Source: Rucriminal continues to publish investigation materials about the murder of St. Petersburg's vice-governor Mikhail Manevich, a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The crime for 20 years and it was not possible to reveal. However, the materials at the disposal of the editorial board show that in reality the motives, "customers" and the perpetrators of the murder have been known for a long time. Among those who followed Manevich there was an employee of the North-Western Customs Igor Bondarenko. The materials indicate that the reprisal with the vice-governor is connected with the St. Petersburg seaport. Moreover, the killers were detained. They turned out to be a real detachment of professionals headed by the Chelishov family. Absolutely all the evidence, including the hair left in the attic, where they fired at Manevich, pointed to these killers. In the fifth part of the investigation, shows how the process of collecting evidence of the guilt of the Chelyshevs' gang went. Also, we will throw our readers' attention to such an actor as Vyacheslav Ivanov, nicknamed Slava the Hockey Player. In the 90 years he was closely associated with the port. And until 2013 he played in hockey matches between the teams of FSB officers and customs.

"In the framework of the criminal case No. 86, work is continuing to verify the involvement of members of the criminal group of CHILICH to commit a terrorist act - the murder of M. Manevich.

It was established that in August 1997 the members of the criminal group CHELYSHEVYH were in St. Petersburg.

Witness K ... O.V. gave evidence of the stay of CHELYSHEV SA, CHELYSHEV AA. and DROZHZHINA OB in St. Petersburg in the period from June 15 to the end of July and the use of a Toyota car by them. From the testimony of Sister K ... -P .... it can be seen that CHELYSHEV S.А. August 11, 1997 was in the city and called K ....

As follows from the testimony of K ...., CHELYSHEV S.A. stored in its place of residence optical sight, which she threw out in November 1997.

About stay in July-August 1997 in St. Petersburg CHELYSHEVA SA. and DROZHZHINA OB testified and witnessed M .... She told that in the first days of August CHELYSHEV SA. for a time left for Tambov, and then again returned to St. Petersburg. In addition, she reported that CHELYSHEV used during this period radiotelephone, stolen from his debtor - CHIRKOV.

The fact of being in the summer of 1997 CHELYSHEVA SA. in St. Petersburg, and confirmed by witnesses ... .. The latter also told that she saw in St. Petersburg in late July CHELYSHEVA AA. and POPOVA. As she explained, CHELYSHEV S.А. and Drozhzhin were in the city until mid-August 1997, after which, with her car, she together with them and VASILISIN went to Tambov, where she spent two days and August 16, along with YEAST, departed from there to St. Petersburg, where they allegedly returned on August 17 near 23 hours and until 20 o'clock on August 18 they rested at her house. According to the testimony ... only on August 27, Drozhzhin departed from St. Petersburg.

... also reported that on August 20 or 21, she and Drozhzhin in St. Petersburg stopped for one day CHELYSHEV AA. and POPOV with two girls from the Tambov region. It is established that these girls are ... .. From their testimonies it follows that they were in St. Petersburg on August 25-26, 1997 together with Popov SN. and SMIRNOV NG, where they met with YEAST. At the same time SMIRNOV NG. at the interrogation denied the fact of the trip to St. Petersburg, saying that he had never been to this city.

At the same time, according to experts, hair from a sheet of galvanized iron used in the manufacture of loopholes from a person of the same blood type as SMIRNOV NG. In addition, this hair and hair from the head SMIRNOVA NG. have similarities in color, pigment and its location, the color of the cortical substance, as well as some elements of the cuticle pattern that are similar to the general nature of the cuticle pattern: the edges of cuticle cells in their majority form a broken line with areas of accumulation of depressions and lingual protuberances. The lines of the edge of the scales are wavy.

The foregoing allows us to conclude that the origin of the detected hair from the head of SMIRNOVA NG is not ruled out, and, accordingly, the participation of SMIRNOV in the preparation and commission of a terrorist act.

As VASILISIN SV showed at the interrogation, in the beginning of August 1997 he came from Tambov region to St. Petersburg along with AA CHELYSHEV and the PREVIOUS on the car of the latter. The purpose of the trip was the acquisition of weapons, optics and silencers. After a two-day stay in the city CHELYSHEV AA. and POPOV left St. Petersburg, and he returned to the Tambov region along with CHELYSHEV SA. and YEAST.

From the testimony of VASILISINA SV. It also follows that the group received weapons from the brother of POPOVA, a serviceman named Victor, who lives in the city of Engels in the Saratov Region.

The fact that the members of the criminal group CHELYSHEVY in the summer of 1997 in St. Petersburg took steps to acquire weapons, confirmed and Boris S. On this occasion he showed the following: "Yes, such a case was in 1997, I do not remember the time more precisely. Two or three people came to the Leningrad Palace of Youth twice and asked me to get them weapons. What kind of people, I do not know. One of them was called Sergey. As they looked, I do not remember any more; in this connection, I do not know whether I will be able to recognize them. As I recall, the conversation was about TT pistols. In addition, they asked for a rifle with all the cases: with an optical sight, if possible - with a "muffler".

In the case, the version about the involvement of Boris A. BORISOV was verified. to commit a terrorist act. In the process of checking this version, a search was carried out in the places of residence of Borisov and his close connection - Sharyeva R.K. During a search at SHARIEV, 13 bundles of foil with a narcotic - a cannabis resin with a total weight of not less than 73,618 grams - were seized. Being questioned about this, SHARIEV showed that he acquired the drug from the hands of unknown persons on May 20-21, 1998 in St. Petersburg on the market near the metro station "Ladozhskaya", took it home and kept it there for the purpose of subsequent sale. On August 7, 1998, he handed over about 1 gram of hashish to Borisov, so that he could offer it to potential buyers.

SHARIEV also acknowledged that he offered BORISOV to buy "Walter" pistols.

In addition, it was established that in 1996 BORISOV committed a forgery of an official document granting rights - a certificate of the Ministry of Defense for the purpose of its use, and from 1996 to August 8, 1998, he used this deliberately fraudulent document.

August 8, 1998 SHARIEV, and on August 9, 1998 BORISOV was detained in criminal case No. 86 in the order of Article 122 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR. Later, they were arrested and charged with: SHARIEVU - in committing a crime under part 4 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of Russia, BORISOVU - in committing crimes provided for by Part 2 of Article 228 and Part 1 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code of Russia.

Given that the actions of Boris and Shariyev concerning the commission of the incriminated acts, as well as their actions for the illegal acquisition of firearms - Walter pistols, are not connected with the terrorist act against MANEVICH, on October 12, 1998 a criminal case was initiated on the facts of the commission of SHARIEV R .TO. illegal acquisition, transportation and storage for the sale of narcotic drugs in a particularly large amount and the illegal sale of narcotic drugs, that is, the commission of a crime under part 4 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of Russia, and Boris S.А. illegal purchase, transportation and storage for the purpose of selling narcotic drugs, forgery of the official document granting rights, and the use of this deliberately fraudulent document, that is, in committing the crimes provided for by Part 2 of Article 228 and Part 1 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code of Russia. This criminal case is allocated to a separate proceeding.

In the course of investigative actions and operational search activities it was also established that BORISOV could obtain weapons for CHEALS from LINDENWALD Vladimir Vasilievich, April 6, 1947 of birth.

On August 27, 1998, a search was carried out at the place of residence. LINDENVALDA VV at the address: St. Petersburg, Sinopskaya Quay, the house ... in the course of which it was found and seized: 23 regular military cartridges of caliber 7.62 mm, 1 rifle hunting cartridge of foreign manufacture "Browning 338 Win. Mag. ", 117 equipped and 4 incompletely equipped hunting cartridges and 425.48 grams of pyroxylin powder.

According to the expert's conclusion, these cartridges belong to the category of ammunition, and gunpowder to the category of explosives.

In addition, during a search at LINDENVALDA V.V. Detected and seized 4 syringes, 13 needles and 19 glass vials.

According to the expert's conclusion, they contain traces of diacetylmorphine (heroin), which is a narcotic of a hallucinogenic effect!

Interrogated as a witness LINDENVALD V.V. showed that these cartridges belonged to him and his acquaintances, and, as follows from the testimony of LINDENWALD, he kept them for at least 8 years at his place of residence at the address: St. Petersburg, Sinopskaya Embankment, ..

With regard to the discovery of permission N 1400 for the right to store and carry a 2-gun hunting gun T03-34, LINDENWALD stated that he received the permission in 1977, and in 1986, after the expiration of the permit, he, with the help of acquaintances forged this document, by erasing and adding to the changes in the validity period of the permit, namely by removing the original digits in the dates of issue and the expiration date and adding the numbers "87" and "89" in them, respectively.

LINDENWALD also said that he has been using drugs for 3 years, which he acquires from strangers in various places of St. Petersburg. As LINDENWALD showed, when using drugs, he used syringes, needles for syringes and glass vials seized during a search in his apartment.

November 11, 1998 in respect of LINDENVALDA V.V. a criminal case was opened on the grounds of committing crimes provided for by Part 1 of Article 222, Part 1 of Article 228 and Part 1 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and allocated to a separate proceeding.

In criminal case No. 86, the investigation of the version is being continued to verify that a weapon used in the commission of the terrorist act against MANEVICH could be obtained through BORISOVA.

At the same time, it was established that the members of the criminal group CHELYSHEVYK turned to Borisov for assistance in the acquisition of arms through the mediation of IVANOV Vyacheslav Anatolyevich, November 18, 195. year of birth, which has the nickname "Glory to the hockey player".

To be continued

Source: Rucriminal