The Basmanny court of Moscow arrested the former Minister of the Open government Mikhail Abyzov. Attorneys and himself a retired officer asked to elect him a measure not involving deprivation of liberty. For example, release on bail or bail.

The court for Abyzov was vouched by the head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais, former head of the presidential administration Alexander Voloshin, former Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of VEB Natalia Timakova, actress Chulpan Khamatova. Co-owner of Novaport Roman Trotsenko was ready to contribute a billion rubles for the release of Abyzov.

However, the court determined him in jail until may 25, 2019.

The former Minister was charged with the creation of a criminal Association with the use of official position and fraud on a large scale. According to investigators, he with accomplices from April 2011 to November 2014 stole from JSC " Siberian energy company "and JSC" Regional electric networks " four billion rubles.

Accomplices in the case are listed Nikolai Stepanov, Maxim Rusakov, Galina Friedenberg, Alexander Pelipasov, Sergei Ilyichev and unidentified persons. According to, the latter can be quite attributed businessman Dmitry Arzhanov-a long-time and loyal Junior partner Mikhail Abyzov. In that publication, we will talk about how this couple stole and brought out of the country as much as 47 billion rubles.  

The history of the giant Scam began with the fact that in 2002, businessman Alexander Rubanov bought for 10,000 rubles (so much was the authorized capital) LLC "Transneft service"- "subsidiary" structure of "Transneft". At that time, this was actually a "dead" company that does not have any "orders" with a debt of 5 thousand rubles. And two years later, Transneft s supplied electricity to absolutely all subsidiaries of Transneft and received 21 billion rubles for this. Representatives of LLC "Transneftservis S" in a few interviews told what unprecedented works they cost such a sharp rise. However, the "casket" opened quite simply. The then President of Transneft, Semyon Weinstock, was a close friend of Alexander Rubanov. And in the market everyone knew that Vainshtok is a co-owner of LLC "Transneftservis S", which together with Rubanov a significant part of the profits went to offshore accounts. Had "Transneftservice" and another silent partner without whom the firm would not have achieved such success - Mikhail Abyzov.

According to its time Rubanov headed "Mezhregionenergo" - the firm-the intermediary for the sale of electricity on the netting, he managed to take part in the scandalous story with the firm Falkon, which was purchased from the Czech Ministry of Finance debt of the Russian government in the amount of $2.5 billion five times cheaper. In all this field, he has developed good relations with Anatoly Chubais , his Deputy for the leadership of RAO "UES" Mikhail Abyzov and the eternal liberal billionaire Alfred Koch. To them Rubanov had to go on a bow that would "Transneftservice C" received access to the wholesale market of electricity and capacity. RAO "UES", if you approach from a state position, the appearance of a competitor was completely unnecessary. But it's different when it comes to your own pocket. Market participants expressed opinion that as a result Abyzov became the third main co-owner (it is clear secret) of LLC Transneftservis S, and a small percentage of shares in this firm "perepal" to Alfred Koch. Apparently, for successful mediation in negotiations. As a result," Transneftservice C", contrary to any economic and logical considerations, received from RAO UES the right to trade in the electricity market. And eventually became the largest private energy sales in Russia. At the end of 2011, its consolidated revenue exceeded 170 billion rubles.

Joint business of Rubanov, Vainshtok, Abyzov and a little Koch, was simple to disgrace. "Transneft s" bought electricity on the wholesale market and resold it by 30% -50% more expensive than "daughters" of "Transneft". The annual profit from such uncomplicated Commerce was 1.1 billion-1.5 billion rubles and went offshore-three fathers-owners, a little bit dropped and Koch. 

However, of course, not all profits. Part of the funds, with the support of Abyzov, went to buy cheap guaranteeing suppliers in the Russian regions.  "Transneftservice" acquired OJSC "Yaroslavl retail company", OAO "Nizhny Novgorod retail company", OAO "Energosbyt Rostovenergo, LLC "Donenergosbyt", JSC "Marienergosbyt", OAO "Karelian energy retail company", OAO "Tula energy retail company", OAO "Voronezh energy retail company", OAO Kubanenergosbyt and created one so-called independent energy retail company "Garantenergo".

Due to their status, long-standing friendship and absolutely corrupt activities, Vainshtok and Abyzov could not "Shine" in connection with the activities of "Transneftservice C". Not burned in this desire and Rubanov. And to remain without the official "face" of the company with such momentum it could not. Here Rubanov and turned up Dmitry Arzhanov, who first made the "mysterious" top Manager of the largest energy salesman. And then, perhaps, for the first time in Russian history, a fictitious member of the Forbes magazine list. As a result, Dmitry turned into probably the richest zits-Chairman.

His official biography in the energy sector looks like this. In August 2006, Alexander Rubanov invited Arzhanov, Deputy General Director for development, Transneft service S.

.  Since September 22, 2007 Arzhanov-acting Director General of JSC"Nizhny Novgorod sales company". On April 15, 2008 he was elected General Director of the company. 

In October 2009, he again became Deputy Director General for development. Transneft service S, LLC. In the same year, Arzhanov bought 50% of the shares of Transneft service s from some of the previous owners, based on the assessment of the entire company of $120-150 million on February 1, 2010 — General Director of Transneft service S. In 2011, Arzhanov bought the remaining 50% of the shares, becoming the sole owner of the company. In August 2012, Transneftservice s LLC was transformed into TNS Energo Group of companies LLC»

What is called, watch the numbers. Back in late 2006, Arzhanov was Deputy Director of a small Nizhny Novgorod company, who always suffered from a lack of money and drank vodka with friends in a local cafe "Voyage", falling asleep there right on the bench. Then he was admitted to the ""Transneftservice" and for three years was transformed from the ordinary sales in the owner of the largest energosbytovaya, buying hundreds of millions of dollars of shares such "monsters" of the business as Rubanov, Weinstock and Abyzov. Thanks to such successes, Arzhanov directly broke into the list of billionaires Forbes. Interestingly, many people who believe in such a career the former PR Manager of the loser? So in the business community, no one believes. They believe that almost all the owners of "TNS energy" (so now called "Transneftservice C") remained the same, and Arzhanov fictitious owner of the company — in fact, he controls only a certain stake. Officially "TNS energy" belongs to the offshore company Sunflake, which in turn is owned by Arzhanov and three other offshore companies. Who is behind these three offshore companies-is unknown. By information, the main owners of the company were Rubanov and Mikhail Abyzov, who held the position of Minister of the government of the Russian Federation, responsible for the organization of the Government Commission for the coordination of the "Open government". A "TNS-Energo", they officially lit not wanted. And not only because Abyzov was a Minister. Just sooner or later someone will have to be responsible for the billions of rubles withdrawn abroad. And that someone is neither direct nor Abyzov becomes not going. 

Only Koch and Weinstock ceased to be co-owners of the largest energy salesman. Moreover, the latter did it forcibly.  

In 2007, by decision of the President, Weinstock was transferred from Transneft to Olympstroy. At the same time, according to information on the market, he decided to monetize his secret ownership of Transneft s. It was obvious that with the departure of Weinstock, the company would lose contracts with Transneft. As a result, the owners initially wanted to sell the whole company. But it was difficult to do it: an audit of the new owner would immediately reveal billions of rubles taken offshore. By 2007, "Transneft service With "not only" sat "on contracts with" Transneft", but already owned Russian electricity suppliers. As a result, Rubanov and Abyzov decided to keep this business. Rubanov, according to, bought a stake from Weinstock.  

According to market participants, the situation around "TNS Energy" looked as follows. Rubanov coordinated "TNS Energy", resolved strategic challenges. At the same time he did it, spending most of his time on the French Cote d'azur. In turn, Abyzov, as a Minister, created favorable conditions for" TNS Energy " at the government level. And Arzhanov was engaged in all operational activity of the company," work " with governors, realization, invented by Rubanov and lobbied by Abyzov, schemes on receiving superprofits.

These schemes were described in the reference prepared by the security service of IDGC of Centre and Volga region. "In order to extract profits at the expense of distribution grid companies, guaranteed suppliers (SOEs owned by "TNS-Energo"- commonly used by the imperfection of the legal regulation of the issues of tariffs and determination of electricity prices. To this end, SE "TNS-Energo" through the courts seeking decisions on the recovery of branches of subsidiaries of JSC "rosseti" funds, the volume of which is many times higher than the net profit of IDGC". According to the security officers of IDGC, Arzhanov in negotiations with the governors "to obtain the necessary tariffs" actively offer a small part of the excess profits to be spent on very specific needs of the regions. For example," TNS-Energo "allocates funds to football clubs" Volga"," Rostov"," Arsenal"," Torch", hockey club" torpedo "(Nizhny Novgorod), basketball clubs" Ataman "(Rostov-on-don),"Nizhny Novgorod". In return, "TNS-Energo" receives "the necessary support and a powerful administrative resource of regional authorities in determining the size of tariffs".

Such activities allowed guaranteeing suppliers of "TNS-Energy" from 2009 to 2013 to receive a net profit of 11 billion rubles, of which 9 billion in dividends were sent to Arzhanov. "The analysis indicates that the D. A. Arzhanov actually uses the tools ... the draining of funds from the state of territorial distribution grid companies JSC "rosseti" and withdraw them abroad. Lack of due legal assessment and untimely suppression of the illegal schemes of illegal taking of funds of JSC rosseti subsidiaries realized by "TNS-Energo" will inevitably lead to the next collapse of the energy market", - it is said in the help of IDGC, which is at disposal ahhh! It is possible to add to it that if law enforcement agencies, sooner or later, decide "to open" abscess under the name "TNS-Energo", that, according to experts, will find "hole" in the form of the withdrawn means in the amount of 47 billion rubles. Not only Abyzov, but also Arzhanov will have to be responsible for this problem. After all, he called himself the sole owner of "TNS Energy".

To be continued

Sofya Kovaleva