A source of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel told the details of the biography of the hero of the videos, who was embraced on the ship by the daughter of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the wife of sports blogger Alexei Stolyarov, Ksenia Shoigu. Maxim Vladimirov, a 44-year-old native of Birobidzhan, established himself in Moscow in the near-banking and investment field as a collector manager. Throughout his career before going to prison, he worked in various collection agencies and collection services. Until 2016, he was married for 17 years to a native of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Maxim could easily become a blogger or a musician, such as Alexei Stolyarov: in parallel with the collection days, he kept an account of his dog in social networks and tried himself as a DJ under the pseudonym Kruzenshtern. But he was destined to go to jail and become famous.

Maxim Vladimirov got into crime news in 2019, when he was detained along with US citizen Michael Calvey and another group of people on suspicion of fraud. The collection company "First Collection Bureau", where he was the general director, was credited with fraud with loans and shares in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles. In the same year, Maxim married Yana Ronis, top manager of AFK Sistema, in a pre-trial detention center. Their family car after the release of Maxim proudly wore state numbers with the letters AUE. In 2021, Vladimirov was sentenced to 4 years probation. Then the business ombudsman Boris Titov lay down to defend the accused with bones.

Maxim Vladimirov “surfaced” in the company Medpoint24, which is connected with Ksenia through her investment project “Capital Perform”. The director, thanks to his wife's connections in the pharmaceutical sector, quickly established himself in his position and made friends with all the favorites of the big boss, Ksenia Shoigu. So, for example, Maxim Vladimirov communicates with Artem Melekhin, marketing director of the promoted brainchild of the daughter of the Minister of Defense - the League of Heroes group of companies. Or with the co-organizer of Ksenia Shoigu's latest project "Island of Forts", about which Yevgeny Prigozhin spoke unflatteringly, Marika Korotaeva, an employee of the Presidential Administration. In such a company, an imposing collector appeared before Ksenia Shoigu. Maxim Vladimirov's acquaintances say that after the divorce in April, he went on the attack, and despite the marriage of Sergei Shoigu's daughter, he communicates with Ksenia several times a week.

The family of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu once again pushed the husband of his daughter Ksenia Shoigu to "swallow" his wife's excessive "social skills". Earlier, according to the interlocutor, blogger Alexei Stolyarov was jealous of his wife more than once. For example, not so long ago, the couple had a scandal because of one public lecturer, to whose speeches the minister's daughter was inflamed. Then the offended was promised various “goodies”: support for trolls from PR agencies that cooperate with Shoigu-Vorobyev in his blogging battles, promotion of the sports blogger’s brand is number one.

This time, the shame has become public at all. Videos of hot hugs under the blanket of Ksenia Shoigu and Maxim Vladimirov were published. The source told the details of the blogger Stolyarov's tantrum when he found out about the drain. Alexey stopped answering calls and messages, did not publish anything on social networks. And in a conversation with his wife, he recalled to her all the good things: even how he “messed” with her at the end of May, when Ksenia’s neck was swollen and she had a suspicion of whooping cough and mumps. The result of negotiations with Stolyarov was the expected - to leave everything as it is.

A source of the Cheka-OGPU shared a non-public page of the daughter of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and the wife of sports blogger Alexei Stolyarov. Ksenia Shoigu, under the nickname "Recoverable for military service", leads intrigues and communicates on non-work topics. The photo shows the owner of the account with bright red makeup, and in her status she has the mocking phrase “I love the military.”

Ksenia Shoigu's parties, adultery, convicted top managers and lovers along the way. All this can be ignored if this whole campaign had not also sawed budget money on an astronomical scale. Let's talk about the members of this "sawing" team and show how they can easily master 50 million rubles.

      Medpoint24 (Mosgortrans and Mostransavto), where Maxim Vladimirov is currently working as a director, had large contracts long before his arrival, and he was appointed in 2022, when the previous managing partner Oleg Kraus retired. Ksenia is personally actively involved in the affairs of Medpoint24. In addition to her, there are several partners from another Xenia project - the "League of Heroes": Alexei Nikolaev, Kirill Demchenko.

Vladimirov is a close friend of the "Marketing Director" of the "League of Heroes" Artem Melekhin. There is another interesting shot in this friendly get-together - Maxim Dodonov, who runs the Media League, another structural division of the League of Heroes of Shoigu's daughter. He is also listed as Xenia's press secretary.

And here is a fresh document - from the Marketing League - this is a division of the "Media League" or "", part of the group of companies "League of Heroes" of Ksenia Shoigu. The authors of the work in the midst of the war offer to give them 50 million rubles for frankly crazy events: 8 million for a documentary film about the creative people of the LDNR; 15 million for a talent contest for the youth of Donbass; more than 20 million rubles for the True Heroes camp, etc.

This is to understand what the “team (party) of Ksenia Shoigu” is doing during the war.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued