In the High Court of London, the divorce proceedings begin between Russian businessman Dmitry Tsvetkov and his wife, daughter of State Duma deputy Elsina Khairova. They share a £ 42 million fortune: a mansion in Surrey, jewelry, cars, artwork, five apartments in London, real estate in Cyprus and a penthouse in Dubai. The lawyer told the judge that Khairova had documents confirming that she paid for these items. Her husband denies this. Elsina's position is quite understandable. As the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU told the telegram channel, all the capital of the family of Dmitry and Elsina was actually received by the girl's father, a State Duma deputy from United Russia, a member of the defense committee, Rinat Khairov. Earlier (from 2007 to 2010) Khairov was an adviser to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov. Tsvetkov is a defendant in the case of large-scale embezzlement of funds of the NPO Experimental Design Bureau im. MP Simonov "(OKB" Sokol ") and put on the wanted list by Russia. We are talking about the funds allocated by the state for the creation of a reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Part of this money went to accounts associated with Tsvetkov in England.

Дмитрий Цветков и Эльсина Хайрова

At the disposal of the Cheka-OGPU was an extremely interesting document. In 2011, OKB "Sokol" won the competition announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for research work on the creation of an apparatus weighing up to 5 tons in the amount of 1 billion rubles. We are talking about a classified project - reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle "Altair". The contract was signed under the Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, to whom State Duma deputy Rinat Khairov once served as an advisor. Khairov himself at that moment was a member of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. He is a deputy from Tatarstan, where the Sokol Design Bureau is located. OKB Sokol hired Miltek as a contractor. And Miltek attracted a subcontractor - the English company Hegir Advisory Limited, controlled by the deputy's daughter Elsina Khairova and his son-in-law Dmitry Tsvetkov. In total, Miltech transferred 13.5 million euros and 1.6 million pounds sterling to Hegir Advisory's bank account with Barclays Bank.

Ринат Хайров

 In the West, Dmitry Tsvetkov and Elsina Khairova are unknown as participants in the development of drones, but they are well known as buyers of expensive real estate in England, Cyprus, the UAE, etc. And the couple's partners are very interesting. For example, Elsina owns the Cypriot firm Stirakia Holdings Limited together with the respected St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev, known in certain circles as Barmaley.

According to a source, Elsina initiated the divorce proceedings for several reasons. Firstly, she was tired of Dmitry's constant betrayal with escort girls. Secondly, another man appeared in her life. And thirdly, in September 2021 there will be new elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, in which Rinat Khairov will also take part. And he does not need an acting son-in-law during the elections, accused of embezzling defense assets in Tatarstan, his native Tatarstan, and even wanted.

After all, Khairov will have many questions about the fact that the daughter of a Russian deputy from United Russia has taken the citizenship of a foreign state - Great Britain. And then there's the son-in-law, the plunderer. It turns out that the Khairov clan is distancing itself from the "criminal Tsvetkov".

As a source told, Deputy Khairov made a lot of efforts so that the claims of the investigators did not arise against his daughter. She is a full-fledged partner of Dmitry Tsvetkov in the theft and laundering of money stolen from OKB Sokol. According to the contract with Miltek, the counterparty was Hegir Advisory, in which Tsvetkov and Khairova participated in equal shares, so both of them are responsible for the theft. Elsina was the director of Hegir Advisory at the time of the theft, according to the London Registrar of Companies. Then, hiding traces, the company changed its name from “Hegir Advisory” to “EK Group” (Elsina Khayrova Group), and then to DT Advisory (Dmitry Tsvetkov Advisory).

It is worth noting that father and father-in-law are not the only clients of Elsina and Dmitry's cozy London laundry. Also their services are crime boss Mikhail Turetsky (nicknamed "Moisha") and businessman, co-owner of Graff jewelry stores Emil Gainulin

"Elsina used some of her offshore companies to launder millions for Gainulin and Turetsky," the source of believes.

So, before the new elections to the State Duma, Ramil Khairov will have to answer many questions.

 Tomasz Wisniewski

To be continued