Owner of the Euroinvest holding, great friend of the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko. St. Petersburg multi-billionaire Andrei Berezin, who came to the attention of law enforcement agencies, fled to Europe. As the VChK-OGPU telegram channel found out, last year Andrei Berezin, who became famous for the ruin of strategic Russian enterprises, the territory of which was given over to the residential development of his company Euroinvest, quickly left abroad, and, as they say, “without ends.” As we have already written, the Berezin family and the circle of his close business partners had long been planning to leave the territory of the Russian Federation, and were very afraid of falling under sanctions, for which purpose they abandoned the ownership of assets that were dubious in this regard. However, the suddenness of the oligarch’s departure was due precisely to the attention of law enforcement officers, who were interested in the actual destruction of the Russian PJSC Svetlana, which was once part of Rostec and produced powerful electronics, including for the needs of the Ministry of Defense. Since the end of 2017, the site of this plant, commercially advantageously located in St. Petersburg, has been built up by Euroinvest, and the enterprise itself has virtually ceased to exist, having previously received fully advanced government contracts worth approximately 300 million rubles. Approximately the same fate was in store for the strategic Rigel plant, which also took a 50-million-dollar government order from Rostatom and died under construction from Euroinvest. Well, the Investigative Committee also has its own questions for Andrei Valerievich regarding the theft of military lands from the Rzhev training ground in the Leningrad region. In general, the oligarch, to put it mildly, has something to forget about his homeland.

Александр Дрозденко

However, can confidently claim that Berezin feels very comfortable abroad. Of course, more than $150 million, withdrawn by his accomplices from the Russian Federation, are quietly resting in the accounts of his Cyprus offshore Raquelfar Нoldings and Lerdare Enterprises in the British Virgin Islands. Still very substantial chunks of savings disappeared into anonymous accounts, passing through the no longer existing offshore Nadilar Management, and Virginia-based Rusmussen Limited and Dewton Holding. There are a number of others, but Berezin has squeezed almost everything out of domestic assets and believes that now he owes nothing to anyone. True, questions about this may arise from his partners, with whom he drove billions of rubles offshore - Yuri Vasiliev, Felix Dlin and others. Well, it will obviously be interesting to watch this situation!

Joseph Trostinsky

To be continued