Theft of 108 million shares of Gazprom; withdrawal of mafia money for hundreds of millions abroad; the shooting of the owner of Sodbiznesbank and Kredittrast Alexander Slesarev with his family; kidnapping, torture and brutal murder of the co-owner of the National Capital bank Dmitry Plytnik; the abduction and murder of another co-owner of the National Capital Bank, Philip Degtyarev; abduction, torture, dismemberment and "burial" in the barrel of the chairman of the bank Kutuzovsky Oleg Novoselsky. All these are links of one criminal story with a famously twisted plot and "rivers" of blood. and the VChK-OGPU telegram channel publish the testimony of a witness who will dot the "I" in these crimes and describe in detail how the events developed. We are talking about the former co-owner of the "National Capital" Alexander Shevchenko.

From the first publication, the reader will be able to find out how the conflict arose, which led to a whole series of murders. The co-owner of National Capital Dmitry Plytnik brought in a new client, Arkady Berkovich (formerly Artur Khabibullin), to other co-owners and to the bank in 2002.

Earlier (in the spring of 1999) Plytnik D.S. and his partner Zhidkikh I.N. together with the spouse of the latter, Dmitry Alexandrovich Arkhipov and Artyom Vyacheslavovich Parfentiev (an active employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the son of Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Parfentiev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich), they fraudulently stole one hundred and eight million shares of Gazprom from CJSC Financial Partners, for the sale of which approximately 24 million US dollars. The stolen money was accumulated on accounts controlled by D.S. Plytnik.

Berkovich introduced himself as a representative of the companies holding the shadow financial common fund (in its jargon of the basin) of the Russian Railways. According to him, he worked with the sons of the then head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin. Berkovich also worked with the money of large organized criminal groups, in particular, Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako) was his partner.

After placing the attracted significant funds on the correspondent accounts of "National Capital", Berkovich, blackmailing the board of directors of the bank Degtyarev F.V., forced him to cash out the funds and withdraw them abroad.

Then he asked to transfer 300 million rubles from the National Capital to Aleksandr Slesarev's Kredittrast bank, with whom he had agreed "like a boy." However, Credittrust soon collapsed. Berkovich began to threaten everyone, including with the help of Jaco. It is worth noting that Gagiev's good friend was Slesarev's best friend, a famous coach, and now a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Valery Gazzaev. As a result, Slesarev agreed to transfer obligations on loans to his bank for 700 million rubles to the National Capital. The national capital was supposed to collect funds from the debtors, which, possibly, and give 300 million to Berkovich. However, the loans turned out to be “bad”, the collection process was delayed. An angry Berkovich announced that his partners from Russian Railways and the mafia (including Jaco) could no longer wait, 700 million rubles had to be paid immediately. Otherwise, everyone who is related to this story "will not seem a little". On the side of the National Capital, a family from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Parfentiev spoke, a conflict began. And then Berkovich's promises began to come true that no one would seem a little. publishes the first part of Shevchenko's testimony:

“On the merits of the criminal case, I can show the following. Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation has been explained and understandable to me. I wish to give testimony. I met Dmitry Sergeevich Plytnik around 1996 or 1997, when I was the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank Soldi LLC. I got to know him through my clients Igor Bravin and Irina Nikolaevna Zhidkikh. After a while, I and Plytnik D.S. friendly relations developed, we rested together as families, celebrated holidays, went to each other's birthdays.

In the period from 1997 to 2000, I worked as the head of the additional office "Basmanny" of the bank CJSC "Intellect", located at the address: Moscow, Basmanny blind alley, 6-ba. Around 1998 Plytnik D.S. asked me to help rent a room located in the same building and on the same floor with our bank, CJSC Intellect, for his company (I don’t remember the name of the company), where Bravin I. and Zhidkikh IN worked with him. I helped Plytnik D.S. rent this premises through his friend Voronkov Sergey Nikolaevich, who was the general director of Mospromtransproekt OJSC, which owned the said building. At that time, Plytnik D.S. was a businessman and one of the co-owners of a number of companies, including OOO Torn-Group, OOO Torn-Cosmetic and was a representative of the offshore company Busiaka Investment Holding Corp, had connections with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, could resolve many issues in banking sector. His partners from 1998 to 2004 were Ekaterina Alekseevna Krasnoslobodtseva, Evgenia S. Semenova (I don’t remember her patronymic) and a number of other persons, which ones I don’t remember at the moment.

Approximately in 2000, according to Plytnik D.S. and Zhidkikh I. N. I learned that in the spring of 1999, together with the spouse of the latter, Dmitry Aleksandrovich Arkhipov and Artem Vyacheslavovich Parfentiev, they fraudulently stole one hundred and eight million shares of Gazprom from CJSC Financial Partners, for the sale of which they raised about 24 million US dollars. The stolen money was accumulated on accounts controlled by D.S. Plytnik.

Subsequently, from the words of Plytnik D.S., as well as from the words of Zhidkikh I.N. I learned that Plytnik D.S. paid Zhidkikh I.N. and her husband Arkhipov D.A. eight million US dollars, and A.V. Parfentiev. received about six million US dollars. Zhidkikh I.N. and her husband demanded from Plytnik D.S. for participation in the commission of this crime, to double the share, that is, they demanded from the latter another eight million US dollars. Plytnik D.S. refused to pay them the specified amount, arguing that Zhidkikh I.N. deceived him with the idea of​​taking possession of these shares of OAO Gazprom, since she promised that, in the worst case, only civil claims would arise through arbitration courts, and, ultimately, all this "resulted" in criminal prosecution, in connection with than he (Plytnik D.S.) will have to bear unplanned expenses and therefore, in case of payment of another eight million US dollars, Zhidkikh I.N. and her husband, he (Plytnik D.S.) will have nothing left.

 In 2000, together with Degtyarev Philip Vladimirovich (maiden name of Sheiman's mother), who at that time held the position of chief accountant in the bank CJSC Intellect, decided to acquire the bank LLC New Trade and Investment Bank, later, namely, in 2002 , renamed into the bank JSCB National Capital (CJSC).

At that time, it was not realistic to obtain a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to engage in banking activities, so it was decided to acquire the said bank with a financial "hole". The gradual payment of this bank's liabilities was a purchase of this financial institution. To pay off the current liabilities of the bank and its subsequent development, we needed a partner-investor, in whose role the moment Plytnik D.S. expressed his desire to be. Plytnik D.S. I wanted to “bring” large sums to the bank, most likely received from the sale of the above-mentioned shares of OAO Gazprom.

Approximately at the end of 2000 or at the beginning of 2001, when I, together with F.V. Degtyarev. purchased the shares of the bank LLC "New Trade and Investment Bank", Plytnik DS, who in the future promised to bring serious investments to the bank, set the following conditions for us. First, at the request of Plytnik D.S. the security service was to be headed by a person close to him, former police major general Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich Parfentiev and, secondly, some part of the bank's shares should have been registered in the names of V.M. and his son, Artem Vyacheslavovich Parfentiev, relatives or acquaintances.

 From our side, that is, from me and Degtyarev F.V. was to Plytnik D.S. a condition has been set that until he attracts significant investments to our bank, he will not be able to become a legal shareholder (according to the documents), he will not take part in the operational management of the bank's activities, and will also not participate in the distribution of profits. According to our agreement with Plytnik D.S. at the time the latter entered the “share” of our bank, the following persons were its formal shareholders:

1. CJSC "Primetex" - General Director and shareholder of Grechankova I.L., who was the common-law spouse of Viktor Nikolayevich Sheremet, who previously also owned a stake in JSCB National Capital (CJSC).

2. CJSC "Multitrans" - General Director Vera Mikhailovna Khudykina. The founder of this company was at that time the chairman of the board of JSCB "National Capital" (CJSC) Degtyarev Philip Vladimirovich.

 3. ZAO Design Dedal - 100% shareholder, general director Natalya Pavlovna Parfentieva. Parfentieva N.P. was the wife of the head of the security service of our bank, Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich Parfentiev.

 4. CJSC "Batorg" - 100% shareholder, general director Pozhidaeva Elena Nikolaevna. Pozhidaeva E.N. was the mother-in-law of the son of Parfentiev Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich.

5. CJSC "Bitor" - 100% shareholder, general director Dorofeeva Tatiana Vladimirovna. Dorofeeva was an employee of JSCB National Capital (3AO), worked in the client department and was my “civil” wife.

 6. LLC "Nordix M" - owner of 100%, general director Olga Vladimirovna Dopiro. Dopiro O.V. was the "civil" wife of Artem Vyacheslavovich Parfentiev, the son of VM Parfentiev.

 7. CJSC "Grand Central" - a shareholder of 100%, since the day of foundation I have been the General Director.

All these organizations owned at that time approximately the same percentage of shares in our bank, that is, approximately from 14 to 16 percent. Thus, I and my "common-law" wife (at that time "civil", currently official) Dorofeeva T.The. in total, they controlled about 32 percent of the bank's authorized capital. Plytnik D.S. so and was not included in the list of co-founders, as no investments were received from him. Dyagtyarev F.V. controlled about 14 to 16 percent of the authorized capital, and the Parfentievs formally owned the remaining shares of our bank.

I would like to clarify that according to our agreement with Plytnik D.S. and Parfentiev, as well as Degtyarev F.V. when investors appear who want to buy shares of our bank, they will be sold shares registered on the Parfentievs. At the same time, when re-registering the bank's shares in accordance with the same agreement, the Parfentievs did not contribute any money at all. Since I and Degtyarev F.V. at the stage of acquiring the bank we knew that there was a financial “hole” in it, that is, obligations to other persons (customers) in the amount of about 900,000 US dollars, we acquired this bank for these obligations to repay the debt to customers.

After me and Degtyarev F.V. became managers of the said bank, in 2-3 years, despite the fact that we acquired the bank being actually "bankrupt", its condition improved significantly, thanks to competent management and the introduction of one of the first Internet banking systems, the bank became profitable and began to make a profit ...

Around the beginning of 2003, Plytnik D.S. brought a new rather "large" client to the bank - Khabibullin Arthur, as I later learned, his real name - Berkovich Arkady Grigorievich (hereinafter Berkovich A.G.). At that time, Berkovich A.G. was a finance manager for a number of companies, namely: Energo Prom Group LLC, Westcap LLC, Dalbridge TM LLC, Paristo Garant LLC, Nord Service LLC, Rusmedinvest LLC, Technostroy and others, which ones, at the moment I do not remember. Berkovich A.G. at the request of Plytnik D.S. rented an office in the basement of a building owned by Mospromtransproekt OJSC, where our bank JSCB National Capital (CJSC) was located, that is, at the address: Moscow, Basmanny Tupik, 6-ba.

In the spring of 2004, to the accounts of companies controlled by A.G. Berkovich. and opened in JSCB "National Capital" (CJSC), received about 300 million rubles. Berkovich A.G. offered to leave money in our bank for a year at a good interest, however, did not want to open a deposit account for the specified amount. Me and Degtyarev F.V. abandoned such a scheme for investing money Berkovich A.G. to our bank, since this could lead to the fact that he (A.G. Berkovich) could at any time give an order to transfer money to other banks, and our bank, in turn, could not withdraw the specified money from long-term investments. In this case, our bank automatically turned into the debtor of A.G. Berkovich. and we had no choice but to transfer the shares to him. As a rule, such a scheme is used for the raider seizure of banks, so I was against such attraction of money from A.G. Berkovich. I suggested to A.G. Berkovich. to place the indicated money on a time deposit account in our bank at a certain percentage, however, A.G. Berkovich. refused, which testified that A.G. Berkovich originally planned a raider seizure of our credit institution.

Since our bank, like any other credit institution, needed to raise money, I offered A.G. Berkovich. another less profitable, but more liquid (operational) method of placing funds in our bank, namely, placing them on an account, the funds of which could be attracted only for operations in the interbank market. That is, the bank could use the indicated money only for one or two days for short-term lending to other banks, so that in the event of A.G. Berkovich's requirements. about the return of his funds, we could quickly and without problems for our bank to satisfy his requirements. Berkovich A.G. agreed to this type of placement of his money, however, remained dissatisfied. I would also like to clarify that the registration of all papers by A.G. Berkovich his sister, as he imagined her, was engaged - Khabibullina Zhanna. Approximately one month or a little more passed, A.G. Berkovich, as I expected, gave an order to transfer the entire amount of his money to the Credit-Trust bank, owned by Alexander Yuryevich Slesarev. I personally and Degtyarev F.V. Berkovich AG warned that this credit institution is actually bankrupt. Despite our warnings, A.G. Berkovich insisted on his own and transferred all his money to the bank "Credit-Trust", while explaining to us that with Slesarev A.Yu. everything was decided "like a boy", he (AG Berkovich) will not "throw" him, that is, he will not deceive.

A few days later Berkovich A.The. arrived at our bank, accompanied by Plytnik D.S. Berkovich A.G., addressing me and Degtyarev F.V. said that Slesarev A.O. he was "thrown" and the Bank "Credit Trust" stopped fulfilling his payment orders and begged us to help "save" his money. Me and Degtyarev F.V. said that we could do nothing, and reminded him that A.Yu. Slesarev's bank. Credit Trust was virtually bankrupt. On this day, A.G. Berkovich left with nothing, was very upset and angry, leaving he told us: “You don’t understand, this money belongs to to very serious people, it will not seem enough to anyone .. ".

 A few days later Plytnik D.S. arrived. with Berkovich A.G. and they said that they had met with A.Yu. Slesarev. and that the latter agreed to return the money to A.G. Berkovich. by transferring to our bank credit obligations under cession agreements of Credit Trust Bank. After A.G. Berkovich's statement that his money belonged to serious people, F.V. Degtyarev and I could not disagree with his proposal, since they did not want to quarrel with him, since they had repeatedly heard from Plytnik D.S. that Berkovich A.G. a bandit and is associated with some serious "Caucasian" criminal group. The scheme proposed by A.G. Berkovich. and Plytnik D.S. meant that Slesarev A.Yew. was ready to transfer the outstanding loans of his bank's clients to the bank JSCB National Capital (CJSC) to pay off the debt to A.G. Berkovich. After that Plytnik DS. offered Degtyarev F.V. create a team of specialists from the accounting department of our bank to go to the bank of A.Yu. Slesarev - "Credit Trust" to analyze the quality of the loan portfolio, which was supposed to be transferred to our bank. My wish to participate in the analysis of the debtors of the loan portfolio was immediately rejected by A.G. Berkovich, therefore I have never been to Credit Trust Bank and personally with A.Yu. Slesarev. do not know. I was very much surprised and alarmed by this, since for a qualitative analysis of bank loans, it is always necessary to meet with each debtor (borrower) in order to determine the real possibility of returning the loans. I want to clarify that F.V. Degtyarev and I are also here. agreed to this offer not only because they were afraid of A.G. Berkovich, but also because this deal would bring our bank a small profit and new clients. In the next few weeks, the specialists of our bank, headed by F.V. Degtyarev. and Plytnik D.S. were in the bank Slesarev A.Yu. "Credit Trust" for the selection of loans, which were supposed to be transferred to our bank for the purpose of further repayment of the debt of the "Credit Trust" bank to A.G. Berkovich. Ultimately, our specialists selected certain loans for a total amount equal to approximately 650 or 700 million rubles. Between our bank, the bank Slesarev A.Yu. and Berkovich A.G. a tripartite agreement was signed. A.G. Berkovich, in my opinion, did not personally sign the contract, representatives of the firms controlled by him signed the contract for him.

The quality of the loans transferred to our bank was extremely low, our specialists were not sure that by taking on these obligations, we would be able to return 300 million rubles to A.G. Berkovich. Subsequently, work with these loans showed that most of the loans are not repayable, that is, the debtors did not have a real opportunity to pay off the loans.

Until the beginning of September 2004, painstaking and difficult work continued on the return of loans transferred from the bank Slesarev A.Yu. to our bank. Funds for A.G. Berkovich returned very slowly, since most of the loan agreements had not yet expired, and those debtors who had expired the money under the agreements were actually unable to pay them, or began to sue in order to delay the repayment of the debt and suspend for a while lawsuits payment of bank interest. In general, our bank had certain problems with the quick payment of money to A.G. Berkovich, as it took a long time for the above reason to repay loans. Since September 2004 Berkovich A.G. together with our business partners Zhazhkov Boris Aleksandrovich and Bazylev Sergey Nikolaevich, despite the fact that we warned A.G. Berkovich in advance. that the debt repayment would take a fairly long period of time, the latter changed the tactics and tone of communication, began to demand that all the money be paid immediately in full, despite the fact that most loans were not repayable.

As far as I understand now, Berkovich A.G. and his entourage by this time a new plan of raider seizure of our bank matured. We refused the requirements of A.G. Berkovich, in fact, his requirements were illegal and if they were fulfilled, this would have led our bank to bankruptcy or the return of most of the shares of our bank to A.G. Berkovich. and his companions. After that, from the side of Berkovich A.G. me, Plytnik D.S. and Degtyarev F.V. open threats began to arrive, including the physical elimination of us and our family members. When expressing his threats, Berkovich A.G. he repeatedly said that very serious people from the North Caucasus were behind him, he did not explain who exactly.

After repeated threats from A.G. Berkovich, I told D.S.Plytnik. and Degtyarev F.V., that I will not further participate in any conversations with A.G. Berkovich in the future. and suggested to F.V. Degtyarev. communicate with A.G. Berkovich and his entourage only through official correspondence.

 Despite the fact that I refused to personally communicate with A.G. Berkovich. and his companions, Plytnik D.S., Degtyarev F.V. and acting at that time police officer Parfentiev A.V. (son of the head of the security service of our bank Vyacheslav Mitrofanovich Parfentiev) continued to meet periodically with A.G. Berkovich. and his companions in order to somehow settle the contradictions that have arisen. According to Plytnik D.S. and Degtyareva F.V. I learned that the confrontation between our bank and A.G. Berkovich continued only to grow, the latter did not stop voicing threats, demanding the immediate return of the entire amount already in 650 or 700 million rubles, and the obligation from debtors on outstanding loans transferred from the bank Slesarev A.Yu. to our bank, keep it for yourself. In my opinion, at the end of September 2004 the office of A.G. Berkovich. moved from the premises owned by Mospromtransproekt OJSC and located at the address: Moscow, Basmanny Tupik, 6-6 "a", to another place, where exactly, I do not know. "

To be continued

Timofey Grishin