The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) opened a criminal case on receiving a bribe against and. O. Head of the Anti-Corruption Service of the North-West Customs Directorate of the Federal Customs Service of Russia Maxim Rozsypalo. The customs officer was caught when, through an intermediary, he took money from an entrepreneur for not providing inspections of legal entities that required customs clearance of cars.

According to the investigation, in July this year, the customs officer entered into a criminal conspiracy with his colleagues, the purpose of which was to receive bribes on a regular basis. The first case turned up quickly: a representative of a commercial organization needed the customs officers not to take additional measures to check the legal entity during customs clearance.


Lost, according to the case, he found an intermediary through whom he demanded from the businessman $ 700 for unhindered customs clearance of one car. He agreed.

As a result, the intermediary received more than 1 million rubles from the entrepreneur. for "rejection of additional measures in terms of customs control" when registering 20 cars, the ICR reported. Then, according to the materials of the case, the intermediary transferred the money to and. about the head of the anti-corruption service of the North-West customs department. True, this was already happening under the control of operatives, who received information about the corruption deal in time. The officers of the "K" department of the FSB of Russia and the Directorate of Economic Biology and Corruption of the Transport Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District took part in the detention of the customs officer.

The source revealed one of the schemes for the work of the customs authorities to protect contraband. It is strange that even a high-ranking customs officer was caught, but only one. It is strange that, in such a position, he personally took on the functions of a tribute collector, having a whole anti-corruption service in the NWTU itself and at each customs office in the region, in particular. Rozsypalo very much trusted the person who came with a surveillance video camera and money. Let's analyze the scheme of work of the customs, when such money is paid from each car and, in fact, what they are paid for and how they are distributed.

Anyone who pays $ 700 for a car, he understands why. What "service" he buys for this money and he also knows how this amount is distributed further among officials. A car is either a collection or a "shape-shifter", when only one thing is declared in the declaration, but something expensive and sometimes even forbidden for import enters. In this amount, there is no payment on the spot at the customs post, there is no payment for the unhindered passage of the border. Let's take a look at what's in that $ 700.

The amount of USD 700 includes the loyalty of the Risk Management Department at the customs office where the car with the cargo is sent. That is, there will be no "fire" inspection and no one will come to the cargo. This includes the "temporary blindness" of the North-West Operational Customs and the entire law enforcement unit of customs clearance (this is the Operational-Investigation Department and the Inquiry Department (recently wrote about the investigator Evgeny Emelyanov), the Administrative Investigations Department. There is also a customs value control system, since the goods how he enters the territory of the Russian Federation, goes according to the minimum possible index of customs value. Separately, the top should be paid for the non-intervention of the transport police and other bodies who know everything, but are silent. by hearsay he is familiar with the service in the customs authorities and has a wonderful house, and not one, and not only in Russia. This is just for understanding the scale of customs shadow income. If dear Rozsypalo Maxim Anatolyevich tells all this, and with the names - we will get a real operation " clean hands ", and his bribe is re-qualified as an attempted fraud or commercial bribery, everything will end with a suspended sentence or just a fine. Many of the customs officers from among top managers will resign of their own free will and join the ranks of foreign economic activity participants.

Basically, all criminal cases against customs officers of the North-West are based on materials from a criminal case initiated under Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Organization of a criminal community" against one of the most serious customs brokers in the North-West - Igor Khavronov. Since 2018, there have been many scandals and criminal cases around Alexander Mikhailovich Bezlyudsky, who was the head of the North-Western Operational Customs, now the SZOT is headed by Nikolai Vladimirovich Lagirev, before that he was the deputy head at the same customs office and since 2017 he knows exactly what is happening ...

It is not a secret for anyone that the customs offices of NWTU have long and exclusively existed such a service as “not seizing goods”, which was revealed, for example, as a surplus and was the subject of an administrative offense. This is the "bread" of the deputies for law enforcement activities of customs Aleshkin Yevgeny Alexandrovich and Ismailov Murad Ismailovich - by the way, both come from the North-West Operational Customs, and here the rate is the same $ 700. At the customs offices of other regions, this is usually all free, since everyone understands that the seizure of goods is an extra cost borne by the end consumer.

All participants in foreign economic activity know who can do what, know who will be whose and know how much it costs.

How can you beat bribes, even catching one red-handed, when everyone else is sitting in their places and the scheme works like a clock. If you draw up a flowchart, then all the threads go to the North-West Operational Customs, but if you stop giving money to the orchestra, then the orchestra stops playing music. has already talked about how the country's shadow businessmen are making fortunes on smuggled supply channels, merging in economic ecstasy with customs and law enforcement agencies. Thus, businessman Andrey Fyodorovich Vertiy from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug made his fortune. We talked about how this happened and who helped to earn money on smuggling, the deputy of the State Duma N.G. Brykin was mentioned. and ex-assistant to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Komissarov Igor Fedorovich, as well as his now bankrupt lawyer brother Andrey Fedorovich Komissarov.

Everyone knows that in 2020 the era of the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, but for a very long time there has been another disease in Russia - this is "night blindness", which usually affects law enforcement officers when they do not see the crime happening under their noses. But in our story we will talk about the outbreak of "night blindness" in the ranks of the employees of the FSSP of Russia in the region of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. In this region, under the supervision of State Duma Deputy Nikolai Gavrilovich Brykin, businessman Andrei Fyodorovich Vertiy is successfully working instead of with his loyal director Osokin Denis Aleksandrovich. They have created a group of companies that are engaged in leasing and oil production and even taking away business from other businessmen throughout Russia. Based on the data on the property of Denmar-Leasing LLC, Denmar-Finance Investment Company, RSK-Alliance LLC, and Delta Oil Leasing LLC (TIN 7704441413), it is clear that this is an extremely profitable business that feeds well many, including the deputy of the State Duma N.G. Brykin. with the retired general of the SK of Russia I.F. Earlier we wrote that from 2014-2015, a company from St. Petersburg, TorgMash LLC of businessman Dmitry Sbruev, got involved in the fight directly with Andrey Vertiy, legally, without crime, forcing him to return the debts of his enterprises. Vertiy Andrey's enterprise Denmar Leasing LLC owes more than 300 million rubles to TorgMash LLC, and this is at the prices and exchange rate of 2012. Events developed in the style of the Wild West, businessman Sbruev Dmitry was imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center, kept under house arrest, tried and tried, arrested, shoved into various criminal cases, strangled with deputy inquiries, but did not break. Sbruev, being constantly under tough, well-organized and paid criminal pressure, brought the story of the collection almost to the end. Brykin Nikolai Gavrilovich sent deputy inquiries in the interests of the same businessman Vertiya A.F., he wanted to put pressure on business with the help of deputy powers, of course not disinterestedly. Despite the personal supervision of the entire process personally by Brykin N.G., in August 2020, through the efforts of the bailiffs of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and information from the claimant, property in the form of equipment was found, an expensive Hyundai machine was found, which stood right in the workshop at the legal address of LLC R -Factor "and brought to the lessee, the company" R-Factor ", about 70 million rubles a year, and this every year so far" they were looking for it, but could not find it. " In the summer of 2020, the machine was arrested by the bailiffs and then, until December, they were looking for an appraiser, the machine was at that time given (left) where it stood and with the right to operate. That is, in six months, another 35 million rubles were earned on it, of course, corruption was not without, but not corruption itself is terrible, but its scale. The scheme for evading the execution of the court decision worked flawlessly, the Company - the debtor of Denmar Leasing LLC continued to own property and make a profit, however, lease payments were not received on the accounts, tax deductions were all regularly submitted and even new equipment was bought in some incomprehensible way and cars during the period of the current enforcement proceedings were leased, as well as "presented" to patrons who provided "night blindness" from bailiffs and law enforcement officers at all levels in the field.

Finally, in January 2021, three years after the start of executive production, the stars finally came together. It was decided at the highest level to put this shame in the work (lack of work) of the MOSP on OIPNKH GUFSSP Russia in Moscow.

A small but extremely ingenious inquiry was carried out by simply searching on Google for the name "Mekamineft", the main user of the leased property, and at the coordinates 61.05563111786003, 76.0517758810121, a whole motor depot was discovered, with satellite photos, although a year old, but MOSP by OIPNKh GUFSSP of Russia in Moscow decided to test it empirically, are all the local bailiffs in Siberia really struck by "night blindness", the equipment not only stands at the base, it moves and works, well, besides the equipment, there is a whole fleet of luxury SUVs.

Subdivision of the body of inquiry in February 2021. The MOSP for OIPNKh institutes a criminal case under Article 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation against the debtor's director Denis Alexandrovich Osokin, then urgent investigative measures, moreover, large-scale, with the involvement of military support from Moscow. In Siberia, searches are being carried out by the MOSP on the OIPNKh GUFSSP of Russia in Moscow in order to exclude the local corruption - "chicken-blind" component. Everything went well, the equipment and the necessary documents were found, the bailiffs in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug were given pills for night blindness, preventive conversations were held and, among other things, the whole situation got to the bailiff security service of All Russia. During one trip, property was seized in advance for 87 million rubles, and this is only what the accomplices of Vertiy and Osokin did not manage to hide. I would like to note that before that, the local bailiffs of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug region had been unable to establish the location of “nothing” for more than a year, in this case the word “nothing” from the word “absolutely”. Local Siberian bailiffs have no shame or conscience, nothing personal, as they say. Of course, not for everyone, but only for some who, suffering from "night blindness," put personal interests and personal wealth above the interests of the service and the interests of the state.

Apart from this, it turned out that the company LLC "Denmar Leasing" has an ingenious scheme of evading the execution of a court decision that has come into legal force. Osokin Denis, at the suggestion of his founder, Andrey Vertiy, created a back-up company - Delta Oil Leasing LLC, this company with an authorized capital of 25 thousand rubles, in a couple of years has acquired billions of assets, moreover, all this can be seen from open sources. The equipment is all the same that was on the debtor LLC "Denmar Leasing".

Osokina D.A. was not embarrassed that this was actually a fraud and an especially large size, including tax fraud ... the director in both firms is Osokin D.A., he assigned everything to himself and sits satisfied, well, that is, of course not yet “Sitting” ... thanks to the bailiffs and the FSSP interrogation bodies in Moscow, the endless story has finally shifted, the budget will be replenished with an executive fee, bailiffs in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, after being vaccinated against blindness, should also start making efforts to fulfill their direct duties. Upon the return of the landing party to Moscow, in relation to D.A. Osokin. initiated an additional 177 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and up to a heap of 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and so it is already possible and real imprisonment and a civil suit.

Osokin Denis, despite the help of a lawyer with the surname Ponasyuk, will probably now be punished, in addition to two criminal cases under Art. 177 and 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which, although they are considered not directly serious, but before the 159th Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, they can play a cruel joke. Moreover, there is a prospect for all enforcement proceedings, separately for each to receive D.A. Osokina. a bouquet of a bunch of 177 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation + 315 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, it will definitely be interesting in court, since it will be a court in Moscow.

Finally, seizure was imposed on all the vehicles of the debtor that could be identified, including several pieces such as: TOYOTA LAND CRUZER 200, LAND RANGE RANGE ROVER, MERCEDES-BENZ V220 CDI, TOYOTA LAND CRUZER 150, TOYOTA HESTROS-ACLUX, MERCEDES and many, many others with a total number of more than 150 pieces, including expensive specialized equipment. Justice must be restored, debtors cannot fool the state and the FSSP forever, and the claimant will finally be able to return his funds ... the process has been launched, the process has begun.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued