On June 16, 2023, the Leninsky District Court of St. Petersburg sentenced some of the participants in the organized criminal group 0 of one of the leaders of the "gangster Petersburg" Vladimir Borisov (Ensign, extradited from Bulgaria in 2021). The right hand of the Ensign - Vitaly Kuzmin was convicted under part 4 of article 159 and part 4 of article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for a period of 6.5 years in a general regime colony with a fine of 285,744,542.17 rubles.

According to, the consideration of this crime in relation to the Ensign himself - Vladimir Borisov, will take place soon. The criminals are tried separately, since Borisov was on the run for a long time and only on October 12, 2021 was detained on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, from where he was extradited to the Russian Federation in December 2021.

Владимир Борисов

Neither high-ranking acquaintances with United Russia Alexander Teterdinko or Viktor Khmarin, whom the bandits were so proud of, nor many years of distribution of bribes helped the criminals.

Vladimir Borisov's gang has been known since the 1990s, when a team of retired and current security officials and regular military men was assembled under the leadership of a retired military man. It all started with a banal racket and systematically grew first into a gang of killers, the group has more than one victim.

  When the traditions of open lawlessness became less popular, Ensign's organized crime groups tried to adapt to modern realities and became interested in entrepreneurship. But habit is second nature, so in business the bandits considered only criminal options. Organized crime groups have acquired many LLCs and began to actively cut the state budget and illegally seize state. property, about which the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU has repeatedly told.

For many years, the business went pretty smoothly, but at the time of the organized criminal group, luck stopped. First, they opened a case on a raider seizure on Avtovskaya 16 in St. Petersburg, where the Ensign himself and Vitaly Kuzmin became suspects, then they opened a case against the ensign's son, Konstantin, for embezzlement during the repair of a boarding school for disabled children in the Leningrad region and a whole series of events. Stealing has become more difficult, attention from the structures has increased.

After 3 years of the trial and 9 years from the beginning of the criminal case, despite all the attempts of the lawyer V.N. - a fine of almost 300 million rubles. and a real term for the defendants.

Of course, this came as a surprise to the bandits, literally until April, Vitaly Kuzmin assured his entourage that there would be a suspended sentence and a fine that “you don’t have to pay”, the main thing for the bandits was to keep the building on Avtovskaya 16, which now functions as a business center.

The fate of an accomplice - Vladimir Borisov, Kuzmin was the least worried. Initially, Vitaly Kuzmin testified against Vladimir Borisov, allegedly hoping that Borisov would not be caught.

But these plans failed to come true.

At this time, the bandits are establishing communication with each other in the Kolpino crosses. Vladimir Borisov, Konstantin Borisov - the former head of Kupchino under investigation under Article 159 since March 2023, as reported by the Cheka-OGPU - and Vitaly Kuzmin meet on walks and, according to the source, actively use mobile communications to communicate with the outside world.

The members of the organized criminal group are extremely dissatisfied with the work of lawyers and the prosecutor's office, they consider appealing the verdict a useless waste of money and plan to soon relocate from Kresty to SVO, since there is experience in participating in PMCs, and their accomplices assure that this scheme is organized.

Of course, in the plans of the bandits there is only fictitious participation, using their connections, they plan a serene stay in the rear and a happy return to their families not in years, but in the very near future.

Moreover, the building really managed to be preserved, although its current owner is the Dubai company of Kuzmin's son Dmitry, so lawyer Pozdnyak nevertheless fulfilled some of the agreements.

Here it is worth mentioning the agreements referred to in the audio recording, where the lawyer Pozdnyak and Vitaly Kuzmin actively discussed the “resolution of the issue” on Avtovskaya 16, referring to the agreements with the investigator of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee Anna Oreshina and “Deputy Klaus”.

Probably, Pozdnyak simply flaunted the names of his former colleagues, but the fact remains that Dmitry Kuzmin, an active participant in this illegal transaction, was never brought as a defendant.

Dmitry Kuzmin himself showed ingratitude and considered that the work of Vadim Pozdnyak was not worth 20 million rubles, in connection with which Dmitry replicated this entry among St. Petersburg law enforcement officers, trying to negotiate the arrest of Pozdnyak for fraud.

Dmitry and Vitaly Kuzmin, until recently, raised many questions about their luck, unlike the Borisov family. When a case was brought against Konstantin Borisov for fraud with Children's boarding schools, Dmitry Kuzmin, being an equal with Borisov's founder, drove unnoticed through Belarus to the Euro pu, where he sat out until Pozdnyak settled everything. The arrest in Bulgaria of Vladimir Borisov also took place thanks to an “anonymous source”.

Dmitry Kuzmin was repeatedly seen trying to establish friendly relations with various representatives of the power structures of St. Petersburg, and more than once there was information about his participation in the organization of “custom” cases, so logical questions arise about his “luck”

But by the way, the father’s verdict for Dmitry also became unexpected and rather difficult to perceive, we were presented with a series of audios made the day before and after the verdict to the raiders, in which Dmitry had rather emotional conversations, where he expressed deep dissatisfaction with the lawyers, the funds spent on them, and also repeatedly threatened with physical violence to the witness, whose testimony became a stumbling block in the fate of Dmitry.

On one of the recordings, in a conversation with a certain Gennady (probably the middle son of Vitaly Kuzmin), Dmitry furiously complained that this witness was not “closed” in the end and that initially it was necessary to solve this problem more radically.

The source who provided the audio, for obvious reasons, did not agree to make the recordings public now, but under our control sent them to authorized structures.

Among other things, Dmitry Kuzmin is very worried that other members of the group who are not as loyal to Kuzmin as the Borisov family are still at large. They perfectly understand that Dmitry's excessive emotionality repeatedly brought only harm to the group, and none of our sources characterized Dmitry as a reliable partner, all characteristics boil down to the banal - "scammed."

Therefore, it is not surprising that Kuzmin, in a panic, withdraws the money stolen from budget construction projects into something more material. So, for example, the office of Dmitry Kuzmin, S A Group LLC, which is now registered at the denomination Bunduki Vitaly Petrovich and was used as a technical office for the last year, where Kuzmin sent about 60 million rubles to the state. of funds from LLC Vector, also re-registered to the face value, on the eve of the lease issued for: a 2021 MERCEDES-BENZ GLS-Class car, state number H045TM198. Leasing agreement: OV/F-292550-01-01 of 05/05/2023 Financial lease term: 05/24/2023 - 05/31/2028

The cost range of a car is from 10,083,000 rubles. up to 18,165,000 rubles, during the month of ownership, Dmitry managed to earn 72 fines - the speed was 39,800 rubles, apparently on a nervous basis.

To legalize money through leasing cars is a well-known technique, the Kuzmins used it before, but for purchases it is more modest, for example, Vector LLC purchased only a Toyota Camry 2021, GM. M278RS198. Contract: 20331SP7-VEK/01/2022 dated 05/23/2022 Financial lease term: 07/15/2022 - 06/03/2027 Usually, the money stolen from the budget, Kuzmins prefer to transfer to Dubai assets.

But there is no time for the bandit Kuzmin, who remained at large (for now), to be sad for a long time, with a short break for the sentence of his father, Dmitry Kuzmin signed two state documents with the hands of denominations. Contract:

1. For 16,753,440.58 rubles dated 06/13/2023 for the overhaul of the roof and foundations of the building of GBOU secondary school No. 481 with in-depth study of the German language of the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg

2. And for 39,170,000.00 rubles dated June 22, 2023 for the performance of work on the overhaul of the facade, the same school

And this means that the next children will be cold and damp, and the bandit Kuzmin will again be engaged in legalization.

Анастасия Кучеренко

Very accurately noticed, the cohabitant and mother of Dmitry Kuzmin's son, Anastasia Kucherenko, her husband is a well-known person in St. Petersburg, but it is obvious that Dmitry's loud fame is still ahead, whether this will be a case of fraud or contract killing we will find out.

But operatives and investigators should pay close attention to an excellent witness in the person of Anastasia, who is well aware of the legalization of proceeds from crime

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued