybe something has changed, will you buy or will you be given as a gift?

Sergey Krychenko: we will eventually buy

Dmitry Mints: question. Old plan, do you need an old plan?

Elena Orlova: the old plan is bad, because if they ate this donation, then this is a tax on the entire amount of the transaction

Dmitry Mints: no, but just tell me a simple question. And if he (Boris Mints is implied) bought and sold, why am I in this scheme then? Boris Iosifovich bought, sold to Chubais, no difference to a resident / non-resident, if the difference there is not big, no difference

Elena Orlova: but he (Boris Mints is implied) will pay 30% of this difference, no, no, we will discussed what he (Boris Mints) would take for debts, since the price is incomprehensible and we will not have a sale and purchase, as we have just discussed, he can only have a donation further, if we have a sale and purchase there, then in principle ...

Ilya Gulin: if there is an incoming one, he (Boris Mints is meant) does not sell much cheaper than he (Boris Mints) bought

Elena Orlova: that's why they wanted it, there was a donation, that's right Ilya (Ilya Gulin is implied) says that's why they wanted to give

Dmitry Mints: then we may have to pay 100, 200 thousand dollars

Ilya Gulin: without donation

Elena Orlova: but it's much tastier, because to pay a million (implying US dollars) for nothing

Dmitry Mints: there is another limitation, the amount, he has no official cash on his account

Elena Orlova: who?

Dmitry Mints: at Chubais

Elena Orlova: of course

Dmitry Mints: therefore, you don’t need much, and so there is not much there (assuming declared profitability)

Elena Orlova: absolutely because of this there will be additional experiences

Ilya Guli: that is, we remove the link then

Elena Orlova: if we have a purchase and sale of it (it means ZhK Peredelki) from that company (it means JSC SFO Concept AG Switzerland), then we remove the link and, in principle, we can already start this story after the assessment is ready. The evaluation can then be done at a minimum

Sergey Krychenko: will the seller be in this case?

Elena Orlova: Boris Iosifovich. We have now gone into the design when Boris Iosifovich buys then we don’t need Dmitry (Dmitry Mints is meant) in general. Excellent Dmitry

Sergey Krychenko: just the very fact of the sale of the object by Boris Iosifovich to Anatoly Borisovich

Dmitry Mints: so what

Sergey Krychenko: what’s in the forehead, what’s spelled, right?

Dmitry Mints: yes

Elena Orlova: even less than any pretense

Ilya Gulin: a more direct story

Sergey Krychenko: we ourselves admit, it turns out like this

Elena Orlova: in what? We didn't do anything

Dmitry Mints: no, why Boris Iosifovich, as a real estate figure, took a house there (meaning "LCD Alterations"), looked there to sell not to sell, well, he found someone to sell

Elena Orlova: earned

Sergey Krychenko: Do ​​you know what's the matter? Unfortunately, everyone who needs to assume they know the history of the AG company (meaning SFO Concept AG) and know that at one time he (meaning Anatoly Chubais) was its shareholder. Is there any relationship here?

Dmitry Mints: who?

Sergey Krychenko: Anatoly Borisovovich

Elena Orlova: everyone who needs to know everything is why our conspiracy

Sergey Krychenko: you want to say no to the need

Elena Orlova: our task is to meet the limit

Ilya Gulin: there is a need, it’s just that this link (meaning Dmitry Mints) has no added value in the current design that was discussed today, it doesn’t give anything, it raises more questions, it seems to me

Elena Orlova: and yet I think we need to do without bankruptcy, that's why too

Dmitry Mints - Ilya Gulin: on the contrary, everything is real, everything is fine

Ilya Gulin: there are debts, the company is interested in returning its debts

Elena Orlova: we don’t have any connection between the real estate buyer (Boris Mints) and this company (JSC SFO Concept AG Switzerland), and our director is not afraid that he sold it cheaply and then they came to him to sue him for bankruptcy, that’s where I’m just I saw the letters of this director (Andre Odermatt is implied) I think he will have a tantrum.

Dmitry Mints: appoint another director well

Elena Orlova: They won't survive another director

Sergey Krychenko: you know it's not so easy

Elena Orlova: well, there's just a story

Dmitry Mints: everything has a story

Elena Orlova: everything has different stories, but they have such a story here

Dmitry Mints: I don’t know, it seems to me that going bankrupt is cleaner

Elena Orlova: for whom?

Dmitry Mints, Ilya Gulin: for everyone

Elena Orlova: You don't care in principle

Dmitry Mints: probably, well, for us, for everyone, it seems strange to me to take and forgive a debt, I think that this is generally a very strange topic when you take and simply forgive a debt

Elena Orlova: why don't you spend money on lawyers

Ilya Gulin: if it's worth it

Dmitry Mints: yes

Elena Orlova: well, it's worth it if it's worth it, and if you still don't get anything, then it's not clear what it's worth

Dmitry Mints: I’m telling you again, go to any bank and tell me what you are going bankrupt if there are no assets, they will bankrupt everyone anyway because the procedure is correct

Elena Orlova: well, right, because they have a procedure, but we are not dealing with a bank now

Dmitry Mints: no, but what if someone comes to us and says what did you do

Elena Orlova: who will come to you? Tell us who will come to you so that we are ready

Ilya Gulin: wait, the director who is appointed there to perform certain functions may not agree

Dmitry Mints: what is his way out?

Elena Orlova: we say that we have a procedure, he has a way out ...

Ilya Suchkov: always there

Dmitry Mints: no, well, he can just as well not ask anyone to file for bankruptcy, well, he’s not going anywhere

Dmitry Mints: ok yes

enter 5 or 4 (millions of US dollars are implied) it is absolutely negligible less than 1,000 dollars per meter, and less than 1,000 dollars per meter is certainly strange

Sergey Krychenko: this is quite strange

Elena Orlova: well, after all

Sergey Krychenko: please tell us, do we have people who can come and estimate the real cost of this object (implying the residential complex "Alterations")?

Ilya Gulin: any appraisers will tell you that in the market it costs so much yes, to do it the way you want, you need to carry out such and such manipulations at the expense of this, that, that

Dmitry Mints: on the market now it can cost as much as you want

Ilya Gulin: there is no such market

Elena Orlova: there is no market for such objects, in principle, it is possible to estimate approximately the land, it is impossible to estimate the footage of a house in this size

Ilya Gulin: there will definitely not be similar proposals

Dmitry Mints: no, well, something will happen of course

Elena Orlova: will not. We have explored this area. Well, after all, in the absence of female logic, let's somehow move on. What price are we valuing? I understand that appraisers don't care at all. We had a late 2014 estimate of 5,000,000 (US Dollars implied), after which a large investment of 20 million (US Dollars) was made. The question is what assessment should we have now?

Ilya Gulin: but at the same time there was a crisis

Elena Orlova: but the crisis happened in 2014 already, it won't help

Ilya Gulin: I don’t know 7 (meaning millions of US dollars), this is above the psychological bar per meter, above the cadastral value, below 8 (meaning US dollars) which has always been heard but close to it, therefore 7 (millions of dollars USA) would be adequate

Elena Orlova: how many meters did we count? 5 with something (thousand M2 is implied). Very correct, well, because all of our below and below they are very abstract and are discussed

Ilya Gulin: I agree

Olga Butkova: I agree

Elena Orlova: and roughly speaking, it turns out that anyway it is very cheap and can be provided at any time, with anyone. Skuratov will be offended and blurt out something in an interview

Dmitry Mints: I think that he should be like this, like him, whoever, the builder of St. Basil's Cathedral.

Elena Orlova: well then we make an estimate in the region of 7 (millions of US dollars is implied), this is the first

Ilya Gulin: so there are two draft contracts, bankruptcy before the end of the week, scheme, terms and details three

Elena Orlova: and we have a run of money

Sergei Krychenko: at least give some guidance, based on all of the above, when the head (implying Anatoly Chubais) will be the owner? Well, at least to say

Dmitry Mints: in April (assuming 2016)

Sergey Krychenko: in April, yes. Just in April, he (meaning Anatoly Chubais) should have money to buy, right?

Olga Butkova: Well, after repaying the loan (implied by Boris Mints) by bank transfer, he (implying Anatoly Chubais) first gave him cash to Boris Iosifovich, so we should have a non-cash

Dmitry Mints: firstly, about the loan, as we talked in September until September, it was still reconfirmed on Thursday. Well, here is also a run, this is also a vicious circle

Olga Butkova: no, no, no, in order to have a run, the money must be returned to him (implying Anatoly Chubais)

Sergey Krychenko: that's why we touch on this topic

Dmitry Mints: wait, well, in this part

Olga Butkova: naturally in this part

Dmitry Mints: no, this is a run

Olga Butkova: loans from him (meaning Anatoly Chubais) until September (meaning 2016)

Sergey Krychenko: well, until September, until September. Please tell me how we will pay from his (meaning Anatoly Chubais) account, with what money, what will we use to buy a house (meaning the Predelki residential complex)?

Olga Butkova: we just said this, Boris Iosifovich (meaning Mints) will return 500,000,000 rubles to us, which we will give back for ...

Sergey Krychenko: part of the loan will be returned exactly in order to ensure in this way ... I heard everything.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin