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The Russian power starts to pour in another pyramid, created with the help of high-level officials. Its organizers easily made money at the expense of the state and consumers, almost openly violating many regulations. Including, and punish Vladimir Putin.

The architect of the new scheme was Dmitry Arzhanov - a former public relations executive and now head of TNS-Energo Group. For the uninitiated, the Russian realities in man, his career might seem to some unique and easy to be eclipsed by the success, probably the most investment guru Warren Buffett. In the energy sector, he came in 2002 on a modest position of "Nizhnovatomenergosbyt" Deputy Director General. Timing was quite good - a few years, the country has begun a large-scale electric power industry reform. Enterprising people at the right time in the right place and found an opportunity to unwind. Through various schemes is rapidly increasing its assets. And last year, TNS-energy collected from a variety of marketing assets in the power industry, has taken 31 place in the ranking of the largest private companies of Russia according to Forbes magazine.

In fact, such ups inconceivable without serious help from the authorities and the extremely risky financial strategy. As they say people in the know, with the former spin doctor may be the interests of high-level officials. Part of the capital it has created, for example, with the help of the current curator of the Open Government Mikhail Obyzova. While still in the rank of deputy Anatoly Chubais, RAO "UES of Russia", being familiar with Arzhanova, assisted in the accumulation of the first serious resources - through overstatement of the cost of selling a third of "Transneft" electricity.

Arzhanov - as before him the creators of the infamous Energostrima - began to develop his own company, taking loans from commercial banks. The fact that this strategy eventually led to the failure of predecessors, the businessman did not stop. From 2010 to 2014 the amount of borrowed group THC-Energo loans doubled and exceeded 21.7 billion rubles. Banks lent money willingly. This ensured the passage of billions of dollars of revolutions (payment of electricity consumers) on settlement accounts. There is also information about the availability of commitments that could potentially be a real debt. This guarantee and a guarantee for a total amount of more than 4 billion rubles.

There were other sources of growth. And they were already much less market-oriented. First of all, it artificially inflated sales increment. It is estimated that only in 2013 due to this factor structures Arzhanova was obtained about 6 billion rubles. The scheme was very simple. Using the high patronage, the company did not hesitate to ask for their services excessively high fees. So, if for 2011-2015, cumulative inflation was about 25%, the sales allowance TNS-Energo increased 3.8 times. It is expected that this year's total sales markup group will grow by about 17% compared to last year - significantly higher inflation again.

Officials and Arzhanova patrons in the government simply closed their eyes to such a disgrace. And this despite the fact that even in 2011, the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded to restrain the growth of tariffs of natural monopolies. Then he said straight out that this increase must not exceed the rate of inflation, and even very rigidly reacted to the inaction on the matter of the former head of the Ministry of Regional Development Igor Slyunyayev. In Murmansk, in some municipalities, while rents increased by more than 200 percent. "With crazy, or what?" - Asked the then minister president.

Such high premiums experts familiar with the situation explained by the fact that they laid a significant non-operating expenses. This payment of interest on the loan and the creation of reserves for "bad debt", as well as - charity, "Readings" and advertising. And if some items still somehow can be explained logically, the "Readings" in the current legislation should be doing itself Grid Company. Therefore, these expenses under any circumstances should not appear as part of bonuses. In addition, eat readings in the group actually carried out on the terms of outsourcing - rather strange for consulting contracts. Who is the final beneficiary of the money - the big question.

Who were the patrons who turned a blind eye to excessive growth rates? They say that until recently it was the key officials of the Federal Tariff Service. For example, the head of the Regional Tariff Service of Nizhny Novgorod Region Alexei testicles before - as Arzhanov - worked in LLC "Nizhnovatomenergosbyt". Well, one might even say, unlike relations have developed Arzhanova and chief regulatory control of energy companies FTS Maxim Yegorov. Not only do they know their families (at last year's birthday Arzhanova Egorov attended with his wife and child), so also, as they say, use the services of the same escort agencies (whether official wife knows about these girls - a rhetorical question). Anyway, the Internet is walking SMS correspondence in this regard.

Finally, the third source of "additional" income - Payment delay before IDGC. Debt TNS-Energo in front of this structure for the services of electricity transmission have approached 9.5 billion rubles. The increase is due to the formation of differences on the cost of services and electricity losses. For example, JSC "Nizhnegorodskaya Grid Company" initiated claims worth over 2.6 billion rubles. The company systematically selects the most complex in terms of the preparation of the evidence base category - the population. There is a precedent in court compulsion to conclude IDGC of Center and Volga Region contract for services on electric power transmission to the NSC conditions. In fact, the company stated in the contract exclusively unacceptable condition under which the payment must be carried out and as a result received a formal law does not pay for the services of IDGC. As a result, IDGC loses a significant amount of resources for the modernization of networks, which ultimately negatively affects the end consumer. And Mr. Arzhanov quietly fills their pockets.

Borrowed resources and above payment scheme allowed Arzhanova sakkumulirovat fairly significant investment pool. Intragroup receivables are close to 5 billion rubles, and the short- and long-term investments in the amount exceeded 15 billion. It is also in the public domain, you can find information about sales scheme output of about three billion rubles through the Cyprus offshore. Thus, the total amount of funds withdrawn at the beginning of 2015 is estimated at an amount exceeding 23.3 billion rubles. There were also more transparent income - dividends from its energy assets Arzhanov also received quite generous.

Where did he put them? Quite unexpected news for many people who are engaged in agricultural subjects, was the transformation of Russia into a country producing fairly substantial amounts of rice .... Culture, which, as previously thought, grows well somewhere in Asia, but not in cold Russia. It was largely thanks to the efforts of Arzhanova. To create a new business was set up OOO AFG "National, which was founded at the confluence of major landowner AF-Group (57,5 hectares of agricultural land in the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region), and the company Angstrom (a major producer of packaged cereals). It is in the tradition of the modern Russian business Arzhanov acquired and Slavic elevator - once the largest asset group "Razguliay". Against the creator and "Razgulyai" shareholder unexpectedly initiated a criminal case, and the elevator was replaced by the owner. To clear the market of rice from foreign competitors could, as they say, not without the help of people from the apparatus Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. Authorities suddenly canceled many preferential duties for Burmese rice, closing it the de facto way to the Russian market. As a result, "National" has become the biggest rice producer in Russia and controls 32% of the local leguminous market. On this project, estimated to have been spent about 5.5 billion rubles.

Slightly fewer (less than 4 billion) was spent on projects in Vietnam - the construction of a petrochemical plant nationwide Vung Ro Petroleum (Arzhanova share capital - 50%) and real estate development project in the area of ​​recreation and tourism. Within its framework is planned to build 350 sea berths, several hotels, 4,300 villas and apartments and 100 townhouses.

Do not forget our hero entertain the rich and holidays. On his birthday last year he has spent, for example, about 2 million euros, rolling chic party on the island of Capri. In 4 days the hotel was purchased and the coast mini-regatta was organized. The event even reported in the Italian press. It was attended by the patron Arzhanova FTS Maxim Yegorov with his wife and child.

Do not save the businessman and his children. His daughters are studying at the prestigious British school, Queenswood, where a semester is worth about 10 thousand pounds.

However, it seems that the career of the electricity and the rice baron will soon make a sharp turn - if the case, of course, does not interfere his backers in the government. The next two years are coming significant payments on loans (50% of all loans). This amount may well grow and if the courts decide in favor of the structures is not THC-Energo. Only by JSC "Nizhnegorodskaya sales company" claims filed by IDGC worth about 5.4 billion rubles. The first signal that the stop is not so simple, was the fact that the introduction of controls TNS-Energo representative of the creditor bank.

But that's not all. Serious risks for business Arzhanova carries the recent decree of President Vladimir Putin Russia's accession to the Federal Tariff Service of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. With high probability we can assume that the new officials who will monitor the electricity tariffs will not be as loyal to Arzhanova. In any case - the first time (unless, of course, as a result of accession to the FAS does not pass all the old familiar businessman). The relationship with them will have to build from scratch, but it at least takes time, which in a crisis can not be enough.

Of course, it is unlikely that the authorities allow such a major collapse of the energy structure. But practice shows that this may well be a change of ownership.


Source: Rucriminal