Tverskoy district court of Moscow arrested the former co-owner of the largest in the Samara region ActivePerl-Bank (ACB) Gregory Ohanesian. He is suspected of large-scale thefts that were committed from the Bank on the eve of the revocation of his license. After the collapse of AKB its obligations to depositors amounted to more than 24.8 billion RUB. That's the way events will unfold, told even in the spring of 2019. At the same time, we predicted that there would be a "slip" of another matter – about the former "gas king" of the Samara region Vladimir Avetisyan, who was closely associated with "active Capital" "Gazbank". In the bankrupt "Gazbank" the DIA works and according to the results of this work the size of the "hole" promises to be astronomical. However, on this history deal brought with a huge "squeak" and on" comical " article CC. Sources believe, this is due to the fact that Avetisyan's daughter is the bride of the son of the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.

According to Kommersant, Grigory Hovhannisyan was detained after questioning in the main investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Moscow. Since March 15, its employees have been investigating a criminal case of particularly large-scale fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code), in which Grigory Hovhannisyan was a witness for several months.

            Initially, "the case of Activetitle" was in production ATC CAO Moscow. Where staff and Guebipk of the MIA of the Russian Federation, according to established that ActivePerl, "Gazbank" and one rather large Bank, has worked closely. All of them "played" in an old banking game-drew to each other the capitals. Real funds have long been withdrawn under the guise of lending to firms close to shareholders. However, prior to each audit, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, "Activetitle", "Gazbank" and another credit institution helped each other "sketch" giant "hole" with the issuance of each other technical credits, and other gimmicks.

An investigation into Activepython went on increasing, he enrolled in GSU GU MVD in Moscow, and now came to arrests. But with the case of "Gazbank" there were difficulties.

Now the DIA works in Gazbank and as a result of this work the total amount of the identified" hole "will exceed 10 billion rubles. For this Bank – this astronomical sum. That's exactly what the owners of "Gazbank" was taken from the credit facility under the credit and, according to sources sent to Cyprus. Then a significant part of the "laundered" funds were in England. And the main owner of "Gazbank" was a large Samara businessman Vladimir Avetisyan.

Back in September 2018, the DIA sent to the Investigative Department of the Russian interior Ministry a statement on the initiation of criminal proceedings against the managers and owners of Gazbank under articles of the criminal code:159 (theft by fraud), 160 (embezzlement), 165 (causing property damage), 196 (intentional bankruptcy) and 201 (abuse of authority). DIA found that committed " theft of Bank property under the guise of loans to individuals and legal entities." The Central apparatus of the interior Ministry for some reason not interested in the materials, and "dumped" them in the GU GU MIA of Russia in the Samara region. According to the information there February 14, 2019 "reluctantly" filed a case in the humble article under part 1 of article 201 of the criminal code.

Given the "funny" article, this means that Avetisyan is not in danger. And the case was opened if only "otbrehalas" CBR. And no one will answer for the stolen billions. And they are spent by the family of the owner of "Gazbank" mainly in England and on a huge scale.  Avetisyan's daughter Anastasia is a student at the prestigious English Wellington College shocking students and teachers armed guards. In England, the girl lives in the family Palace, located in Surrey.

Most importantly, recently the girl appeared enviable groom. She began Dating Sergey Chemezov, the son of Rostec head Sergey Chemezov. Parents are extremely favorable to the Union, as Avetisyan once worked as Chemezov's adviser.

A couple can be found in England, in the Villa of the Avetisyans in Spain, Maldives etc And probably nothing would have been wrong with the two majors. If not for the strange reluctance of the security forces to really investigate the theft of "Gazbank", despite the repeated demands of the Central Bank. According to such a magical effect on the security forces only a very influential person. And Sergey Chemezov is such. Moreover, now the media is actively discussing the Prime Minister's ambitions of the current head of Rostec. Although, we will be glad if I'm wrong and yet law enforcement begins to really investigate the theft of "Gazbank".

To be continued

Arseniy Drones