The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and became aware of a high-profile corruption story when housing intended for the apartment fund of the Ministry of Defense was distributed to officials, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and security forces.

Chekhov near Moscow is a territory where the reserves of Russian corruption are not depleted. It would seem, what other schemes can arise on the ground, on which the skating rink of the security forces has passed.

It turned out that the officials distributed the housing fund of the Ministry of Defense at their own discretion. Representatives of the local elite received comfortable housing in the Gubernsky microdistrict: employees of the administration, the prosecutor's office, the police, the bailiffs and other "respectable people", including recently elected deputies from the United Russia party.

Until 2018, apartments with an area of ​​​​about 100 square meters. m., intended to provide housing for military personnel, were in federal ownership in the operational management of the Ministry of Defense. In accordance with the order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in September 2018, 105 apartments were transferred to the municipal ownership of Chekhov.

In 2021, officials from the local "white house", having enlisted the support of the Chekhov Council of Deputies and the prosecutor's office, "dragged" the decision dated 05/27/2021 No. commercial hire. The prosecutor's office recognized the draft of this normative legal act as corresponding to the federal legislation.

Local legislators have amended the provision on the provision of residential premises, providing that if you are a civil servant, athlete or law enforcement officer, and do not have other housing on the territory of the Chekhov district, you can touch the apartment feeder.

Василий Шереметьев

Regardless of the composition of the family, they will give you the keys, and then they will allow you to buy housing for 50% of the cadastre - this is 2-3 million for an apartment worth about 10 million.

As a source told, for example, an apartment that costs about 12 million rubles on the market was allowed to be bought out by an employee of the prosecutor's office, Natalya Borisova, for 3 million rubles. Particularly approximate apartments are allocated as official or social hire, and transferred free of charge. The deputies of United Russia Elena Rubtsova and Marina Tarasova were given ownership by the court in the order of privatization and without objections from the municipality. Both cases were heard by the same judge, and it took them less than a month to complete everything.

More than 200 apartments leaked from the fund to "especially needy" officials of all stripes. About 30 are still registered with the Ministry of Defense, but, according to rumors, they are being prepared for transfer to civilians.

Надежда Чернятина

Here are just a part of the political elite living in Gubernsky: ex-prosecutor of Chekhov Stanislav Malov, ex-assistant prosecutor, justice of the peace in Korolev near Moscow Evgeny Klimanov, ex-deputy prosecutors Khanko and Zotkina, head of the bailiff service Viktor Kachalin, an employee of the Chekhov police department Almaz Gattarov, head of the investigation Galina Chernogorova, her husband - Pavel Rozhkov, police chief Yaroslav Nedraga, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Ilya Korshunov, Ilya Kuznetsov, FMS officer Violetta Tarasevich, ex-deputy head of Chekhov Vasily Sheremetyev, ex-deputy head Nikolai Rudometkin, deputy head of the city of Nadezhda Chernyatina, Konstantin Mikhalkov, Svetlana Kalinina, Deputy Chairman of the Housing Commission Kirill Kolchin, Deputy Head of the Anti-Corruption Department Penkerzhik Svetlana, Head of the Department of Housing Affairs Yulia Poluyan, Stepanov Mikhail, Head of the Department of Land Control Ekaterina Kostritsa, Head of the Department of State and Municipal Services Marina Tsybakova, Deputy Head of the Legal Department Savicheva Alesya, head of rights Natalia Mamaeva, employees of the Gromada, Savina and Barkovskaya archives, Igor Semenov, director of security, deputies from United Russia - Kolovsky and Sobakin, son of the ex-chairman of the council of deputies Anton Kozin.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued