Recently, the governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, conducted an inspection in Gelendzhik and the nearby village of Praskoveevka, a famous facility called "Putin's Dacha". There is a palace, which, according to information that appeared in the CM I, can serve as the residence of the head of state. The check was carried out in connection with a large number of complaints from ordinary citizens, that many hotels were built in SNT Praskoveevka on the lands of the partnership, and this is strictly prohibited by law. According to sources of, the chairman of SNT Praskoveevka Kolesov V.I., together with officials of the Gelendzhik administration and the head of the city, Alexei Bogodistov, launched "stormy" activities there.

Вениамин Кнодратьев

Praskoveevka is the smallest village on the sea. “The nature is beautiful, there are plots, but people received them as dachas. And Kolesov V.I., with the support of Bogodistov, launched entrepreneurial activity there. Who doesn't want a house or hotel next to the President? Nearby, literally, there is one road! And if you want, then Kolesov V.I., he will help you with the site, and comrade Bogodistov A.A., will close his eyes! Naturally, not free! ", - told a source to

Колесов В.И.

Chairman of SNT Praskoveevka Kolesov V.I. was previously convicted of illegal possession of weapons, a close friend of the mayor of Bogodistov. Kolesov took control of Praskoveevka when she had 36 hectares, and now there are already 43 hectares. A couple of Kolesov-Bogodistov "cut" the land from the forest fund, they simply cut down the forest, they went through the grader and the plot is ready. Kolesov himself owns in Praskoveevka a guest house "Podvorie Praskovya". This building is not cadastral, but is connected to the mains gas. Nearby there are many other guest houses (st. Reserve 6a, Berezovaya 24, Taezhnaya 71). However, there can be no hotels in Praskoveevka at all. This is the land of SNT. There are court decisions on bringing the objects in line with the garden house.

After numerous complaints, the recent check of the Governor Veniamin Kondratyev was started precisely to confirm the violations identified in Praskoveevka. According to the source, Bogodistov urgently used the proceeds from the sale of his business (canteens of the USSR and other restaurants). And a miracle happened - the members of the commission did not stop at Praskoveevka. Therefore, they continue to cut plots near the "president's dacha", build hotels, etc.

Алексей Богодистов

The source said that the mayor of Gelendzhik Aleksey Bogodistov sold his restaurant business after the arrest of his deputy PP Blinov by the court. Mayor Bogodistov returned from Moscow very sad. Sources say that the alleged intercessors explained to Bogodistov that he had to take care not of a substitute, but to think about his own future. Frightened, Bogodistov, upon his return, put up for sale his entire restaurant business - canteens of the USSR and other restaurants. Recently, all the deputies of the mayor (Karpich, Chernositov, Zheleznyak) have left on their own, so as not to sit down, someone went to the pre-trial detention center (Blinov, Sugibin).

"Putin's Dacha" is a recreation complex "on the Black Sea coast with an area of ​​87 hectares.

Дача Путина

Denis Zhirnov

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