In Spain, the case of extradition to Russia famous architect Nana Hernandez-Getashvili. She is suspected of fraud against customers. And these clients Oh what difficult — the head of "Rostec" Sergey Chemezov and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova.  The architect had to make the interiors for the giant mansion of a high-ranking couple. Moreover, decor items worth 9 million euros were purchased exclusively in Italy. As a result of cooperation, both sides considered themselves deceived. Clearly, Chemezov and his wife won. Affects the scale of the works, including a mahogany and sandalwood. And mats for dogs Chemezov and Ignatova must were be from known Italian designers. publishes the description of this whole situation through the eyes of the beholder.

 Ekaterina Ignatova is positioning itself as a highly successful businesswoman. However, all her achievements in business and banking occurred after rapprochement with Sergey Chemezov. But this, as they say, is another story. A few years ago, the couple decided to build another mansion. It is worth noting that Chemezov and Ignatov have enough real estate in the suburbs. For example, they own a beautiful piece of land with a river running along it in the village of Akulinino. It is a beautiful and large cottage, but it is no different from houses of other inhabitants of rublevki. In Zhukovka was to appear a huge Palace with exclusive exterior and interior decoration. According to, Ekaterina Ignatova decided to take the management of works in the hands. As a Builder she chose, OOO "TVT RUS". The choice, of course, was somewhat strange. This company has not previously been seen in the construction of exclusive houses, mainly built swimming pools, and its main activity is generally stated "production of sinks, sinks, baths." However, the decisive role in the selection of the contractor was played by the fact that Catherine has long been friends with the owner of "TVT RUS" Semyon Goldenberg. The company was offered luxurious working conditions - 7% of the cost of materials. It is easy to calculate that Goldenberg had to get for the work of about $1.5 million.

    At first, the cooperation went well. However, this did not last long - while the work was led by a professional architect invited from outside. Then Ignatova decided that it is spent on the architect is no longer necessary and refused his services.

    Further "TVT RUS" already acted exclusively independently under the control of Ekaterina Ignatova. This company as a subcontractor for the construction of the roof attracted LLC "Pacific Story". Also a strange choice, as this company mainly specialized in the construction of domes for churches. Part of the work performed by other subcontractor - JSC NPP "of Adigea".

    When the construction of the house was nearing completion, it is time to think about the exterior and interior decoration. Here Ignatova did not change herself and turned to an old friend - architect Nana Hernandez-Getashvili. The latter has been doing interior decoration for private residences of many of the inhabitants of the ruble, was accepted in their homes and knew many secrets. For example, someone who is unfaithful. In short, man proven. Hernandez-Getashvili designed rooms, halls, swimming pool, offices, etc. mansion with all the decorations (sketches in the photo). As a result, Ignatova and Chemezov were billed 8.5 million euros. Which is not surprising. High-ranking spouses wanted to have mats for dogs and curtains from famous Italian designers, they needed mosaic floors, part of the walls of Italian marble, the other part and ceilings of panels of precious wood, doors - sandalwood and mahogany, etc.

 Ignatov and Chemezov gave Hernandez-Getashvili the requested amount in cash. As a result, interiors were purchased in Italy, delivered to Russia by 30 trucks and shipped to one of the warehouses of the Presidential administration. It is time to move on to the exterior and interior decoration. But that's where the problem arose.   Hernandez-Getashvili insisted that the house is not ready for finishing.

                  Here's how this story is described one of the witnesses: "Chemezov's House was already basically built when Nana and Chemezov started talking about the possible participation of Nana in bringing it to mind.

There are two types of supervision – (1) design, i.e. compliance with the developed design project. His Nana and led as an architect of the interior. This control over the size of the premises, the position of the rooms, the compliance of the design elements of the project.

And there is (2) construction supervision (engineering). His lead gap and the ISU construction. Nana did not participate in this control.

To administer the construction, Nana offered to hire the company "Metropol", but the owners refused.

Carrying out design control, she stated the constant unavailability of the object for finishing. The house did not go beyond rough work. But only after the finishing stage did Nana have to take the house completely into her own hands. Nan said that in 1 year this job was to cope, for objective reasons, but her owners didn't believe. Expertise the owners do not want to overpay.

So, in 4 years after the beginning of construction of the house in the pool there were no necessary communications and all the rest didn't maintain any criticism.

A huge house with an area of more than 4 thousand m2 was not built on the project of Nana. Ceilings in the living room 6-8 m, on other floors – 4,5 – 5 m. – everything had to be finished in Palace style and covered with wooden panels, including ceilings.  Inlaid floors, marble mosaic, doors made of sandalwood and mahogany, Italian marble, furniture, plumbing and curtains from Italy.

The owners were dissatisfied with the project from the very beginning. The architect (not NASU) was asked to perform only the first stage of the project (apparently in order to save), then – construction "from the sheet", without construction documentation and preliminary estimates. The construction was carried out by the organization, the owner of which was in friendly relations with Ignatova – LLC "TVT-RUS". He took 7% of the cost of materials. The result was a building with walls a meter thick, with an overlap more powerful than in the bunker. Every engineer or Builder who saw this building was horrified by the unreasonableness of the structures and the absurdity of the building as a whole. The roof was made crooked and between it and the outer wall there was an opening, where for several years merged precipitation. Wet walls are not allowed to make the finish. It was necessary to break all the outer layers of the walls, dry and put again. This is, in fact, a new construction. There were big problems with communications. When Catherine and her husband Sergei Chemezov realized that the house is very bad, they began to present OOO "TVT RUS".  Katya insisted that Nana not voice the list of problems in front of Sergei.  In September 2013, Nana was offered to take over the entire construction site. But she refused, since the contract specified a term of 1 year. Except without carrying out examination she didn't want to accept building from TVT RUS. Then the owners decided to give the construction in the hands of the company, which has already made them an object in Akulinino. (Area in Akulinin phenomenal, river, but with the normal finish, which many in the ruble). But the leaders of this company after getting acquainted with the situation in a conversation with me expressed the opinion that the house is easier to blow up and in its place to build a new one. Sergei Chemezov lost his temper when he visited this construction site. Conflict began."

 Then the story is banal. ATC CAO filed a case against the architect, she went on the run. Nana Hernandez-Getashvili was detained in Spain and released under the analogue of the Russian recognizance not to leave. Now in Spain, decide on her extradition.

 To be continued

Timothy Zabiyakin