One of the most discussed trials of this year was the case of Terminal Service, a company owned by Alexander Klinovsky, a United Russia deputy from the Tver region. In the bankruptcy of Terminal Service, Moscow courts uncovered a cash-out scheme through gas stations, including Tvernefteprodukt (a subsidiary of Surgutneftegaz), a company headed by Klinovsky for almost 20 years.

Klinovsky, who controlled Tvernefteprodukt and Terminal Service, drew documents on the supply of fuel, using gas stations of the Surgutneftegaz brand for cashing out and underfilling. Over the years of practice, Klinovsky acquired the title of the richest deputy of the Tver region.

We began to take a closer look at the history of Terminal Service and found that, in order to cover up his ownership of assets, Klinovsky introduced two of his trustees, Boris Chvertkin and Alexander Shevchuk, to the company's founders. Both, by a happy coincidence, are Ukrainian citizens with extensive business connections with the Kyiv establishment. After the courts uncovered the scheme, Chvertkin and Shevchuk fled to Ukraine, not having time to cover up the traces of their activities.

“Terminal Service” itself, at the suggestion of Chvertkin and Shevchuk, was engaged in the legalization of money from the Ukrainian company “On Line Card Data Center”, from which “Terminal Service” received more than 600 million rubles. This money was then cashed out through Tvernefteprodukt and was used to reward officials with whom Klinovsky managed to “establish” contact. "Fees" from Klinovsky, for example, were received by members of the board of directors of Surgutneftegaz Georgy Voronin, deputies from United Russia - Anton Sekerzhitsky and Stanislav Petrushenko.

Trying to justify himself to United Russia officials for his violent activities, Klinovsky, together with Tvernefteprodukt, decided to go the traditional way - to blame the common people for everything - the affected creditors at the hands of Terminal Service, who, according to the "people's choice", orchestrated the courts for ordered by Western intelligence agencies.

However, apart from the very absurdity of Tvernefteprodukt's statements, there was only one miscalculation of the company and the "people's choice". They accused the creditor "RKK Capital" of working for British intelligence, whose general director is Kurmaev Musya Bulatovich - a well-known and respected in military circles colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, a veteran of the Afghan war, who has combat wounds and the Order "For Service to the Motherland" .

Klinovsky's years of efforts to bribe officials and Russian top managers were not in vain. Tvernefteprodukt has become a breeding ground for fraudsters and corrupt officials. In 2021, Tvernefteprodukt thundered into a scandal over the embezzlement of 3.5 billion budget funds of the Federal Reserve. Then Tvernefteprodukt presented to officials a technology for improving a diesel engine, which in fact never existed. Rosrezerv officials received terms, and Klinovsky got away with it.

Now there is a scandal with Klinovsky's company "Terminal Service", which turned out for the deputy only by the decision of "Surgutneftegaz" to dismiss him from his post.

To implement Tvernefteprodukt's plans, the Asnis and Partners bar association was hired to evade liability, which are publicly known as "Chubais's lawyers" because of the scandal over the embezzlement of 200 million Rosnano through lawyers. Kira Koruma, a lawyer from this firm, according to sources, having created the appearance of vigorous activity with the involvement of many law firms to help and promising to “resolve the issue” in the judges’ offices, put up Tvernefteproduct for the same amount that the company would have paid simply by executing the court decision . In general, the classic "budget vampire" Kira Korum enriches himself under the guise of legal services.

Now Tvernefteprodukt, together with the “Chubais lawyer” Kira Koruma, says that the case against them was staged in 2022 by the creditors-owners of Terminal Service. But in fact, it is enough to look at the case to see the beginning of the bankruptcy of Terminal Service in 2018, the acquisition of the share of Terminal Service by the creditor RCC Capital at an open auction in 2022, while the courts invalidated the transactions of Klinovsky’s company back in 2021 . This is despite the fact that the sale of a share at an open auction means that its acquisition is connected with the intention to restore the work of a bankrupt, return laid-off workers, pay off the company's debts, and not with some kind of agreement.

A few months later, Klinovsky's trustee Leonid Yaryshev, the general director of Terminal Service, sued the share in his favor. Tvernefteprodukt itself actively participated in the return of the Terminal Service share to Klinovsky, even spending a lot of money on working with Moscow judges Ayuna Tsydypova (Moscow Arbitration Court) and Svetlana Ovchinnikova (Moscow appeal).

It turns out that Klinovsky, together with Koruma, want to transfer money from one pocket again in the other, but one of the pockets - "Tvernefteprodukt" - loudly shouts "guard, they are robbing!", Knowing perfectly well who the money will actually go to.

Lured for years, officials and functionaries of Surgutneftegaz helped Klinovsky avoid responsibility. An important role here was played by his mother, Taisiya Klinovskaya, who stood at the origins of Surgutneftegaz and is a shareholder of the company. Surgutneftegaz publicly fired Klinovsky, and people who were not publicly close to Klinovsky agreed that they would traditionally hush up the conflict - they would initiate a criminal case against creditors in their native Surgut.

According to our information, the received orders to initiate criminal cases to eliminate procedural opponents became the basis for taking measures against employees of the authorities.

After all these interweavings, it becomes clear why Surgutneftegaz, instead of forcing Klinovsky to pay his debts, takes all the debts of Klinovsky and his Ukrainian partners, loudly declaring possible bankruptcy. It turns out that if the scam of Klinovsky and Koruma succeeds, then the Tver region may indeed lose Tvernefteprodukt gas stations just for the sake of Klinovsky retaining his status as the richest official in the region.

It seems to us that the time has come to purge Russian strategic companies of such elements and prevent collusion between Klinovsky and Tvernefteprodukt.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov