The head of the Innopraktika Foundation, Katerina Tikhonova, who is called the daughter of Vladimir Putin, joined the council for the development of physical education and mass sports under the government of the Russian Federation. Decisions on the creation of the council and its composition are published on the government website. This was reported by Medusa and the Russian BBC Service.


Ksenia Shoigu, the youngest daughter of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, also became a member of the council. She joined the council as the head of the organizing committee of the half-marathon "ZaBeg.RF". In total, the council consists of 28 people. Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets was appointed its chairman

Katerina Tikhonova is engaged in acrobatic rock and roll. Together with partner Ivan Klimov, she participated in the championships of Russia, Europe and the world. At the 2014 Russian Championships, the pair won silver. As found out, in 2016 Russian acrobatic rock and roll was aged one year to coincide with the anniversaries of Katerina Tikhonova. And you could celebrate them together.

On August 31, 2016, the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin Katerina Tikhonov celebrated her 30th birthday. For the majority of the population, this event went unnoticed. But this is only at first glance. Since the beginning of summer, in the most prominent places in Moscow, one could see huge posters announcing the upcoming 30th anniversary. True, not Tikhonova, but the Russian acrobatic rock and roll. And, as you know, the only rock and roll star recognizable to the masses is Tikhonova.

The fact that Katerina Tikhonova on the last day of summer will turn 30 years old, correspondents then heard from one of the former Kremlin inhabitants. Actually, the president’s daughter does not hide the date of birth from anyone, and all that remained was to ask: “Well, what is intriguing?” Our interlocutor pointed a finger at a huge poster in the center of the capital and winked. On the banner it was written: "1986-2016. Russian acrobatic rock and roll is 30 years old! ” A former Kremlin inhabitant recommended correspondents to ask how long ago it became known that Russian acrobatic rock and roll was the same age as Katerina Tikhonova and that the rock and roll anniversary should be celebrated during the celebration of the president’s daughter’s birthday.

For clarification, correspondents turned to search engines and found a strange mismatch. The 25th anniversary of acrobatic rock and roll in the USSR and Russia was celebrated under the auspices of the Federation of Acrobatic Rock and Roll (RosFARR) in 2012. Celebrations then took place modestly, and were mainly limited to competitions under the big banners “25 years of rock and roll of Russia”. All official documents indicated that acrobatic rock and roll in Russia as a sport has existed since 1987, when the first official tournament in the country took place. That is, the date of birth of this type of dance in the Russian Federation was recognized in 1987.

And now, four years after the 25th anniversary, on a huge scale, the 30th anniversary was celebrated. And here it is not at all that RosFARR is bad with arithmetic. It’s just that the birthday of acrobatic rock and roll in Russia was postponed for one year. Now, in all official documents, it means that from now on the date that this dance went to the professional level in the USSR and the Russian Federation should be considered 1986, when a section in the Lokomotiv DSO was opened in Moscow and the first specialized rock and roll club was created.

  Of course, by coincidence, moving the birthday of sports rock and roll by one year led to the fact that he became the same age as Katerina Tikhonova and together they were able to celebrate their anniversaries.

Katerina Tikhonova is by far the most famous representative of acrobatic rock and roll.


Grigory Levchuk