Source: continues the story about corruption in the North-West Customs Administration. What is wrong with the ill-fated position - "head of the SPK NWTU" - 3 chiefs were replaced in 3-4 years and all of them are haunted by problems with the law and other backstage intrigues, as a result of which our heroes fled. More precisely, almost all the heroes, the head of the anti-corruption service of the North-Western Customs Directorate, Colonel of the Customs Service, Rozsypalo Maxim, went to the pre-trial detention center.

Максим Розсыпало

The Editorial Board has its own vision of this issue. According to the source, since 2014, Lieutenant Colonel of the customs service Gerasimov Fedor Aleksandrovich, known in narrow circles of law enforcement officers and smugglers, has been tirelessly working in the anti-corruption service of NWTU, which sits on the 4th floor of Shpalernaya 14. During the years of service in the customs authorities, Fedor Aleksandrovich managed to manage the operational departments of the SEC in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. Under Miroshkin, Gerasimov even managed to be his deputy. Now Gerasimov is listed as an operative in the department in charge of the Baltic customs, where he is not welcome to say the least.

Fyodor Gerasimov's reputation is not the best. Those who know him unanimously assure that he is a typical bright representative of Liteiny's agents, poorly observing secrecy measures, but never missing regular meetings with curators.

So, who is F.A. Gerasimov?

As sources told, after graduating from the university, young Fedor goes to serve in the St. Petersburg police. I worked at the Department of Economic Crimes, then at the OSB, I did not develop a reputation, the reviews of colleagues are not unambiguous. It is not clear to whom he served, certainly not for his homeland, but not for his pocket either. They say about such people: "neither steal, nor watch." Further reform and recertification, Gerasimov is shown a door with a handle. But thanks to the curators from the big house, he manages to transfer to the regional police department, which is on the outskirts of the Astrakhan province. There Fyodor did not serve for long, they did not tolerate him, especially simple operas, they quickly saw through the strikebreaker. It did not work out with the Astrakhan curators. I had to resign from the Department of Internal Affairs and the national economy, banks and merchants.


According to sources, Gerasimov is a lover of strong alcohol and entertainment establishments. Because of this, I had problems with the law. What is the confirmation of administrative offenses for drinking alcoholic beverages in public places, which he still holds to this day. Under the influence of alcohol, he lost his service card as a police officer, hushed it up, forgiven.

Colleagues in the militia CSS once applied measures of an educational nature to Fyodor Aleksandrovich with their fists, like a man, making it clear that the guy went beyond the bounds of decency and the code of ethics of a militia officer. He leaked colleagues, leaked operational information from other people's materials with a stamp, "got in" with swindlers, in general, he behaved not according to concepts. Gerasimov did not manage to take root in the internal affairs bodies.

Arriving at the customs authorities, Fyodor Aleksandrovich becomes a defendant in internal scandals, then his colleagues lose operational materials and official documents, then electronic media. I didn’t take money. I always managed to get out dry, because I was not caught by the hand.

At first, they did not attach much importance to such things and events, there were guilty or extreme ones and were forgotten. The causal relationship has not been deeply studied. Although colleagues agreed that it was Fyodor Gerasimov who was engaged in theft, and for what? Who knew him then ...

But time has put everything in its place. The motives became clear. Sooner or later, each of the dismissed leaders of SPK SZTU came to the conclusion that F.A. Gerasimov is the root of evil and, in fact, pursues personal goals.

And Kurlapov, and Bukhantsev, and Miroshkin and Rustamov in the end looked for a way to fire Gerasimov, but failed. At the right time, Fyodor's older brothers from the next street always called or came for him. The arguments were different, the message was the same - do not touch Fedya, let him work.

As a result:

Andrei Pavlovich Kurlapov managed to get rid of Gerasimov by transferring him from the management further to the Karelian customs. He did not dare to dismiss, although he says he had such a desire.


Boris Bukhantsev almost managed to put Gerasimov on dismissal by not extending the contract with him, but then Bukhantsev himself was removed and Fyodor Aleksandrovich even managed to return to NWTU and became the head of the operational department.

Miroshkin Mikhail Semenovich decided not to tempt fate and from the very beginning began to be friends with Fedor, even promoting him in the service and presenting him to various departmental awards. But he did not guess, at one point Miroshkin learned that all this time Gerasimov had been regularly reporting on his boss to the curators, with whom Miroshkin did not develop a relationship. It dawned on Mikhail Miroshkin, but it was too late, the order on his rotation to Moscow was already awaiting signature on the table of the head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia V.I. Bulavin.

As a source told, Ruslan Alekseevich Rustamov from the first days of his stay at p The head of the SPK NWTU showed Gerasimov his pole. But the stupidest and fatal mistake of Ruslan Alekseevich was to involve Fyodor Gerasimov in the search for the offender of his car. Well, Fyodor did everything as prescribed by the instructions, handed over not entirely legal instructions to subordinate operatives (of course, orally), then made copies of the requests signed by Rustamov for himself and saved all this in a daddy with the initials R.R.A., which later came in handy when Gerasimov was again shown a door with a handle. As a result, Rustamov barely took his legs, and Fyodor Alexandrovich continues his subversive activities.

You are probably asking, what is the motive of Gerasimov himself? And here it is better to contact Fyodor Alexandrovich personally. We have only the versions and information about the customs entities.

Entering the customs world in 2014, Fyodor Aleksandrovich carefully studied his craft colleagues. Carried out light assignments of curators. Arranged minor provocations in the department, just then the loss of operational materials was discovered. But the main thing is that he managed to understand this, how and on what the customs operatives make money, of course, this is not about the official salary.


The scheme of personal enrichment consisted in the patronage of a group of participants in foreign economic activity engaged in the import of consumer goods, clothing and toys. To do this, Gerasimov created the appearance of violent anti-corruption activities in the supervised customs office, while his area of ​​responsibility included the Baltic customs and its customs posts. Against this background, Fyodor Aleksandrovich established operational contacts with promising figures of the law enforcement unit of the customs and its functional units, such as the operational investigation department, the customs value control department and the department for control and application of the risk management system. Further, through the employees of these divisions, Gerasimov announced a list of small legal entities - importers, who did not particularly stand out from the general mass of firms that were registered in the Baltic customs zone. When filing customs declarations for goods from these importers, customs inspectors who accept the declaration issued it as soon as possible without conducting inspections, thus the importers under the auspices of Fedor Alexandrovich received a preference that allows them to save as much cost as possible during customs clearance of goods, and this already gave the ability to sell goods at prices lower than competitors and to be in maximum demand on the market.

For those who are not particularly familiar with the nuances of customs clearance, we will explain that when checking the customs declaration and goods, according to the regulations, the customs inspector is obliged to check the set of accompanying documents for the goods, in the absence of any document, the inspector asks them for them from the declarants - representatives of the importer and can even refuse to issue a declaration.

In addition, the customs inspector manipulates directly with the goods themselves, inspects, unloads, recounts, weighs, takes samples and samples, complies with sanitary standards, etc. In view of this, a huge list of costs is imposed on the importer to ensure the location of containers in the temporary storage warehouse and all manipulations with the goods. Every day of renting a warehouse costs tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles. In addition, it is necessary to pay for the intra-port movement of the container to the place of inspection, pay for unloading and loading services and insurance. At the same time, if the goods are found to be inconsistent with the declared parameters in the customs declaration, the importer has every chance of being brought to administrative and even criminal liability.

For example, a Chinese man from whom the importer ordered a batch of goods decided to please his buyer and, in addition to the paid goods, put some Chinese knick-knacks or promotional products in the container, and even worse a present with the logo of famous brands, which already smacks of violation of intellectual property rights. And now the inspector who inspects the container at the Baltic customs opens the container, and a box literally falls on it, or even two with undeclared goods from a generous Chinese. The inspector is happy, the importer is tearing his body hair. Administrative proceedings are started against the importer, all goods are subject to one hundred percent inspection and seized for the period of administrative inspection, which is months. Upon completion of all procedures, in addition to sanctions for an administrative offense, the importer incurs colossal losses for storing a container at a temporary storage warehouse, does not fulfill obligations under supply contracts to its customers in the domestic market, and receives claims and penalties. A bonus to everything is included in the list of unreliable importers, who are further carefully checked by the customs authorities. In general, the end of the business.

In view of this, near-customs businessmen are always ready to pay certain amounts of money for the unhindered release of their goods across the customs border. It was here that Fyodor Alexandrovich came in handy. What, human realized "what's what" he found the right people from among his colleagues at the customs (or rather, he collected incriminating information on them), brought in merchants and "life was good."

In fact, Fedor did not bear any responsibility in this scheme. I did not put a seal with a personal number in the declaration, I did not sign the documents, I had nothing to do with the goods and customs clearance. But he receives a bribe for each imported container, and this, according to various estimates, from $ 100 to $ 1000, American.

In 2016, an incident occurred that greatly upset Fyodor Alexandrovich. Mr. Alexander Nikolayevich Gurov is appointed the head of the operational department of the SEC, in charge of the Baltic customs, who immediately reoriented all such schemes to himself and those close to him. Gerasimov failed to find a common language with Gurov. Since that time, somewhere in the offices of Liteiny, a "daddy" with the initials "GAN" was brought up, and at Gerasimov's house there was a duplicate. You already know how it ended for Shuba. And Gerasimov's is still going on.

Leaving the vastness of the Baltic customs, Gerasimov managed to find the necessary contacts at the Kingissepp customs office, which serves the Ust-Luga port, in fact the same Baltic.

And now the puppeteer Gerasimov with his dolls is declared at the Kingissepp customs. Everything is in the old fashioned way, as in the Baltic, the goods are imported, declarations are issued at lightning speed, Fedor and the merchants are happy and getting rich. But bad luck, it turns out that the Kingissepp customs house has its own cardinals in uniform, or rather a cardinal, Maria Igorevna Beregovaya, deputy head of the Federal Customs Revenue Service of the North-Western Directorate. Maria Igorevna was a henchman from Moscow, so she didn't give a damn about Fyodor Alexandrovich. As a result, the entire Gerasimovskaya Shelupon was forced to leave the area of ​​responsibility of the Kingissepp customs.

Мария Береговая

According to a source, Fedor did not calm down on this, since he had already got a taste for it, and besides, it was time to increase the square of the living space. She goes to Miroshkin, who at that time held the post of head of the SPK, and lays out a tub of dirt on Beregovaya, they say, she’s a corrupt woman, beguiled the banks. On which he gets a tough taboo, do not touch Maria Igorevna, there are big people behind her. Mikhail Semenovich preferred to be friends with Maria Igorevna. With this decision, Mikhail Semenovich secured a place for himself in the operational records of the Cheka. His end of career is not as sad as that of Gurov, but Miroshkin himself did not see him like that.

After the departure of Mikhail Miroshkin, Gerasimov manages to screw a bolt into the ears of the newly appointed head of the SEC Rustamov and begin the development of Maria Igorevna. With all the proletarian hatred, not hiding his motives, Fyodor launched an aggressive attack on Beregovaya. Beregovoi's defense collapsed, Moscow did not help. As a result, dismissal from the customs authorities, and then criminal prosecution, searches and interrogations, despite the fact that Maria Igorevna is not the person involved in the criminal case.

And again, the roads to the Kingissepp and Baltic customs are opened for Gerasimov. The turnover of goods is increasing every day. One can already think about the chair of the head of the SEC, especially since the post has been vacant since August 16. After all, Rosen was under arrest, a criminal case on corruption was initiated.

By the way, about corruption Rozsypalo. Do you think it is no coincidence that Rozsypalo received a bribe for the import of goods through the Kingissepp customs office and the presence of an intermediary from among customs colleagues, whose investigators do not disclose? Could the great strategist Fyodor Gerasimov participate in the operational experiment of the older brothers and simply set up Maxim Rozsypalo using manual commerce? Thus, put a check and checkmate in this game. Bravo Fyodor Alexandrovich ... Bravo!

Summing up this monologue, I would like to give parting words to the next head of the anti-corruption service. Do not repeat the mistakes of the heroes of this story. Draw your conclusions here. Well, if Fyodor Aleksandrovich himself takes the chair of the head of the SEC, then we will be happy to supplement this article with a paragraph about his exploits in the fight against corruption, high-profile corruption criminal cases, especially since just last month the President of the country approved the National Anti-Corruption Plan.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued