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The trick with the fashion designer Misikov gangster syndicate Shakro was doing is not something that many times - say, almost half of the places of entertainment in the heart of the capital settled in "designers" king of the criminal world. Here is a business - Klondike!

Kingpin Zachary Kalashova - Shakro Yezidi (photo) will be judged for the organization of a criminal community. In a rare and almost no operating part 4 of article 210 of the Criminal Code. Law enforcers do not like this article - to condemn the crime boss as the organizer of a criminal syndicate troublesome. The easiest way would be to condemn Shakro for extortion - as intended to the police, but the FSB decided, as they say, put the squeeze on this resonant case and "unwind" Kalashova to the fullest. At the time of the conclusion Shakro detention "organized criminal group", led by "authority", as it consisted of himself - the other names in the criminal case has not been found (there appeared some "unidentified persons").

And on the face accomplices Shakro finally stood out last week. Among them - criminals Eduard Romanov and Andrei Kochuykov by Italian stud, a former employee GUBOP Eugene Surzhikov and - where the same without women ?! - Designer Fatima Misikov and its "creative team" in the amount of three people.

Investigators searched for a designer and found the charred ... chock.

With Misikov and began adversity Shakro: somehow familiar lady complained to him that her zakazchitsa, the owner of the institution "Elements" (the first Korean restaurant in Moscow!) Jeanne Kim underpaid her 8 million rubles for the interior design. Frankly, the interior of the institution and the truth is that to pay for it 8 million - extortion of clean water. And Misikov seem guessed it - why, say below. But the money she wanted, and because removing sent a team of Italians.

But Shakro underestimated Joan Kim from her on the arrow too was an experienced negotiator - a former intelligence officer Edward Budantsev with premium "trunk." Having missed a couple of times in the face of charges The Italian - to look not to attack, but the victim was a correct calculation of thin - Budantsev shot all honest company, putting dead two "lads". If there had been no on-site dismantling Budantsev, and someone else is not associated with the secret services - who knows what would have ended the story. But it ended up that way - Shakro and his accomplices "tied".

Mated almost everyone. Also ... Misikov! Investigators were looking for "a successful designer" from fashionable office Mishikatti Architectural Design, and found the charred ... chock. Misikov relatives insisted that it was the corpse of Fatima. And almost convinced the investigators. But suddenly alive and healthy Misikov "draw" in Paris, confusing his inconsolable relatives of all the cards.

Why is she running? The law enforcement agencies have hinted, saying, judge for yourself, well, who will pay the designer eatery eight "Lyamov", even if he himself Raymond Loewy? The scheme seems to have had the bandits were sent restaurateur, to open a new tavern, his protégé. Meet the designer is good, fashionable. Since you eight "Lyamov" goodbye. Most restaurateurs Shakro regularly paid for "design", and only Kim refused.

Oh, and for a long moment passed as a law enforcement Misikov podelnitsa, but in the TSO it is not included. We included when it clear that the maiden name of the 40-year-old ladies - Tuaeva and her dad called Taymuraz. Just recently, his full namesake (namesake it?) Tried for extortion and robbery in Olenegorsk. It seems to have given 13 years. Believe me, random people in the "system" Shakro never appeared!

Now we wait, if we will give Misikov France (there is, however, not Misikov not even Tuaeva and Goldberg - so many names from the ladies!). If you will give, there is a chance to clarify a lot of similar stories: the trick with fashion designer OPS Shakro doing is not something that many times - say, almost half of the places of entertainment in the heart of the capital settled in "designers" criminal authority. Here is a business - Klondike!

By the way, according to "our version", law enforcement officers have not checked-related Misikov Goldberg fashionable Bureau Mishikatti Architectural Design. And there, they say, these "creative design" with links and do not count. Oh yes, and one more coincidence, of course, accidental. Last Shakro law wife Marina, who lives in Dubai, - do not believe it ... Goldberg! Federal Treasury Department of the United States included in its list of members of a transnational criminal group 'Brothers' Circle ".

TEMBR bank associated with Shakro through Alexander Young and Tamara Remezova Horoshilova. Past guests Leps will not slip.

And you know who else, presumably because there is a consequence, "work through" the law enforcement agencies in connection with the case Shakro and OPS? Once again, do not believe it - Gregory Lepsveridze. Yes, the same. Singer Leps. Three years ago, US intelligence agencies "fit" it into the "Brothers' Circle", but then the singer has denied everything, and Russian law enforcement agencies have no 'Brothers' Circle "is not recognized. Now, in connection with the promotion of business Shakro and feeding it as a ringleader of the OPS by prominent persons Leps slip them already hardly it will be possible. No less fascinating is going to be the appearance of the members of the criminal community Kalashova former employee GUBOP Ministry of Internal Affairs Eugene Surzhikova. He certainly did not Leps - not as recognizable, but the scandalous case Shakro can add easily. The fact that Surzhikov in the "past life" is not just served in law enforcement, and it is specialized in the fight with the thief in law Zachariah Kalashov and '' brother. '

Shakro - with the help of corrupt law enforcement - "figured out" of one's professional duty was to "mouth" of his person, and ... bought the Surzhikova. In June, former policeman arrested on charges of extortion on a large part of a group, but, until recently, law enforcement officers are not particularly interested in his testimony. But now Surzhikova try to find out whether Shakro out to other law enforcement agencies engaged, so to speak, by him personally, and that was as a result of these people. Criminal proceedings and promises other surprises. We're now watching him with interest - and advise you.

Alleged accomplice "kingpin" Shakro Young fled abroad. Podelnitsu by Goldberg surname arrested in absentia and declared wanted, RIA "Novosti".

The woman had previously been included in the Ministry of Justice of the United States blacklisted the financiers belonging to criminal groups. Other information about it there.

July 11 in Moscow for one month arrested kingpin Zachary Kalashova, nicknamed Shakro Young. Russian President Administration obsessed with crime bosses, to detain criminals Kalashova second CSS service FSB were thrown GUUR, CSO for Moscow with the operational support of 60 SWAT officers. Such large-scale operations in this country not seen since the bloody 90. Shakro detained on a high-profile case, while two people were killed in a shootout in shootout Elements Rodchelskoy cafe on a street in Moscow in December 2015, 7 more were hospitalized.

However, as we learned from reliable sources in law enforcement, every effort security forces can be reduced to zero. In the case of crime boss interrupted his friend, the former "solntsevky" and now respected businessman and billionaire Andrei Skoch (photo). Article "extortion" and "hooliganism" reclassified to the article "arbitrariness" on which do not provide real imprisonment. It is necessary to guess how much cost the billionaire service sales staff in the investigative committee. According to the source, in fact so many arrogant "protection racket" criminal authority launched a special operation of the FSB control its own security. In the near future, most likely, will be the new detention "werewolves in epaulets" who worked for Shakro. Tough response of power structures - the answer to blatant and brazen corruption of the investigative bodies, the leading business Kalashova.


Andrei Skoch, an Israeli citizen, solntsevky authority, the richest member of the State Duma, business partner Alisher Usmanov. His fortune is estimated at $ 7.9 billion. He is co-owner of CJSC "Gazmetall", "Metalloinvest" (owner - father Vladimir Skoch entrepreneur), President of the International Fund "Generation". In the distant 90th Skoch, in the criminal world known by the nickname Scotch, he started his business with the arms trade. (09/11/2016, Ossetian radio and television)

Source: Rucriminal