A source from said that the ICR began an audit at the request of Sergei Derevyanko, the former deputy head of the GUSB, ex-head of the MIA GU for the Central Federal District, and now a member of the Board of Directors of the VIS Group. If a criminal case comes up, then in terms of its sums it can "surpass" the case against Dmitry Zakharchenko. The applicant and the witnesses tell in detail how, starting in 2008, Derevianko received bribes in money, land plots and cottages on Rublevka, etc. Basically, assets and finances for patronage on the law enforcement line were transferred to him by a citizen of Great Britain, Israel and Ukraine Eduard Shifrina. After leaving the service, Derevianko continued to cooperate with Shifrin and, already as an intermediary, organized the necessary criminal cases for the businessman, primarily in the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, which is headed by Derevyanko's longtime friend Natalya Agafieva. Derevyanko also, as an intermediary, helped Shifrin to roll through dubious transactions, for example, to sell the Yuny Port project to Sberbank for $ 250 million, at a cost of $ 100 million, while paying 0 taxes, including VAT. Among the witnesses of the relationship between Shifrin and Derevianko was Vasily Yordan, who not only testifies, but also Yordan managed to make a video recording of one of the corruption meetings between Derevyanko and Shifrin. In fact, now the ICR has everything you need to initiate a case. Whether Derevyanko's connections and money win or the TFR's desire to attract the culprit will become clear in the near future. begins publishing documents and materials for this story, which may become very loud in the near future.

Сергей Деревянко

“I, with this statement, apply to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation about the facts known to me of the commission of crimes provided for by Articles 290 and 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation“ Taking a bribe ”and“ Giving a bribe ”on an especially large scale.

In the period of 2008-2009, a citizen of Ukraine Shifrin EV, residing at Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Zhukovka-3, 46, transferred funds in the form of bribes to the Deputy Head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Stanislavovich Derevyanko. The total amount of transferred funds is USD 600,000. Funds were transferred in amounts ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 200,000 during 2008-2009. The funds were transferred on behalf of Shifrin EV in accordance with the agreements existing between Shifrin EV and Derevianko SS. The essence of the agreements is not known, however, according to Shifrin EV Derevianko SS carried out general patronage and helps to solve various problems in the business of Shifrin EV. The broadcasts were carried out in two places - the office of Derevianko SS of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Bolshaya Pionerskaya: in the recreation room located in his office. The second place of transmission is the Midland office located in Moscow, Arbat 10, 4th floor. Shifrin EV independently negotiated with Derevianko SS about the amounts and the principle of determination was not known to me. Sometimes, on behalf of Shifrin EV, funds were transferred to Derevianko SS, also head of the security service, Yordan Vasily. Yordan Vasily transferred funds to Derevyanko SS during the period 2009 - 2014, including the entire period of Derevyanko SS's work as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Central Federal District, and also after Derevyanko SS was dismissed from his post in 2014. In total, Shifrin EV transferred to Derevianko SS during the period of their joint work only cash of about 10 million dollars, not counting assistance in buying a house and two land plots on Rublevka. Other employees of the company also participated in the transfer of funds, who, like myself, performed a purely technical function - preparing cash and transferring it at the direction of Shifrin EV Derevyanko SS.

As evidence of the stated facts, a video is attached, made by the head of the security service, Yordan Vasily, on behalf of the head of the Midland Zavrazhny office, Andrei Alexandrovich.

In addition to the regular transfer of funds by Shifrin EV Derevyanko SS, Shifrin EV gave a bribe to Derevyanko SS in the amount of US $ 3 million to buy two land plots and an unfinished house located on Rublevka. Namely :

1. Land plot for individual housing construction,

land category: settlement land, total area 1092 sq.m., address:

Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Barvikhinsky s.d., d.

Zhukovka, uch. nine.;

2. Land plot for individual housing construction,

land category: settlement land, total area 1164 sq.m., address:

Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Barvikhinsky s.d., d.

Zhukovka, uch. 8.;

3. Residential building under construction, total area

663.80 sq.m., inv. No. 174: 055-16254, lit. А, А1, а, а1, а2, а3, # 1, address:

Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Barvikhinsky village, d.

Zhukovka, uch. nine

The purchase consisted of the acquisition of two land plots from plots, one of which was an unfinished house of more than 600 sq. m. owned by the citizen Alexei Mikhailovich Schipanovsky.

Derevyanko already had about $ 1 million by that time. There was not enough $ 5.5 million. $ 2.5 million was allocated by the company Catton LTD, which was engaged in metal trading. The direct representative of this company, who was engaged in the provision of funds, was Dmitry Ivanchenko, a shareholder of Catton LTD (tel 7685562, there was no code before). Sotrdunkik Shifrina EV on behalf of Shifrin and at the request of Derevyanko SS were fully engaged in the acquisition and decoration of the house and land participants.

Dmitry Ivanchenko transferred $ 2.5 million from his company Frasterline ltd to Bracerone LTD.

Bracetone was controlled by Midland and was used to raise cash for Shifrin EV's needs. Serhiy Kvashuk ran the company from Midland. Loan agreement 2/07 dated July 17, 2008 was drawn up by Shifrin's employee. Payments were processed by Vadim Knyazkov, who worked at Intercredit Bank. The seller of the plots first conducted all negotiations with Derevyanko SS, and then Derevyanko SS, having agreed with Shifrin EV, introduced the seller to Shifrin EV's co-workers, explaining that he was instructed to carry out the transaction.

After acquiring a house in the name of Shifrin, EV Derevianko SS was looking for a scheme for a long time how to transfer it to himself. We considered options with transferring the house to a foreign company. In the end, Derevianko SS decided to issue it to his sister. However, the lawyers dissuaded him, explaining that his sister would have to explain the acquisition of such a property.

In addition, Shifrin EV understood that if he immediately gave the house to Derevianko SS, he would lose any leverage over it. Therefore, Shifrin decided to play it safe and leave the house on himself, promising Derevyanko SS to rewrite it as soon as they find the scheme. According to the available information, the house is still registered with Shifrin EV. In order to insure himself and somehow explain the sources of funds for buying a house, Shifrin EV signed a loan agreement with the bank for $ 3 million, according to which Shifrin EV took it, paid part of the cost of the house to Shchipanovsky and then gave it back. Every month Shifrin EV gave out to an employee of the office of Pestretsova Galina Sergeevna the necessary amount for her to deposit funds in the bank. Obtaining this loan had no purpose other than to legalize part of the value of the house and plots.

Thus, Shifrin EV, after giving a bribe to General Derevyanko SS in the amount of 3 million US dollars, committed a crime under article 174 of the Criminal Code "Legalization of property acquired by other persons in a criminal way." Shifrin EV knew for certain that General Derevianko SS had acquired two land plots and an unfinished house with bribes in the amount of USD 3 million from Shifrin EV and USD 2.5 million from another person. Nevertheless, Shifrin EV offered his services to General Derevyanko SS in the legalization of real estate, thereby committing a criminal offense under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Also, Shifrin EV transferred USD 1 million to Derevianko SS through the company's lawyer, Ganus Peter. These facts were reflected in the investigation of Interpol. I attach the decision of Interpol to this statement. "

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov