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State Duma deputy for Pervouralsk district Zelimkhan Mutsoev clearly upset when on YouTube there are several movies with his participation. Any public figure usually glad excess PR, but not in this case: Zelimkhan Mutsoev "lit up" at the birthday party "kingpin" Rudolf Oganov in December 1997. Footage shows that the situation is friendly, relaxed, people celebrate the birthday of "distinguished person" Mutsoev sits on the place of honor, smiling. Four out of five of its neighbors on the table: Givi Gordeladze, brothers and Mamuka Mikeladze Jams and Romik Jafarov is currently applicable "thieves in law". Immediately evident that Mutsoev is among the "friends", although each of these "friends" are plump dossier to the Russian Interior Ministry bodies, Georgia and Armenia. At gatherings of thieves and criminals holidays are no random people, photo and video shooting usually does not extend beyond the narrow circle of participants - not everyone wants to "light up" in such a company, and many people simply are afraid to show their faces, as are wanted.

Not afraid of anything only singer Luba Assumption, which serves the criminals from Brighton Beach to Moscow, and from Magadan up Mytishchi. On the rollers with Mutsoeva Luba obviously in shock, singing, laughing, her mouth had not yet received the clown sizes, as they are now - we must not forget that the 1997 survey. The party is a comedian Karen Avanesyan, associate Yevgeny Petrosyan. The comedian also "not zapadlo" glow among thieves - he works for the money with any audience. And, here Zelimkhan Mutsoev likely then be sorry for the presence at the birthday party. In just two years, in 1999 it will become a deputy of the State Duma of Russia, which remains to this day by participating in the activities of III, IV, V VI convocations. However, during his stay in Mutsoev politics has replaced the three parties - "People's Deputy", "People's Party" and "United Russia", but all three - the pro-presidential. He voted "correctly" even in the case where this could affect the relationship with the electorate: a single-seat, he voted for the importation of radioactive waste into the territory of Russia.

But it will be then. And now, on the rollers 1997, Mutsoev simply drink in the circle of crime bosses, which, most likely, and helped humble tsehoviki 80, traded homemade jackets, become the owner of the state of $ 1.5 billion, the owner of a network of hypermarkets "June", real estate companies CC "Regions" and enter the Forbes list: in the world ranking is in the top Mutsoev "thousands" of billionaires, and Russia for many years held the first "hundred" (number 86 for 2016). "Thieves Brotherhood" - a very stable and strong structure, good control of their financial flows. Importantly, do not forget to share with the tip - then support is always provided.

Birthday boy, the main character of "uncomfortable" videos, Rudolf Oganov, who is also Rudik Baku, was shot in February 1999 in the cafe "World". According to some reports, he organized a failed assassination attempt in Sochi on the other "authority" - Ded Hasan, for which he was punished. By the way, and the late grandfather Hassan and State Duma deputy Zelimkhan Mutsoev are ethnic Kurds. This small nation, ethnically part of the Kurdish group, famous for a successful trade, and no less successful illegal criminal operations. Yezidis have always been strong, and related national and international relations.

Mutsoev in an interview with the press often says that invests only in Russia. But, most of all, he's not telling. For example, it owns 8% of "BRIC", which are controlled through offshore Forman Commercial Limited. It is also the production and profits of Russian potash. In addition, he bought from Mikhail Prokhorov's stake "Polyus Gold International Ltd", which is engaged in gold mining in Kazakhstan. In Ukraine, Mutsoeva accused of raider attacks Kyiv hotel "Rus", although Zelimkhan Alikoevich categorically denies its involvement in the capture of the hotel.

Participation in the celebration of the birthday of the late "kingpin" Rudik Oganov back in 1997, of course, no reason to blame the State Duma deputy Zelimkhan Mutsoeva in criminal activity. But this is a good reason (and not the first), suspected him of links with the criminal world, which never limited to peaceful feast. Fusion of state power and the underworld is a huge problem in Russia, and if there were extra this evidence, the law enforcement agencies it is worth considering.

Source: Rucriminal