Former deputy head of the K department of the Economic Security Service (SEB) of the FSB Dmitry Frolov and ex-head of the banking department of this department Kirill Cherkalin began to get acquainted with the case file. Among other things, in the criminal case there is an episode related to Credit Impex bank, in which former officers of the K Department of the FSB received disproportionate tips in the amount of $ 100 thousand per month. But during searches of Cherkalin and Frolov they found billions. So there were other, larger flows of money. Where did the episodes that were much more serious in terms of the amount of bribes go? Sources say they were left with operational escort for the arrested officers. Details in a joint investigation of, the telegram channels of the Cheka-OGPU and Cherkalin told.

According to our interlocutors, the investigation is now quite carefully analyzing the theft episodes from the Russian Capital Bank, which Frolov and Valery Miroshnikov, the former first deputy of the DIA, who managed to escape abroad, were “roofing”. Also, FSB FSB operatives have information that its beneficiary Alexey Ivashchenko stole about $ 200 million from this bank.

In the crisis autumn of 2008, the government ordered the owner of "NRB" Alexander Lebedev to reorganize the leaky bank "Russian Capital" (RosKap). At that time, the head of the NRB board, Arkady Kolodkin, began the reorganization and customer service process for RosCap. Shortly afterwards, Kolodkin collided in his waiting room with the retired former head of the K department, retired FSB general Sergeyev, who brought to the NRB and categorically demanded to pay off RosCap's bills of 130 million rubles (at that time - more than $ 4 million .). The bills were not fake, but Kolodin, no matter how hard he tried in the archives of RosCap, could not find the grounds and reasons for issuing these financial obligations. Later, Sergeyev, having drunk at the next meeting, admitted that he was simply asked to “tell the story” by his former subordinates, the then-acting heads of the “K” department.

Thus, it turned out that the FSB pensioner General Sergeyev decided to help get Frolova and Co. the millions that had been stolen earlier from RosKap.

Kolodkin was afraid not to extinguish these criminal “kickback” bills, but delayed their repayment for a year, and told his boss Lebedev about the threatening requests from pensioner-general Sergeyev.

Learning about this, Lebedev did not want to, and he was afraid to wash someone else's stolen goods and instructed to understand this story. As a result of the checks, it turned out that RosKap was a large washing office operating under the roof of individual heads of the K and DIA departments, where everyone was coordinated by Colonel Frolov and Miroshnikov. After Lebedev, probably confusing Moscow with London and our mentality with English, began to write open letters, heaven opened over him. Lebedev’s statements only provoked K-shnikov to self-defense under the banner of fighting the “London oligarch” against the disloyal system. They didn’t think of anything better as a criminal prosecutor on the fact of embezzlement from RosCap by top managers of the NRB through repayment of the bills that Sergeyev brought to the NRB. Lebedev fought as best he could with Frolov and Voronin for several years, until Frolov was fired from Lubyanka "due to the loss of confidence."

After numerous checks by the Central Bank initiated by Voronin and Frolov during their real influence on the Regulator, the NRB lost its entire client base and was sold at face value to a consortium of state GTLK / EDB. Now the old "thieves'" archive of Ivashchenko, Frolov, Sergeyev unexpectedly fell into the hands of the state company’s security service. Case for small: seizure, report, interrogation of frightened accomplices and / or offended prosecution witnesses. After all this, in the NRB even the accountant was sentenced only conditionally. Former banker Ivashchenko is normal, not on the run. It is strange that he has not even been interrogated so far.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov

Ruslan Melnikov