The government is working on mechanisms to improve the efficiency of Rusnano, including for withdrawing from the "historical project portfolio," the Finance Ministry said in a statement. Options for increasing the efficiency of the company do not provide for non-fulfillment of its debt obligations, secured by state guarantees, the message says.

As an informed source of and the VChK-OGPU telegram channel told, the situation with a default on Rusnano bonds could have been avoided if not for two factors:

1. As you know, loans and bonded loans attracted by Rusnano are secured by state guarantees. The rules for the provision of state guarantees were approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09/10/2010 N 709.

Changes have been made to the rules several times - mostly technical, but there have been changes that fundamentally change the architecture of borrowing.

So, starting from 2016 (Clause 14), newly attracted loans and bonded loans can be used to repay previously received loans and bonded loans!

What was strictly prohibited, for example, in 2010, turned out to be allowed in 2016. This is how the construction began by Anatoly Chubais and his team of the Rusnano financial pyramid.

This mega important amendment to the rules was dragged through by Chubais thanks to the Minister of Economic Development Ulyukaev A.V., Deputy Prime Minister A.V.Dvorkovich (and at the same time the chairman of the board of directors of Rusnano).

2. The financial condition of Rusnano, according to clause 13, is subject to verification. This is being done by the Agent of the Government of VEB RF), who could not see the inability of Rusnano to serve the debt. The agent should also have been alarmed by the company's raising funds without a state guarantee, but not alarmed.

Анатолий Чубайс и Аркадий Дворкович

The pyramid was built. It was built thanks to the pressure of Chubais, unprecedented support for his activities from the liberal part of the government, and the lack of control from the government agent.

Now the pyramid is falling ...

Key question: What to do next?

According to the source, first you need to look at the structure of the loaned bond portfolio:

- 3 issues for the amount of 31.4 billion - these are issues secured by state guarantees;

- 6 issues for the amount of 40.2 billion rubles - unsecured issues.

 That is, in any development of events, the owners of bonds for 3 issues will receive from the state the value of the bond, however, according to the terms of state guarantees, this will happen in 3 years! It is clear that the owners will not receive the coupon, but these are the conditions of the guarantees provided.

6 issues are investors who took Chubais at his word and the state did not promise anything here. It will be correct if they receive their money through the mechanism of bankruptcy, subsidiary liability of partners, etc.

That is, the price of the issue for the state is 31.4 billion rubles, and then after 24 years.

But the news background is different - fans of the Russian Elon Musk want much more from the state: give money in capital and we will continue to receive both interest and a body of debt!

I hope M. Mishustin will understand the background of the news background and make the right decision.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued