On may 23, 2019, the YM Sverdlov Plant (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region), a monopoly producer of hexogen and octogen, announced the appointment of General Director Vadim Rybin as Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Techmashservice" (managed by JSC "special Chemistry", determined by a single marketing company for Rostec enterprises for the production of industrial explosives).

Mr. Rybin will combine the management of Dzerzhinsky enterprise with a new position. The decision to take both positions was authorized by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and the leadership of Rostec - behind these words, according to the interlocutors, there may be an unprecedented corruption scheme, which involves the Director of the Federal state-owned enterprise, the heads of the Ministry of industry and trade and top managers of Rostec. Kickbacks to only one of the participants in the scheme reach a million dollars a month.

What happened?

In may 2019, The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation reported that it was preparing amendments to the legislation that would allow the transfer of Federal state-owned enterprises subordinated to the Ministry of industry and trade to Rostec.

Before the General Director of the plant Sverdlov Vadim Rybin there was a prospect of losing the established business.  To allow to "skeletons in a case" of the state enterprise of strangers was even more terrible.

"Zavod imeni Ya. M. Sverdlova" manufactures industrial explosives, which is sold in the market. It's cash. Sources believe, Rybin has established a scheme that allows you to put a significant part of the profits in your pocket.

The main task of Rybin was a safe move to the structure of Rostec. That the administration changed from the Ministry of industry and trade on the Corporation, but control of the business remained with the fish.

For this purpose, Rybin decided to create a sustainable business relationship with the future authorities in Rostec.

The host party (rostec) was represented by the holding of JSC "special Chemistry" and its General Director Yuri Viktorovich Zozuley.

Yuri Zozulya since 2007 headed the representative office of the state Corporation "Russian technologies" in the Novosibirsk region. In 2019, he was appointed to the post of General Director of the holding JSC "special Chemistry", which is part of the Corporation rostec.

Yuri Zozulya was Deputy Chairman of the budget Committee of the legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region, and was also a member of the Commission on cooperation with law enforcement and anti-corruption. In January 2019 resigned authority of the Deputy.

Yuri Zozulya explained his decision on the resignation of Deputy powers by a large number of business trips within the framework of work in the office of Rostec, and as a consequence, a long absence from the territory of the Novosibirsk region: "Since I am most of the time absent from the territory of the Novosibirsk region, I can not perform my functions as a Deputy as I did before – there is not enough time. I believe that to be a Deputy, not coping with their responsibilities, shame."

Vadim Rybin began to build bridges with Zozulya, who seemed to him a man with understanding.

The understanding was mutual. Zozulya agreed to help Vadim Rybin move to rostec without losing control over the business and even with additional bonuses.

The high Contracting parties decided that the price of the issue is one million dollars per month. The high price, according to zozuli, was dictated by the status of the persons involved in the scheme.

According to sources, Zozulya convinced Rybin that at least half would go to rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov. The rest he promised to share with the leaders of Rostec, on which the fate of Rybin depends after the change of owners of his plant. Zozulya promised to share with Chemezov's deputies Vladimir Artyakov and Igor Zavyalov, rostec industrial Director Sergei Abramov, as well as with someone from the head of the Rostec security Service.

To demonstrate its capabilities and intentions, Zozulya gave control of fish by enterprise TMS. Vadim Rybin was appointed to his Director – L. V. Bibarsov.

Techmashservice is one of the enterprises of Rostec. On his behalf, the Director, delivered Rybin, began to enter into contracts. The protege of fish left TMS (i.e. the Corporation) the minimum margin, but the main profit through subcontractors strips deduced in their favor.

Thundered all over Russia explosion in Dzerzhinsk at the plant "Crystal" reserve and the territory of the plant named after Sverdlov, which is located nearby. For the country, this explosion was a tragedy and a source of losses. For Rybin and zozuli – a new source of income, as for the recovery after the explosion, new funds were allocated.

The scheme is beginning to work successfully. In addition, Rybin promised that after leaving the plant from under the Ministry of industry and trade will switch to Zozulya kickbacks, which so far go to the Ministry of industry.

In April 2018, a large-scale seizure of documents by FSB employees who arrived from Moscow took place at the Sverdlov plant. Law enforcers have established that fish after laying the budget caused damage to tens of millions of rubles. The money was transferred to the accounts of Evgeny Rybin — the father of the General Director of the enterprise Vadim Rybin, as well as spent on the family vacation in Russia and abroad. Documents and seals of the plant, another three dozen companies that participated in the transfer of funds were found during a search in Moscow by FSB officers.

However, it is still unknown, it will be the basis for a criminal case. Or Vice versa with the presentation of the fish as an able organizer of schemes on withdrawal of money. For Zozulya. And perhaps for those top leaders with whom Zozulya, according to him, shares the rollback of a million dollars a month.


Denis Zhirnov