Colleagues and subordinates of the former governor of the Amur Region and the current top manager of Rostec Nikolai Kolesov were serving sentences for financial crimes. Nikolai Alexandrovich himself, to all appearances, was then an unmercenary among thieves. Because he got off with resignation. True, "due to the loss of confidence."

He immediately became the head of the Concern of Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET), which includes more than 70 Russian enterprises producing electronics. And it rushed…. You can talk for years - it's an endless stream of thefts. managed to obtain data from a number of scams and we will not only tell about them, but also acquaint readers with documents and even transcripts of audio recordings. Welcome to the fascinating world of corruption.

History 1.2019.

NIIR Fazatron, a member of KRET (Rostec), has developed the Arbalet radar. The development of the radar was carried out by Phazotron in the interests and at the expense of the Ministry of Defense. The technical assignment (TOR) for the Arbalet radar was issued in the late 90s. Accordingly, hardware solutions of the same time, that is, outdated. In particular, the radar has an excessive weight of about 170 kg. The modes are made of poor quality due to the loss of competent specialists.

During the flight tests, the following was not worked out: the regime for air targets and work in conditions of deliberate interference; mode for ground targets with significant critical flaws. According to information received by from the flight crew, the radar did not even see the airfield, not to mention target designation (the presence of moving false targets, not confirmation of the detection of a moving target of the "tank" type, unsatisfactory resolving power).

Despite the colossal number of defects, the letter "O1" was assigned to the product. By agreement with the industry. The radar must be brought up to the requirements of the TK at the expense of the industry. However, the work was never completed.

Then the most interesting part of our history begins.

The state contract No. R / 1481874121471-1531889 of 09/22/2015 for the supply of Ka 52 E helicopters to Egypt provided for the supply of 47 radars plus one more for a semi-natural stand for ground tests.

As a source told, Fazatron, as a radar developer, had to modify the radar (conduct R&D) for the customer (Egypt). The cost of revision, according to the assessment of the engineering staff of JSC Kamov, was no more than 100 million rubles. However, JSC Kamov paid Fazotron ... 750 million rubles, which is comparable to the development of a new fifth-generation radar AFAR. Who was behind such manipulations? Our hero.


The amount of 750 million was lobbied in the interests of Nikolai Kolesov through the avionics center of JSC Russian Helicopters, which was headed by Pavel Dmitrievich Lytkin. This radar, with all the flaws and shortcomings, was sold to Egypt as part of the Ka-52 E helicopter under the above government contract. The cost of the radar station was doubled and amounted to about 120 million rubles per unit. The supplier instead of the state-owned Phazotron was ... the private company Kazan Electrotechnical Plant, co-owned by Nikolai Kolesov.

 The total cost of the radar supply was about 5.6 billion rubles, of which 1 billion was a profit. The design documentation for the radar, developed at the expense of the Ministry of Defense and owned by the Ministry of Defense, located on Fazatron (registered copy), after the conclusion of a contract for the supply of helicopters to Egypt, was transferred at the direction of the head of KRET, Kolesov N.A. free of charge in JSC "Kazan Electrotechnical Plant" (KETZ), co-owner of which, we recall, is Kolesov himself. Phazotron himself was forced to curtail its own production of radar for helicopters.

In addition, at the direction of Kolesov, to organize the production of the above radar at KETZ, the engineering staff of Fazatron went to Kazan at the expense of Fazotron. At the same time, KETZ did not enter into a field supervision agreement with the radar developer Fazotron.

Николай Колесов

The customer was disappointed in the product. The Russian side offered a technical and commercial proposal to replace the radar with a modern afar radar, but due to the high cost, the customer, Egypt, refused to replace it. He also refused to supply KA-52 helicopters under the contract.

The question arises why the state-owned enterprise Fazotron, which is the developer of the radar and has production facilities for its serial production, donates design documentation and sets up serial production in the private company KETZ JSC, owned by Kolesov (the owners of more than 50 shares are private companies). At the time of the transaction, 10% of KETZ was owned by CJSC River Park, and 14% by JSC KOMZ, which are controlled by the Kolesov family. Anastasia Kolesova, daughter of N.A. Kolesov, was the chairman of the board of directors of JSC KETZ

In the future, information appeared on the Internet that KETZ will supply progress (ARseniev) with 14 radars for Ka helicopters. On the NIIR Fazotron website, in the reporting for the 1st quarter of 2017, in clause 6.6, this transaction is indicated and the interested person indicated Kolesov N.A. On the Internet, many go information on KETZ and its ownership Kolesov N.A.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin