As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, Anatoly Chubais, directly from Turkey, urgently rewrites all his Russian assets into nominal values. So, literally on March 30, when Chubais was already in Istanbul, his scandalous estate in the village of Peredelki in the Odintsovo district (worth at least $50 million) changed hands. The rights to the object (by mortgage) were registered to Antsiferov Maxim Yuryevich. At the same time, Chubais himself became the person in whose favor restrictions were imposed on the site and all buildings. According to the source, not a cunning scheme was applied. Antsiferov is the face value of Chubais, to whom the ex-head of RUSNANO allegedly sold the object, according to the scheme that Chubais himself gave Antsiferov money for the purchase and until he pays off the estate there will be an encumbrance from Chubais.

The Cheka-OGPU also reported that Chubais, as the victim in the theft case, was being summoned to testify in a Moscow court.

The case in which Anatoly Chubais was summoned to court as a witness was initiated back in 2017. Chubais' former company SFO Concept, headed by the brother of his longtime adviser Ilya Suchkov, was supposed to build a house in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, for the Chubais family. In 2017, Chubais sued the company, claiming that he was being extorted for this house inflated amount. SFO Concept itself was in debt. Suchkov offered creditors to buy the house for $36 million, but the British Knight Frank valued it at $12.55 million.

This case was subsequently combined with the case of the disappearance of property from the mansion that belonged to Chubais for 70 mon rubles. In addition to Suchkov, Musa Sadaev, ex-member of the Parnassus federal political council, who oversaw the construction of the house, is also involved in it.

At the disposal of was a detailed reference on this high-profile story, which we are publishing:

The Swiss Company SFO Concept AG was established in 2010 by Anatoly Chubais, who was its sole ultimate beneficiary, and subsequently its sole shareholder until May 2013.

The Swiss Company JSC "SFO Concept AG" was established not only to conduct commercial activities, but also to finance the construction of a Residential Complex arrested in absentia, who is on the international wanted list for embezzlement of pension funds of citizens of the Russian Federation, Boris Mints in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, Moscow region, by transferring funds under a bill of exchange and loan agreements. The contracts were concluded in 2010-2012. The General Directors of the Swiss Company "SFO Concept AG" - Oliver Nedeloy and Andre Odermatt on behalf of Anatoly Chubais with the Cyprus Company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (currently TILSOKA LIMITED) - the ultimate beneficiary of which is Boris Mints. These agreements were concluded for a long term - 10 years, without securing large loan amounts issued under them.

Given that Boris Mints is a businessman and even a true friend would not give such a large amount of money as 22 million US dollars, it should be assumed that the money that Boris Mints allegedly lent was Anatoly Chubais' own money.

This version is fully consistent with the objective actions of Anatoly Chubais, on the so-called transactions with the Boris Mintz Company. Anatoly Chubais personally, being the sole shareholder of the Swiss Company SFO Concept AG JSC, until May 2013 received the so-called borrowed funds from the Boris Mintz Company and sent them to Russia for the construction of the Peredelki residential complex.

It is appropriate to clarify here that according to the 3-NDFL declarations of Anatoly Chubais for 2013-2015. earned around 1.5 billion rubles, and the cost of building the real estate residential complex "Peredelki", taking into account the cost of the land next to Pasternak's dacha, at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation amounted to around 2.5 billion rubles.

Борис Минц

Obviously, due to obvious inconsistencies between income and expenses, Anatoly Chubais in 2010 created the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, which undertook to finance the project for the construction of the Peredelki residential complex. This circumstance became clear much later, only in 2015.

In 2012, on behalf of Anatoly Chubais, his former security guard Sergey Krychenko, with sole participation and appointment of himself as the General Director, LLC SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING was established as a family office in the Russian Federation.

In January 2013, at the direction of Anatoly Chubais, the sole shareholder of the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC at that time, Anatoly Chubais, his family company SFO CONCEPT CONSULTING LLC entered into a trust management agreement with the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, which, on behalf of the latter at the direction of Anatoly Chubais, signed by the Managing Director of the Swiss company - Andre Odermatt.

In May 2013, Anatoly Chubais, in connection with the ban on state arbitrarily employees to own shares, including foreign companies, sold the shares of the Swiss Company SFO Concept AG JSC to entrepreneur Ilya Suchkov. When Ilya Suchkov bought shares in the Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, Anatoly Chubais firmly assured him that after the construction was completed he would buy the Peredelki residential complex at market value. In this regard, Ilya Suchkov bought the company, being sure that after the sale of the property in the Peredelki Residential Complex, all debt obligations would be repaid in a timely manner and in full, and his own funds invested in this project would be returned to Ilya Suchkov.

In December 2015, the construction of the Residential Complex "Peredelki" by the Trustee of SFO Concept Consulting LLC (Russia) was completed. Cash funds to the Trustees in the amount of USD 35,632,545.82, excluding the cost of land (about USD 7.5 million), have been disbursed in full.

For reference: Expenses incurred by the Swiss Company SFO Concept AG JSC for the purchase of a land plot, remuneration of the Trustee and investment in the construction of the residential complex "Peredelki", according to the balance sheet of the Swiss company, amounted to: 47,000,000 US dollars. This fact is confirmed by the accounting expertise of the ECC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, carried out on behalf of the investigator, in the framework of criminal case No. 123632.

 After registration in 2016 by Sergey Krychenko of the ownership of all objects of the residential complex "Peredelki" to the Swiss company JSC "SFO Concept AG". Ilya Suchkov, in accordance with an earlier agreement with Anatoly Chubais, repeatedly offered Anatoly Chubais and the Cypriot company Boris Mints O1 TRAS SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) in writing and orally to buy out the Peredelki residential complex for 33,000,000 US dollars. For reference: the market value of the residential complex "Peredelki" according to 3 (Three) independent assessments carried out for the company JSC "SFO Concept AG" (Switzerland), including judicial, was determined by 34,000,000 - 36,500,000 US dollars.

But Anatoly Chubais, being a great swindler in life, who speaks promising speeches and immediately forgets about them, knowingly defining Ilya Suchkov as extreme, refuses to fulfill his obligations to purchase the Peredelki residential complex at market value and offers Ilya Suchkov to sell the residential complex "Alterations" for 12,000,000 US dollars, with the subsequent bringing the Swiss Company to deliberate bankruptcy.

It should be assumed that Anatoly Chubais thus sought to legalize the money received from Boris Mints doubtfully.

There is every reason to believe that the residential complex "Peredelki" with a book value of 47,000,000 US dollars, at best, was transferred by the Boris Mints Company to Anatoly Chubais for 7-8 million US dollars, and possibly free of charge. Rosreestr does not provide data on this transaction.

After refusing to participate in the illegal scheme of Anatoly Chubais, Boris and Dmitry Mintsev, Ilya Suchkov paid with the initiation of a criminal case against him, arrest and 6 (Six) years of being under investigation.


A few months before the initiation of the criminal case, Anatoly Chubais unambiguously “hinted” to Ilya Suchkov about bringing him to criminal responsibility, due to his unwillingness to participate in his and Mintsev’s illegal schemes, as a result, this time he kept his word.

The so-called criminal investigation lasts more than five 5 (Five) years. Twice returned by the courts of Moscow and the Moscow region to the prosecutor for additional investigation. Ilya Suchkov's defense sent more than 350 complaints to the Prosecutor General's Office. There is no result. After the second return of the criminal case by the Moscow City Court for additional investigation, the investigators of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Odintsovo urban district, who conducted the so-called investigation against Ilya Suchkov, resigned ahead of schedule at their own request from the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued