Source: continues to talk about their favorite top-the Manager of the novel of Trotsenko and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.  We are talking about the Vice-President of the construction company Aeon Corporation Dmitry Starostin, who manages a number of major construction projects in the capital, including the "blessed" Sobyanin.  In 2000, Starostin was a favorite of the then Governor of the Kostroma region and he appointed him Vice-Governor. Two years later, Starostin was summoned for questioning, to which he did not appear, after which he was put on the wanted list. He was detained in the Volga region of the Ivanovo region and placed in the jail of Kostroma, changing the measure of restraint with a recognizance not to leave for detention.  Thus the regional Prosecutor's office recommended to the Governor to release mister Starostin for the period of investigation from a post. Victor Shershunov refused to do it, explaining that he was satisfied with the work of his Deputy, and his involvement in the theft has not yet been proven.

The trial of Starostin began in the autumn of 2002. The prosecution insisted on four and a half years in prison for Dmitry Starostin. In the end, for theft, the court sentenced world three years imprisonment, and an episode of "injury" in the restaurant — two years. At the same time was given probation.

After the verdict, the prosecution insisted on the immediate dismissal Starostin their administration. But Shershunov even more year "fought" for his Deputy. Only in the summer of 2003 Dmitry was removed from office. And sent by the Governor into honorable exile. According to sources, Shershunov "say a word" for Starostina Senator from Kostroma region Vasily Duma - a large employer, has long engaged in the oil business, including who was the President of "Slavneft". At that time, the Duma was developing its new project - the company "TEK-invest-holding", which acted as a "layer" in the dark Affairs of Transneft, in particular on tax evasion . Suffice it to say that by the end of the 1st quarter of 2004, almost 11% of product pipeline "of Transnefteprodukt" occupied "Tekinvest-holding". As a result, the Starostin in 2003 was appointed Director of the "Tekinvest-Holding", but due to the low professionalism lasted in this position only a few months. In 2004 he was transferred to the "parent" structure "Tekinvest-Holding", OOO "Tekkons", which is actually to the oil industry is already one relationship had not. It was a side business of the Duma, related to the transportation and storage of meat products. But here Dmitry's career did not go well, he left the structure of the Duma and went to work for another large businessman - the owner of the developer "Vedis group" Sergey Bobkov. At first, but took the unenviable role - management of enterprises, captured by the raider and who was destined to be ruined.

"Vedis-group" became famous in the construction market that in the mid-2000s built houses mainly on the lands of enterprises seized by raiders. According to the Main providers of such enterprises for "Vedis" was the company "rosbilding" and "Sea river shipping company" the novel of Trotsenko - the leaders of hostile deals. As a result, first Dmitry Starostin was appointed General Director of JSC "First Khladokombinat", then General Director of "Avtokombinat №35". Both were taken over by raiders, sold to Vedis, and houses were built on their land.

Unlike the complex oil industry, in his new career Starostin felt like a "fish in water". By 2006, he was Vice-President of Vedis group. But it did not last long.

Starostin was authorized by the owners to negotiate the purchase of the Sea river shipping company in the area of the southern port. However, Dmitry suspected that he colluded with the seller and acts against "Vedis". He was put out on the street. And shelter Dmitry agreed Roman Trotsenko. In 2007 he appointed Starostin Deputy General Director of LLC "Transport and industrial group Sea river shipping company". Since Starostin faithfully serves Trotsenko, working in dozens of its structures, including AEON Corporation. And Starostin fell in love with the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, who likes to personally give him various Moscow awards. 

To be continued

Roman Trushkin