On April 22, the Moscow Arbitration Court will consider the application of the IFTS of Russia No. 4 in Moscow on declaring insolvent (bankrupt) Pravodnik LLC. This structure owed taxes in the amount of 17 125 515.93 rubles. Pravodnik is the basic structure of the group of companies, which not only owns the site of the same name. is also responsible for the operation of the electronic justice system, the work of electronic services by the court, etc. For which, by the way, he gets very good money on state contracts. The real owner of all this business on ships is Dmitry Chirakadze, better known as the Prince. Sources say that through this person it was possible to solve a lot on the judicial line, but recently his capabilities began to decrease. conducted an investigation into the fate of Chirakadze, which we will present in several parts.

At the dawn of his career, Dmitry Chirakadze was extremely fond of telling reporters and partners about his noble birth. According to legend, his father, Zurab Chirakadze, is a Georgian prince in the eleventh generation. At the same time, he somewhat forgot to inform his interlocutors about his mother (Valentina Ivanovna Skrypka) and his difficult childhood. Parents separated even when Dima was little, and the father, to annoy his wife who left him, took his son from her and took him to Kutaisi, giving him to his relatives. Valentina Ivanovna with great difficulty a few years later managed to return her son. Thanks to her, he received higher education - he graduated from the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute. And, probably, Chirakadze would now work in the road sector, if not for his hobby. Dmitry was a "walrus" and it so happened that he swam in the same hole with Yuri Zhivilo - the elder brother of Mikhail Zhivilo, the leader of MIKOM. Chirakadze managed to win Yuri to him and he invited him to work at MIKOM, where Dmitry quickly got along with Mikhail. At that time, Zhivilo was just seizing the Novokuznetsk aluminum smelter and the “lawyer” Chirakadze was sent to Kuzbass. In his official biography, Dmitry indicated that he had a law degree. In reality, he studied at a specialized university for only a year, and then just left him.

In the Kemerovo region, Chirakadze’s career went uphill, in February 1997 he was even delegated by Mikhail Zhivilo to the regional administration, where he took the post of vice-governor (then the region was headed by Mikhail Kislyuk). However, the official Chirakadze did not stay very long and managed to mark himself just in the history of the misuse of a loan of 17 billion rubles (non-denominated) allocated by the World Bank to support the coal mining industry.

Already in the spring of 1997, it became known that the Kremlin decided to replace Kislyuk with Aman Tuleyev, who, while still chairing the Legislative Assembly, supported Zhivilo, but then ceased to find a common language with him. Tuleyev saw “at the helm” of NkAZ other people - owners of the Russian Aluminum group, in particular Oleg Deripaska. And here, literally on the eve of Tuleyev’s official appointment, the alleged assassination attempt on the vice-governor and faithful representative of MIKOM’s interests in the region, Dmitry Chirakadze, is announced. Moreover, the media described the events extremely tragically: “The vice-governor went into the staircase. After a few seconds, the driver, who had not had time to leave, saw a bloodied chief appear on the street.

       It is safe to say that Chirakadze was ambushed. Moreover, as a Kommersant-Daily correspondent was told by one of the operational officers of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kemerovo Region, they were waiting for him in Moscow and at other addresses (during his visits to the capital, he stayed not only with his mother). Two or three criminals tried to stage a robbery. But their calculation did not materialize. The 27-year-old vice-governor spent a long time in boxing. A stunning blow to the head with a heavy object did not knock him over. Chirakadze managed to push the attackers away, turn around and run out of the entrance. This explains that four stab wounds were inflicted on his back.

       Now the wounded man is in intensive care in a rather serious condition. ”

However, militiamen traveling to the crime scene saw a completely different thing. It turned out that they had gently slashed with a knife, and beat him not with a pipe on the head, but with his fist in the face. All this looked, if not a staging, then some kind of domestic fight. “2 unknowns met Dmitry Zurabovich Chirakadze ..., deputy. Head of Administration of the Kemerovo Region., Russian Federation, res. in this house in apt. ..., out of hooligan motives, they stabbed him in the scapular region with a stab-stabbed knife, hit him in the face, causing a closed fracture of the lower jaw and disappeared. ” Therefore, the case was initiated not under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on attempted murder, but under article 213 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism).

However, the story of the attempt did not help Zhivilo. Tuleyev became governor and immediately began to crowd out MIKOM from the region. This ended with Zhivilo trying to organize an attempt on the new head of Kuzbass, for which he was put on the wanted list. By the way, Chirakadze himself was a witness in the case of the preparation of the murder of Tuleyev and was repeatedly interrogated. But, charges were never brought against him. The reason for this, perhaps, lies in further events around Zhivilo's assets.

After the flight of the leader of MIKOM, Chirakadze remained on the farm in the Kemerovo region, and just at that moment Russian Aluminum and Deripaska announced claims to the plant. Negotiations with them were led by Chirakadze and they ended with the fact that the plant was under the complete control of the new owners. And Zhivilo stayed with the "broken trough." But not Chirakadze. By chance or not, but since then Dmitry has a new business partner for personal projects (separate from Zhivilo) - lawyer Timur Valiev, who has been working in Deripaska's structures for many years, and is currently Deputy General Director for Legal Issues EN +.

Together with Chirakadze Valiev established KAFFIR LLC, and together with his wife Orlova - LLC Nivel Group. The same two companies were actively used in the CBA-bank ownership schemes.

To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski