Source: continues to acquaint the reader with "wiretaps" from Boris Berezovsky's archive. In June 1996, in the midst of the presidential campaign, arrested two key members of staff of the Boris Yeltsin - Arkady Evstafyev, and Sergei Lisovsky. In the hands of whoever "box from under the copier" from the "shadow cash" staff. Evstafiev and Lisowski detained by employees of security Service of the President (St. PETERSBURG) of the Russian Federation, controlled by Alexander Korzhakov and Mikhail Barsukov. As a result, a fierce struggle is unfolding between the Korzhakov-Barsukov clan and the clan, whose leaders were Anatoly Chubais and Boris Berezovsky. On the first post he publishes, talking Anatoly Chubais and Boris Berezovsky. The first reported that he had spoken with President Boris Yeltsin on the phone, he has already met with Kazakov and Barsukov, and (Chubais) to 12.00 do not want to see. Chubais assesses the situation as "hot". Also retells to Berezovsky Yeltsin's position: "Nothing terrible, people who tried to steal money from a staff are detained and this attempt was stopped in time". Chubais is indignant and openly begins to blackmail Yeltsin, saying that in this case, "Your headquarters stops working." Yeltsin replied that "since you put the question as an ultimatum,

Soon after this conversation Berezovsky calls the Deputy Director of FSK (the successor of KGB) and at the same time the head of Management of FSK across Moscow and the Moscow region Anatoly Trofimov. This record also publishes Berezovsky reports that Chubais went to the President "to breed" a question. Trofimov assures Berezovsky that everything will be fine there, but asks for correctness in the wording on the First channel. He says that the channel compromises itself with such inaccuracies. Says no arrests and detentions was not what we are talking about administrative proceedings, and any criminal case no. Berezovsky takes the interlocutor aside, explaining that no matter what it is called, but thanks to these actions, the campaign stopped its activities, no one wants to work and the whole group collapsed.

Trofimov warns about nuances, but Berezovsky interrupts and says that it is necessary to understand after elections. Trofimov says that it is wrong to raise a fuss, and just needed to get inside. Trofimov says that, nevertheless, now everything is on the report, and there are quite specific documents on violations, which in any case can not talk to anyone.

In 2005, Trofimov, then head of the security service of the company "Finvest" Vladimir Slutsker, was shot by killers.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov