The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) positions itself as the world's second most influential after the American NHL. And in Europe it is beyond competition. Only here in the most "old lady" on the KHL begin to look at all with great surprise and suspicion. In the opinion of, literally every month the league is increasingly turning from an international business league to a league of billionaires Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko. And it happens by the efforts of the "youngest" - Roman Rotenberg. He got control, not only most of the "levers" of the KHL itself, but also a significant part of the teams. It got to the point that Roman Borisovich began to determine the transfers to the KHL. As you might suspect, soon it will come to determining his champion.

The list of positions of Roman Borisovich Rotenberg is extremely impressive. All of them together tried to collect He looks like this: the head of the staff of the Russian national hockey team, including the analytical and statistical departments; First Vice-President of the Russian Hockey Federation; vice-president of Gazprombank; Member of the Board of Directors, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Continental Hockey League; Member of the Board of Directors, Vice President of the SKA Ice Hockey Club; the founder of the company "Vitawin" and a number of companies that provide services in the field of sports marketing, media, sports equipment; owner of the Finnish stadium Hartwall Arena; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the management company Arena Events; consultant on external communications of Gazprom Export.

However, all these "regalia" can be omitted, calling only the closest relatives of Roman. They are the basis of his wealth and position. His father, Boris Romanovich Rotenberg, one of the richest people in Russia, co-owner of "SMP Bank" and many more assets. And Uncle Roman, Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg, a recognized billionaire and at the same time chairman of the Board of the Russian Hockey Federation. Rotenberg has a longtime friend and business partner, Gennady Timchenko. He is the chairman of the board of directors of the Continental Hockey League and the president of the SKA hockey club.

As a result, in the KHL recently there have been cases that cause a very negative reaction in Europe. For example, such headlines in the media: "The use of Roman Rotenberg's power in the KHL is a new case of" an annoying example. " Further, a number of European newspapers, including the influential Finnish, describe the story of how Roman Rothenberg, using his influence, organized the transition of the star of the Kunlun Club (Beijing) Magnus Hellberg to his favorite SKA. Readers of will also certainly be interested in learning the details of this story. Hellberg only recently signed a contract with "Kunlun", he became the main star of the club and "Kunlun" was counting on him very much. But Roman Rotenberg did not care. He took what he wanted.

It was announced that in exchange for Hellberg's transfer to SKA "Kunlun" will receive monetary compensation. Her sum was not disclosed. In contrast to NHL, in the KHL almost all transfers are not transparent. This is understandable. Such opacity is not at all in order not to "frighten" Russians and Europeans with huge sums. According to, it is made to hide the frank facts of the intervention of Roman Rotenberg-representative Boris and Arkady Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko-in the activities of the clubs participating in the KHL. When it comes to the interests of Roman Rothenberg, usually the transfer amount turns into a ridiculous formality. There have been cases when players with big names moved to the clubs indicated by Roman Rothenberg, for ridiculous amounts of 20-80 euros.

Rothenberg needs Hellberg. And when he wants something in the KHL, nobody says no to him. What could the general manager of Kunlun do? It's okay if he wants to stay in this business. He had to agree.

Why are such things possible? Yes, everything is simple. Gennady Timchenko, who is president of SKA and chairman of the board of directors of the KHL, also owns large shares in the Finnish "Yokerite" and the Chinese "Kunlun". In addition to these clubs in the "Rotenberg Division" can include: "Spartacus", Riga "Dynamo", HC "Sochi", "Medvechchak", "Hero". All these clubs have a huge influence (primarily financial) the Rothenberg-Timchenko clan, which in the hockey is represented by Roman Rotenberg.


It is not surprising that the Hellberg transition in the European media is called yet another "irritating example of how this authoritarian league - the KHL" works.


"The power of 37-year-old Roman Rotenberg in the KHL is based on the fact that the gas giant Gazprom finances the KHL and owns the SKA.

Rotenberg is the vice-president of Gazprombank.

All this is still based on the fact that Roman's father Boris Rotenberg and uncle Arkady Rotenberg, as well as their business partner Gennady Timchenko, are connected with the Russian state company, "writes

Moreover, the similar impunity of Roman Rotenberg, the full feeling that he is "the owner of the KHL", is increasing every year. So, like that, during the SKA-Locomotive Rothenberg series

in the third period came to the bench of SKA. The presence of functionaries on the bench is contrary to the regulations of the KHL, as Rotenberg was not included in the number of officials in the application for the game. However, he got away with everything.

"In the KHL-Rothenberg everywhere," European journalists believe.

According, a good idea with the creation of one of the strongest in Europe (with the prospect of Asia) hockey leagues, was completely spoiled by Roman Rothenberg. He was entrusted with an important international project of Russia. On this project go huge, by and large, state money. And they are designed to make the league more international, so that clubs from different countries feel confident financially. One could only rejoice at the victories (and maybe even the championship, who knows, if you remember the success in the NHL of the "dark horse" "Washington Capitals" with Alexander Ovechkin) of the same "Kunlun". But Roman Rotenberg increasingly turns the KHL into his own "toy". "What I want, I do, and do not care about opinions in Europe and the world." The main thing is that your favorite SKA should win and become a champion. As a result, a whole group of KHL clubs, including the illustrious Finnish "Jokerite", by the efforts of Roman Rotenberg, were turned into "piano pods" for the "maestro", beloved by Rothenberg and Timchenko, called SKA. Seven teams (the same "Rotenberg Division") do everything to SKA won. For this, the KHL started and huge amounts of money are spent on it?


Tomasz Wisniewski