At the disposal of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and was the protocol of interrogation of the former head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais. He had previously been interrogated in what would have been an indictment of Chubais himself, who spent tens of millions of dollars building his own mansions. Moreover, spending did not coincide with the official income of Chubais, and the ways of origin of money directly indicated that they had corruption origins. However, other people are now on trial. Chubais himself hid in Istanbul.

The case in which Anatoly Chubais was interrogated was initiated back in 2017. Chubais' former company SFO Concept, headed by the brother of his longtime adviser Ilya Suchkov, was supposed to build a house in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, for the Chubais family. In 2017, Chubais sued the company, claiming that he was being extorted for this house inflated amount. SFO Concept itself was in debt. Suchkov offered creditors to buy the house for $36 million, but the British Knight Frank valued it at $12.55 million.

This case was subsequently combined with the case of the disappearance of property from the mansion that belonged to Chubais for 70 mon rubles. In addition to Suchkov, Musa Sadaev, ex-member of the Parnassus federal political council, who oversaw the construction of the house, is also involved in it. publishes the protocol of interrogation of Chubais.

“On the merits of the criminal case, I can show the following: I, Anatoly Borisovach Chubais, am currently the Chairman of the Management Board of RUSNANO Management Company, and my duties include tactical and strategic management of the company.

Борис Минц

Residential complex located at the address: Moscow region. The Odintsovsky district, near the village of Peredelki, was built on credit funds provided by a company owned by Mr. Mints Boris Iosifovich, whom I have known very well for many years. Construction of a residential complex under a trust management agreement was carried out by SFO Concept Consulting. Upon completion of the construction, the Swiss company SFO Concept AG draws up the above object, in which I intended to live myself with my family members, into their own property, and then into mine. Due to the fact that construction work in the complex located at the address: Moscow region, Odintsovo district, near the village of Peredelki, was almost completed, the question arose of purchasing and installing equipment for creating home theater systems, multiroom (multi-zone audio / video information), "Smart House" (management system for engineering systems at home). In this regard, I invited Sergey Krychenko and asked me to find a specialist in the field of installation and mounting of equipment - Georgy Grishin, whom I had known before, since I used his services for installing a home theater. Sergei found it for me. The three of us met at my RUSNANO>> office, at the address: Moscow, 60th anniversary of November avenue, 10a, around November 2015, I don’t remember the exact time, where we discussed the possible composition of the equipment that meets my ideas about what functions it should have performed in my new house, located at the address: Moscow Region. Odintsovsky district, near the village of Peredelki, namely: audiovisual infrastructure systems of the facility: home cinema; local area network systems of 1-2 floors of the Main facility in terms of subsystems of telecommunication cabinets, UPS, Routing, mutation, Wi-Fi segment and server equipment for the amount; systems of the multimedia complex "Virtual Museum"; GSM signal amplification systems at the facility; ITCS systems; "Smart House"; systems of technical protection of the allocated premises at the facility.


Funds for the purchase of the specified equipment are MY personal funds, part of which I personally transferred to Georgy Grishin in the presence of Sergey Krychenko, and part I transferred to Georgy through Sergey. In total, I spent more than 20 million rubles on media equipment.

In the process of preparing for the housewarming, I also spent my personal funds in the amount of about seventy million rubles on the additional equipment of my new house, the purchase of other technical devices, household appliances and interior items. I transferred these funds to Sergey Krychenko, who, on my instructions, disposed of them for the above purposes.

April 03, 2017 to me from Krychenko S.A. it became known that the property purchased by me in the territory of the residential complex at the above address is missing.

The fact of the acquisition of the said property with my money, the fact of delivery and installation of this property in the complex at the above address can be confirmed by Krychenko S.A. and other witnesses who, at my request, acquired property necessary for my family and for me personally.

Thus, the actions of unidentified persons caused me damage in the amount of 343,905.00 (sixty-seven million five from forty-three thousand nine hundred and five) rubles, is a particularly large amount for me. I ask you to identify the persons who stole my property and bring them to justice.”

The Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow is considering criminal case 01-0104/2022, one of the episodes of which is the alleged theft of property from Anatoly Chubais.

In June 2017, Anatoly Chubais filed an application with law enforcement agencies on the fact of alleged theft from him of property that did not belong to him by right of ownership.

As the interlocutor of told, during the preliminary investigation it was established for certain that the Founder of the Office of SFO Concept AG JSC (Switzerland) is shareholder Ilya Suchkov, as part of financing the construction of the residential complex Peredelki, to the Trustee of SFO Concept Consulting LLC - Founder Sergey Krychenko, funds were transferred, including for the purchase of property, identical to that allegedly stolen from Anatoly Chubais, in the amount of more than 300,000,000 rubles.

On April 14, 2022, according to numerous media publications, it became known that Anatoly Chubais, and I quote “does not plan to participate in the upcoming court hearing in the case of the theft of his property. Doesn't answer phone calls, ignore court summons. Earlier it was reported that he fled abroad.” The consideration of this criminal case without the participation of the victim in it is impossible, due to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and also due to the absence of damage caused to Anatoly Chubais, which is confirmed by the case materials.

When Anatoly Chubaisov submitted an application to law enforcement agencies, they were not provided with a single accounting, financial or other document confirming the fact that he had acquired property allegedly stolen from him. Instead, the preliminary investigation interrogated "witnesses" suffering from amnesia who did not remember where and what kind of property they bought for Anatoly Chubais. They do not have receipts from the stores, and their testimony differs not only from the testimony of other witnesses for the prosecution, but also from the testimony of the victim himself - Anatoly Chubais.

The amounts of property allegedly stolen from Anatoly Chubais in his interrogation and case materials are not determined and vary:

- according to the testimony of Anatoly Chubais himself, Sergei Krychenko and the so-called witnesses, the amount of damages spent by Anatoly Chubais on personal funds to purchase property allegedly stolen from him is approximately more than 20,000,000 rubles;

- further in his testimony, Anatoly Chubais claims that we quote: “in the process of preparing for a housewarming party, I also spent my personal money in the amount of about 70,000,000 rubles to equip my new home, purchase other technical devices, household appliances and interior items ".

- at the same time, at the end of all the same testimony, Anatoly Chubais claims that we are quoting: "Thus, the actions of unidentified persons caused me damage in the amount of 67,543,905 rubles." This amount is also confirmed by the statement of Anatoly Chubais when applying to law enforcement agencies in 2017.

But the senior investigator of the SU UMVD of Russia for the Odintsovo urban district Egorova Zh.A. by, we quote: “mathematical calculations”, and in fact knowing better than Anatoly Chubais himself what damage he allegedly suffered, in the indictment arbitrarily determines the amount of damage at 70,843,905 rubles.

Which of these three amounts of property allegedly stolen from Anatoly Chubais is correct, still remains a mystery.

At the same time, a legitimate question arises: “How did the property of Anatoly Chubais turn out to be in the residential complex “Peredelki”, which belonged by right of ownership to the Swiss Company JSC “SFO Concept AG”, which was allegedly stolen from him?”


The paradox of the charge lies in the fact that the owner of the real estate residential complex "Peredelki" - the shareholder of the Swiss company JSC "SFO Concept AG" - Ilya Suchkov, is accused of illegally entering the real estate object owned by his company, with the subsequent theft of his same property.

Nevertheless, despite the gross violations in the falsified criminal case, the judge of the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow, by hook or by crook, is trying to consider, in violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the criminal case in the absence of the victims of Chubais and representatives of the Cypriot company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED ( TILSOKA LIMITED), owned by Boris Mints.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued