Kuban clairvoyance happened last week. Without the help of magic balls and ultrasound, the names of the winners of the United Russia primaries were predicted strongly in advance, which ended on May 30 in the Krasnodar Territory. The inhabitants of the South, driven by the regional chiefs to the electronic voting platform with promises of various punishments, probably thought that something really depended on their votes. In fact, the organizers of this elective attraction Du Soleil, needed only the fact of registration of forced state employees at the State Services. Forceful coercion to register gave the necessary minimum turnout (which eventually turned out to be at the level of 13% in the region as a result of bossy persuasion and executions).

The immediate winners were appointed strongly in advance. Many of the names of those who "honestly won" in this hastily bungled corruption show were named by a few days before the official results were announced. Some independent regional publications, by the way, gave even more extended lists of those who will win.

Immediately, the regional media, which are fed from the regional budget, without refuting this stream of "predictions", began to hastily publish texts with assumptions from which of the enemies of the Kuban administrative system such unheard-of malice could come. And the results are published. Now, probably, it is worth checking the lists of the “winners” predicted by us and those who, in fact, won the “victory”. And here, in the course of this comparison, we are expected by simply unheard-of opanki. Which, in terms of insight and accuracy of getting into the future, are no worse than Nostradamus and Vanga.

Among those whom the regional authorities appointed as the winner, we named Andrei Doroshev, deputy head of Krasnodar. So here he is - "won", as a single-mandate, in constituency No. 10. Who would doubt it. The deputy of the Krasnodar City Duma, Stanislav Nikolenko, won in single-mandate constituency No. 4, his Duma colleague Igor Bragarnik won in single-mandate constituency No. 6. It is interesting for them in real life, at least someone other than their own grandmother voted? Stanislav Grinev, director of Clinic Preobrazhenskaya LLC, became the winner in single-mandate constituency No. 3. Nikolay Lobachev, general director of Metrix Development LLC, did not unexpectedly get the majority of votes from those who absolutely do not know him in single-mandate constituency No. 9.

In the Sochi districts, those whom we named the appointed winners also won.

In the single-mandate constituency No. 43, this is Viktor Teplyakov, in the 44th - Boris Yunanov. We assumed that from district No. 45 (part of Adler plus Sirius), a long-legged beauty business woman will pass. Some Kuban bloggers, a couple of days before the announcement of the results, assured that Anna Nevzorova would be appointed, by the way, both beautiful and director of the Sochi Metropolis LLC. She was the regional chiefs assigned to the winners.

We made a mistake in predictions twice. Firstly, they suggested that an Armenian was included in the lists of single-mandate candidates from Lazarevsky (single-mandate constituency No. 42). But Ilya Stopchenko, deputy director of LLC Lazarevsky boarding house of rest "Chaika", passed. The Armenian brothers decided not to take risks and not get involved with single-mandate constituencies. They "brought" their candidates into the lists of United Russia. So more reliable. To pass from the deputies on the party lists, especially if they “stimulated” for their own, and he is at the top of the list of deserving ones, much more reliable.

We made a mistake on one of the Novorossiysk winners. It was assumed that Mikhail Kovalyuk would pass. But right before the announcement of the results, a dashing media attack was made on Kovalyuk by the “unknowns”. Those who appointed the winners opened their eyes to the fact that Kovalyuk, it turns out, was an associate of Khodorkovsky from Yukos, and it was very unpatriotic for his daughter Daria to study in Switzerland, and his wife Natalya shared indecent footage of a personal family nest in social networks France. When looking at the interiors of the nest, one gets the feeling that that Stavropol traffic cop, who became famous throughout the country for his golden toilets, was greatly underworked - his interior is rather beggarly compared to Kovalyuk's French house. A replacement for the patriot of France was quickly found. In one of the Novorossiysk districts (No. 34), Alexander Karpenko, General Director of StroyYugRegion LLC, President of the Krasnodar Territory Association of Employers Regional Union of Kuban Road Workers, won. Which is logical. According to the national road project, the Krasnodar Territory annually receives tens of billions of rubles from the federal budget. These funds are being sawn mercilessly, the technology of victories in billion-dollar tenders with subsequent kickbacks has been worked out to perfection (we will write about this later). So without road workers in the regional parliament in any way.

Konstantin Dimitriev, general director of the Krasnaya Talka sanatorium, as we said long before the victorious primaries, finished first in district No. 37 (Gelendzhik)

Alexander Jeus, Director "Eaglet", took his first place in single-mandate constituency No. 41. Just in case (given his complete disregard for the numerous problems of his native Tuapse district, and Dzheus is the current deputy of the ZSK), he was also appointed the winner in territorial groups. That is, it will also go according to party lists.

The former head of the Tuapse district, under which a massive sawing of the lands of the forest fund began, and the rotten program of gasification of the district, now a deputy of the ZSK Vladimir Lybanev, did not advance a bit, his regional curators also insured him. He "won" both in single-mandate constituency No. 22 and as a list candidate.

Andrey Buldin, whom we named in advance as the winner, predictably won in single-mandate constituency No. 40 (Goryachiy Klyuch, Apsheronsk).

Nikolai Morar, founder of the YSC "Kaskad", won in Anapa (single-mandate constituency No. 31). Who would doubt that what we predicted will come true.

And in general everything came true. Let's list all the rest, about whom we spoke long before the results were received, as the appointed "winners" and who became the winners. Let's go through the "appointed" in the order they were mentioned in the previous "predictive" text. Alexey Titov, constituency No. 14; Alexey Shtanichev, constituency No. 13; Tatyana Ochkalasova, constituency No. 17; Sergey Orlov, constituency No. 26; Alexander Galenko, constituency No. 15; Sergey Nosov, constituency No. 18; Vladimir Zyuzin, constituency No. 16; Zhanna Belovol, constituency #21; Sergei Kosyanikov, constituency No. 20; Nikolay Chaly, constituency No. 36; Vyacheslav Sbitnev, constituency No. 25; Yevgeny Shendrik, constituency No. 27; Alexander Pogolov, constituency No. 24; Mikhail Kolodyazhny, constituency No. 12; Alexander Makoveev, constituency No. 19; Denis Vyprintsev, constituency No. 29; Ivan Artemenko, constituency No. 11; Sergey Orlenko, constituency No. 38.

More on Temryuk. It was assumed that either a winemaker or a builder of the Crimean bridge would be appointed. Local Kuban bloggers were more aware, and a few days before the victory, the winner was named - Igor Chemeris, General Director of the Yuzhnaya winery. So "suddenly" it happened...

It does not seem strange to anyone from the federal leadership of United Russia that long before the final summing up of the results of the Kuban primaries, the list of appointed winners coincided by 99% (except for one Novorossiysk figure who was urgently "leaked" on a rich French-Khodorkovsky occasion) coincided with the list just published as if "honestly won" the primaries?

This festival of party idiocy, he was generally what? The tense state employees grumbled and murmured, becoming more and more assertive in their dislike for the party. Sweating officials, who were entrusted with coverage and control, drank validol and made party prayers for the turnout surge.

But, the primaries are, we recall, a preliminary party vote. The main colorful elective eruption awaits us in Kuban September. In the Kuban, this is the time of the grape harvest and falsifications. The results of the upcoming "independent elections", we think, will be appointed in the Kuban somewhere by the end of June. The authorities will try to send to victory those who are called "worthy" for the people. We will also try to publish the list of “winners”, at least a month before the elections. And the Kuban United Russia slogans should think about the upcoming falsification. Like: "If you are United Russia, provide a stuffing for the ballot box."

P.S. And further. We skimmed through the lists of the Kuban "listers". It has amazing characters. For example, Sergey Lugovoi, Security Director of Autonomous Heat and Power Company JSC. For which, apparently, the local oligarch Rezvan Isaev vouched for a lot. But how could he, despite the temptation of the “offer” of his “curator”, get into the lists of the United Russia? Lugovoy is the former head of the Gelendzhik division of the FSB, who was known in the city not at all for the battle for state security, but for the fact that he “leaked” the information that the townspeople gave him about the lawlessness perpetrated by officials and their henchmen, just to those same officials and henchmen. As a result, the amount of bribes that all this gang demanded from businessmen, stall holders, owners of mini-hotels increased, and significantly. Lugovoy, as a result of this draining and unselfish activity, was ruthlessly bubbling from the FSB CSS. And now this prominent plenipotentiary of corruption in the territory of the South of Russia is going to professionally engage in bribes in the form of a deputy of the ZSK?

We will definitely write about the Kuban lists from the United Russia, about who paid how much for getting into the upper part of the party list.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued