Lawyer Eduard Gladilin was detained in Moscow last night. The event took place in the framework of the case of the alleged abduction of the 16-year-old son of lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik, who is a witness in the case of the gang of Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako). Gladilin was already detained shortly after the kidnapping of the young man this summer. Initially it was suspected that he was acting in Jaco's best interests. However, later the investigation began to lean towards the version that a staging took place and Eduard was released. Now the law enforcement officers have again returned to the version that Gladili could have organized an attack on the young man in order to intimidate his father Konstantin Skrypnik. True, this time the investigators are leading to the fact that Gladilin could act at the request of the co-owners of the BFG-Bank Yuri Glotser and Yevgeny Mafitsr. Konstantin Skrypnik represented the interests of their opponents. has at its disposal a statement that Gladilin recently handed over to the investigator. In it, he describes the situation, says that Skrypnik represented the interests of Jaco's wife Guzal Mustafakulova in Austria, and there she was accused of fraud in the amount of 400 thousand euros. And in connection with the "showdown" around the BFG-Bank (more than 60 billion rubles were stolen from it), the names of the authoritative businessman Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov and the widow of the mafia Mark Milgotin are heard. We publish excerpts from the statement.

Your actions are motivated by the unlawful actions of Konstantin Vladimirovich Skrypnik, accused of committing a criminal offense in criminal case No. 11601450500000731. in relation to a group of persons on the fact of the theft of the Aquarius shopping center, which is under the investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the SEAD of Moscow, investigator Boyev OD The criminal case has been under investigation since 2016. R.D. Gagoev was convicted in the criminal case and served his sentence, who, according to K. Skrypnik, is a member of the Gagiev Gang. In this case, there is information that K.V. Skrypnik staged a crime under paragraph "d" of Part 2 of Art. 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, in order to avoid criminal liability and change your procedural status in a criminal case, including obtaining state protection and creating the appearance of legal grounds for a transaction with the right to a monetary claim against LLC YURGA LTD ...

I know that K.V. Skrypnik carried out in Austria the protection of the interests of Guzal Mustafakulova (wife of Aslan Gagiev), who on Skrypnik K.V. in Austria, a fraudulent theft of funds was filed in the amount of 400,000 euros. Skrypnik K.V. sent me messages on my phone with threats for wiretapping, which allegedly went to his son in Austria. However, it became known from Skrypnik that his son had never been to Austria.

The actions are aimed at preventing the exposure of K.V. Skrypnik in a criminal offense. and other persons related to the organized criminal group CENTER - GUARANTEE LLC and BFG-CREDIT bank. The activities of which were associated with the criminal confiscation of apartments from single persons, theft of funds by “black realtors” and separate organizations of the Bank's structure, which identified victims.

A criminal case was initiated at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow city. I also inform you that the decision of Judge A.AND. Shamova, which entered into legal force. The Nagatinsky District Court in civil case No. 2-173 \ 18 established: “when considering civil case No. 2-770 / 16 near the building of the Gudermes City Court, the officers of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow were resisted by a group of unknown persons about 15 people; these persons directed weapons at the law enforcement officers and warned that they were ready to open fire to kill if the participant in the case was detained or examined (Privalov, a friend of Skrypnik), as a result of which the investigative group was urgently evacuated to a military base. Participants in the case: plaintiffs: Gagoev R.D., Zhuravleva Y.S., Skrypnik K.V., Chumanov A.V .; Defendants: G. Privalov, Yurga LTD.

Skrypnik Konstantin Vladimirovich is a lawyer of the city of Moscow and the chairman of the Bar Association "Vector Prava". In addition, the advocates of the Bar Association are A.L. Akhmylov (registration number 77/11939), R.R. Orekhov. Gagoev R.D., Skuzovatov M.I., Myshlyavkin

Skrypnik K.V. being a lawyer, represents the interests of Khmelevskaya Natalia Leonidovna and Khoroshilova T.D. From the bankruptcy case (Case No. A40-181599 / 18-30-197B) Center - Garantia LLC follows: the amount of claims: KB BFG-Credit 6 183 974 772.98 rubles; a claim was made to declare transactions invalid, including contracts of purchase and sale of apartments by L.A. Savosina, N.I. Tmasheva, E.V. Samoilenko, N.A.Smirnov, K.I.Samoshchenko, S.P. Platoshkin, Sitnikov R.N. In addition, Skrypnik was a lawyer for Ekaterina Milgotina (Mark Milgotin's wife, crime boss) Tokhtakhunov Alimzhan (Taiwanchik, leader of the attack environment) and represents all individuals - creditors of BFG-Bank.

According to the written notification of the prosecutor's office for the city of Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region dated 07.28.2020 No. 730 -2020, in The investigative body is currently undergoing criminal case No. 12002460038000024, initiated on 06.06.2020 on the grounds of a crime under part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, on the suspicion of A.A. Kondrin. in the abduction of the minor Skrypnik E.K. From the interrogation it follows that A.A. Kondrin directly indicated that he received funds from K.V. Skrypnik, as a result of which a false denunciation was made against me, and my personal rights and legitimate interests were violated. No criminal case was initiated against me, the measures of procedural compulsion were canceled. I did not commit any illegal actions entailing criminal, administrative and other liability. I was not a participant in the events you are investigating, I have no information on them. 06/05/2020 was in the Butyrsky court of Moscow in connection with the implementation of professional activities .... ".

To be continued

Arseny Dronov