Source: continues to acquaint the reader with "wiretaps" from Boris Berezovsky's archive. In the last publication we gave a conversation Tatiana Dyachenko with her mother, Naina Iosifovna, and then husband Alexei. There is a conversation at a difficult moment for the country. In June 1996, in the midst of the presidential campaign, arrested two key members of staff of the Boris Yeltsin - Arkady Evstafyev, and Sergei Lisovsky. In the hands of whoever "box from under the copier" from the "shadow cash" staff. Evstafiev and Lisowski detained by employees of security Service of the President (St. PETERSBURG) of the Russian Federation, controlled by Alexander Korzhakov and Mikhail Barsukov. Detaining them, the CBP officer began the interrogation. In connection with these events, late in the evening on June 19, 1996 in Berezovsky's headquarters in the House of receptions of "LogoVAZ" comes Tatyana Dyachenko. Under pressure from Igor Malashenko, Anatoly Chubais, Badri Patarkatsishvili, Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, she agrees with the need to involve Alexander Lebed in the situation. For these purposes Dyachenko called the mother, Naina Iosifovna, and asks to contact the Swan. Soon after the TV channels out scenes in which the detention Evstafieva and Lisowski is compared to a coup.

After that, again, the conversation took place Naina Yeltsin and Tatiana Dyachenko, which leads Yeltsin is outraged by the fact that the TV raise confusion and talk about the coup. "You never know who will be detained, it is necessary to wait for the morning and understand, and not to raise a sensation and not to aggravate the situation," believes Naina Iosifovna. She understands the reality of what is happening and openly says that behind the "hype" is Berezovsky, which greatly affects Dyachenko. The latter does not want to listen to her, and continues to insist on the urgent dismissal of Korzhakov and M. Barsukov, "otherwise the Pope will not win the election."  Dyachenko repeats that it is – the only way – to make a fuss. Yeltsin says that on the morning of Lisowski and Evstafieva released, but this has no serious consequences. Dyachenko meets the thesis of Berezovsky and Chubais, at that time "will not work". We are talking about working in the campaign headquarters of Boris Yeltsin. Dyachenko tries to convince Yeltsin that the next steps Korzhakov and Barsukov will be the removal of Boris Yeltsin from power by force and the organization of the coup.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov