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In November 2016, Intel suffered a significant loss - it left the regional director Dmitry Konash, who worked for more than 10 years as the top manager of the Russian branch. Konash modestly resigned, saying that he intended to "switch to other projects that he planned to develop outside Intel." After this dismissal, the management of the computer corporation began a thorough staff shake-up of top management. After Konash, his European boss Christian Morales, who was considered Dmitry's patron, left his post suspiciously fast. The farewell letter of the European boss (internal letter to Intel) is available to Morales became famous for the fact that in 2009 the European Commission fined Intel $ 1.45 billion for unfair competition, which was actively developed by a dishonest high-ranking manager. Dmitry Konash also can become famous and even stay in the history of Intel, as a top manager who stole the corporation in the most.

Now Konash promotes a healthy lifestyle and writes books, one of which is called "Save and increase. How to manage savings with competence and profit ". In the book is not specified - their own or others. But it is known that for 10 years Dmitry so "successfully" managed the finances of Intel in Russia, that the corporation preferred to quietly get rid of a smart manager, so that his revealed machinations did not put the leadership in full fools. As far as we know, Intel is now conducting an internal investigation to find out how deep corruption has infiltrated the company's higher echelons. Public scandal, most likely, will not be, the computer corporation tries to establish the possibilities of the theft and the connection between the participants of internal large-scale theft, in particular, between Morales and Konash.

About a similar situation - in Lenovo- already told. We became aware of the facts of illegal enrichment of the former vice-president of Lenovo, Gleb Mishin, who "earned" a good many times overestimating the marketing budgets allocated to Russia. The difference in tens of millions of dollars between the real cost of marketing services and the inflated Mishin, he not only put in his own pocket, but shared with his European boss Gianfranco Lanci. In the spring of 2017 Gleb Mishin was dismissed from Lenova. However, the criminal tandem immediately got a good start - Lanci helped appoint Mishin CEO of the company Candy Hoover in Russia, where Gleb began to "drag" his team to develop funds of global corporations.

In May 2015, Intel Corporation experienced a loud scandal because of the large anonymous letter sent by Intel employees to the top management of the corporation. In the letter, the employees express dissatisfaction with the company's personnel policy and directly indicate the corruption of top management. The main person involved in the message is Dmitry Konash, who is accused of stealing financial assets of the Russian representation of Intel.

Dmitry Konash did not come up with anything new, he acted according to the recipes of Gleb Mishin from Lenovo. It was established that "Amiprint Publishing House" LLC had been the main marketing and advertising agency of Intel in Russia for a long time. In some cases, it performed even the functions of a financial settlement center - the Russian branch of Intel entrusted Amiprint settlements with other legal entities. Thus, millions of US dollars passed through the publishing house to the computer corporation.

When in 2005 Dmitry Konash was appointed director of the Intel representative office in Russia, Vadim Vasiliev, one of the co-owners of Amiprint, immediately resigned from the company. Obviously, he tried to eliminate the "conflict of interest", masking his participation in the profitable alliance between Intel and the publishing house. But, despite Vasiliev's departure, Amiprint's cooperation with the IT giant continued successfully with the full support of Konash. Vasiliev also continued to control Amipeprint and its affiliated companies. In 2012 - 2014, "Publishing House" Amiprint "LLC is gradually ceasing to be the main supplier of marketing and other services for Intel in Russia. Bread place is taken by LLC "Marketing Center", which, as it turned out, is part of the group "Amiprint". That is, in fact, nothing has changed and Amiprint stayed at the feeder, but his financial machinations with Intel assets were already so lit up that it was necessary to hide "the ends in the water" urgently.

In 2014 OOO "Publishing House" Amiprint "" announced its bankruptcy. Due to the fact that Intel's funds were stuck there, the corporation lodges a claim against Amiprint in the Arbitration Court of Moscow (case No. A 40-6956 / 14) for $ 1.5 million. The most interesting thing is that the powerful computer corporation lost the court, allegedly because of specific financial requirements in the Russian Federation - claims for payments to third parties from Intel agents abroad, including offshore financial transactions, were found to be illegal. The trial clearly showed the poor system of monitoring Intel's financial flows in Russia. Legal support of the economic activities of the manufacturer of the best computer processors in the world was also poorly organized. However, it is worth noting that these processes were organized by the team of Dmitry Konash, with the prospect of organizing financial frauds. This enabled Dmitry Konash to direct financial flows to the "right" channel, illegally appropriating millions of dollars. According to reports, the bankruptcy of Amiprint was fictitious and was the result of collusion in order to conceal the long-term theft in the Russian representation of Intel. Amiprint's artificial indebtedness to the IT company because of the denial of the claim was quietly taken over by OOO "Amiprint Publishing House" (according to unofficial estimates it was 7.5-15 million US dollars).

It should also be added that the similarity of the career of Dmitry Konash and Gleb Mishin, as well as the similarity of their relationship with the patrons Cristiano Morales and Gianfranco Lanci, also have their roots in the long-standing friendship between Dmitry and Gleb. But not only a strong male friendship connected these top managers, they are linked and business relations, and joint machinations in the cooperation of Intel and Acer, Intel and Lenovo. The case, for example, is that Intel regularly allocates large sums of money for joint events with Acer and Lenovo, and Konash and Mishin, acting through their employees, mastered these funds in such a way that they fell into their pockets. Here it is worth mentioning the dismissal in December 2016 of Anna Bogomaz, marketing director of Lenovo in Russia, employee Gleb Mishin and his mistress. The reason for the dismissal of Anna from Lenovo was the story of the appropriation of the money allocated by Intel to the joint events of Intel and Lenovo, which, with the help of Gleb Mishin's agency, 1marketing and the Konash agency, Marketing Center Ltd., were pushed into the pockets of quick managers. But not only the general schemes for assigning marketing money through overstatement of prices or non-performance of works, link Gleb and Dmitry, they both used schemes of "injecting" money or delivering large quantities of products to friendly companies before their planned bankruptcy. The investigation continues, about specific schemes and names of former and current employees of Intel, Lenovo and Acer will tell in the following articles.

Many of these facts were revealed by the public organization "Rabkrin", which brought them to the top leadership of Intel and Lenovo.

Source: Rucriminal