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Genbank should resume active activity in the financial market of Sevastopol and Crimea, says Tatyana Bauer, the head of one of the Departments of the Ministry of Economic Development. According to Bauer, at the moment the Central Bank is preparing a series of measures that would allow Genbank to regain lost positions after the change of leadership. Recall that in early August, the Central Bank made the sanation of Genbank, changed the administration of the financial institution and introduced a new investor - Sobinbank ("daughter" of the bank "Russia"). Translated from official to ordinary language, this means that Genbank is pulled "by the ears" and pretends that there was no special "hole" in its capital. And, accordingly, the former owner of Genbank, Eugene Dvoskin, does not threaten anything. The Central Bank and law enforcement agencies will even "close their eyes" to the huge amount they deducted from the bank, which, according to, is between 15 and 20 billion rubles. And why be surprised. Dvoskin himself was always connected with the siloviki. And the partners for Genbank have everything, as for selection. So, a member of the Board of Directors of Genbank is a close friend of Dvoskin's lawyer Vershinin Alexander Vladimirovich. He is also known as a good friend of the former chief of the CSS of the Federal Security Service Oleg Feoktistov. At the same time Vershinin defends the former head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev, whom Feoktistov planted. All these VIP-friends and clients do not prevent Vershinin from defending the top of the mafia, for example, the "thief-in-law" Yuri Pichugin (Pichuga).

According to sources, the secret co-owner of Genbank is another friend of Dvoskin, State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi, who was declared by London for the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko. It was Lugovoi at various levels who lobbied for several times the interests of Dvoskin and Genbank. Is it possible to go to a pre-trial detention center with such a campaign ?. Of course not. And there were quite a few reasons for changing the chic cottages to the prison bunks in Dvoskin. Many of them are stated in the certificate, which in 2017 "left" for the presidential administration and was at the disposal of

"In the course of the investigation of the criminal case No. 169277 part 2 of article 172, part 4-174, part 4 of article 174.1, part 3 of article 186 and part 3 of article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, with the assistance of law enforcement agencies of Austria, Germany, Spain, the USA, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Monaco, Switzerland, etc. identified and documented a number of transnational organized communities engaged in illegal banking operations related to money laundering of various beneficiaries (criminal case The RF Prosecutor General's Office now hides in the Republic of Dagestan, although all the main crimes were committed in Moscow and abroad).

           In September 2007, arrests of leaders of criminal communities, assets worth more than $ 15 billion were prepared, as the gangs on which, since 2006, the work was laundered more than 2 trillion rubles, according to the scheme "burning" the bank ("burned" more than 40 credit institutions).

          Dvoskin EV was also subject to arrest. who, apart from everything else, was found during the search of firearms Mauser-K96, cartridges to it 7.62 mm (70 pcs.), from the FBI (USA) received documents that his name was Slosker, repeatedly tried in the United States, on his arrest issued an order of the court of the United States of 05.02.2000. The documents were received by the RF GP and the Interpol NCB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in February 2008.

               It is established that in the territory of the Russian Federation this citizen uses the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation illegally received in the OVD OVD of the Oktyabrsky district of Rostov-on-Don.

            On December 18, 2007, the conclusion was confirmed by the deputy head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Rostov Region, Colonel vs. service Skripkin V.I. passport series .... issued PVS OVD October District, Rostov-on-Don was annulled (put on the wanted list).

             On February 15, 2008, on the basis of the opinion of Vrio Ivanov, head of the Moscow Department of the Federal Migration Service. the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation Dvoskina EV has been annulled. 45- ... .. 02 issued on 22.12.2005. The Air Defense Department of the Khamovniki District in the replacement of the lost passport of the series 60 ...... 5 was issued on 08.02.2002 g PVS OVD Oktyabrsky district, Rostov-on-Don. Passport 45 .... was put on the wanted list.

            The passports of the series ... .35 and ...... 02 were used by Dvoskin EV, also for the legalization of money received from money laundering of beneficiaries and the creation of the appearance of paying taxes to the budgets of the Russian Federation.

              As an example, I cite some financial transactions related to the purchase of real estate and the legalization of cash through promissory notes, with the tax deduction also apparently applied subsequently.

           - Moscow branch "Vekom Bank", on December 28, 2006, repayment of simple fun for the amount of 26.380 million rubles; (at the rate of the Central Bank of 1 million US dollars).

          - JSCO CB "Siberian Bank for Economic Development" 02.02.2007 repayment of promissory notes 26, 489 million rubles, (at the rate of the Central Bank of 1 million US dollars).

- KB "Falcon" on "Nova Ko .." INN 770762 ... and on September 10, 2007 the amount of 3,4009 million rubles.

             - AKMB "Padun" 02.02.2007 bills of CB "Siberian Bank for Economic Development" for the amount of 26, 489 million rubles. (at the rate of the Central Bank of 1 million US dollars).

          - CB "Bank of Investments and Crediting" LLC at LLC "Darin" INN 7743525032 and 16.05.2006 the amount of 26.092 million rubles,

          - CB "Tembank" conversion transaction amount 17,102 million rubles. etc.

           The bank of the "Siberian Economic Development" conducted under the leadership of Dvoskin E.V. and its partners of illegal banking operations for more than 20 billion rubles.

            Only for the currency from the cash register of the bank was written off in illegal circulation for the period from February 21, 2007 to April 5, 2007, cash in the amount of 260,624 million dollars. And 62.200 million euros.

          For April-July 2007, through the Moscow branch of KB "Yaroslav" - 251,390 million dollars. And 31 500 million euros.

          The Moscow branch of KB "Antares" from November 1, 2006 to December 15, 2006, cashed - 73,364,312,946 rubles.

          CB "Falcon" for 15 banking days in September 2007 according to the Bank of Russia more than 6 billion rubles, according to Rosfinmonitoring data more than 80 billion rubles.

        Many of these sums should be collected from Dvoskin E.V. GC "Deposit Insurance Agency" as transactions with promissory notes were made before the revocation of licenses from banks under the 115 Federal Law ".

          To be continued

Source: Ruriminal