Streams of information on the activities of the former first vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory, and now the mayor of the Kuban capital Andrei Alekseenko, entering, turn into a full-flowing stream. Sometimes, by the way, it is quite non-standard. As it turns out, at the suggestion of Andrei Anatolyevich in 2019, without exception, all employees of the regional administration were seated at a polygraph. Officials were checked not for possible corruption, but for selfless devotion to Governor Kondratyev.

2020 is a landmark year for the Krasnodar Territory - the year of the governor's elections. And it was on the eve of the elections that the regional officials were massively checked for ... identifying "enemies". Or, to put it quite simply, the regional leadership really wanted to know who in the administration is the "double agent" who leaks to the side information about the activities of the governor's inner circle in "caring for the people and solving the most important socio-economic problems." Well, or more simply: are there informers and other ideological saboteurs in the slender Kuban bureaucratic ranks?

Actually, at first glance, the message itself looked strange. If the main and only job of the entire administration of the region is to take care of the people's prosperity, then what secrets can this fascinating process contain? What is the military secret? What is the regional secrecy and veil? Why camouflage and fogging up in the implementation of far-sighted plans?

As the source told, the hired metropolitan specialist - the polygraph examiner - was given a completely different task. It's just that in the spring of the election year, the regional leadership had a real reason for a large-scale panic. At the disposal of Internet bloggers was a unique document - “The strategy of organizing and conducting the election campaign of the governor of the Krasnodar Territory. 2020 ". Where on all 148 pages about the fact that this highly scientific development was made exclusively for one candidate - V. I. Kondratyev.

With an indication of the specific names responsible for this or that direction, with a detailed list of measures designed to reorient the brains of the Kuban voters to an all-encompassing love for one candidate written on the title page. That is, to V.I. Kondratyev. It followed from the document that, firstly, dozens of employees of the regional administration, the entire leadership of municipal administrations, the regional leadership of United Russia, deputies of the ZSK and even ... members of the regional election committee would be involved in the work on the inevitable election of Kondratyev. Which later, during the election campaign itself, was successfully done.

In general, this document, if viewed from the perspective of Russian laws, "pulls" a considerable number of articles of the administrative and criminal codes of the Russian Federation. And it is clear that the publication by bloggers of just a couple of points of the "Strategy" caused such a panic on Krasnaya 35, teams are ready to do something non-Kondratieff. So that scandals can be avoided in the future. According to preliminary estimates, everything planned in the "Strategy" attracted 5-7 billion. That is, in fact, we are talking about fraud on a very large scale. And it is clear that such things are done in the Kuban in secret. The dedicated units are especially trusted. And then such a drain!

Actually, when the secret becomes clear, why burn millions to hide an already open secret. But this pseudo-detector procedure itself was more like a show organized with a single purpose: to please the boss. Like, look, Veniamin Ivanovich, how worried we are, how we are doing everything possible so that never again! That is, if, in a simple way, it should be about the usual, albeit very expensive, bureaucratic show-offs. And here is the question: who in the regional administration was the champion in show-off? Who loved to puff out their cheeks and always pretend that he already knows much more than others? Who is the master of imagery in the Kuban? And most importantly, who influenced the governor more than others and enjoyed his infinite trust? The then first vice - Andrei Alekseenko, now the mayor of Krasnodar.

Draining the "Strategy" - turned out to be a great reason for new show-off. It seems that it was Alekseenko who gave his boss a gift in the form of a polygraph examiner from the capital.

Who, then, was tested? A number of departments that are under the lieutenant governors (that is, all those who had access to this "top secret" stamp). They checked the subordinate vice-governors Andrei Alekseenko, Sergei Pulikovsky and Anna Minkova.

As the source told, the mercenary polygraph examiner let the trembling interlocutors under three main questions. 1. Did you have direct access to the "Strategy"? 2. Did you accidentally or deliberately share your secret knowledge of the 2020 plans with your enemies? 3 Do you know someone among your colleagues who could sell this special secrecy to the side?

Note that the polygraph test itself is not cheap and quite lengthy.

On a person (although in this case, not on a person, but on an official), sensors of upper and lower respiration are attached, on the index and ring fingers - GSR - a sensor of galvanic skin reactions, on the forearm a blood pressure sensor, on one more finger - a PPG sensor - photoplitismograms, assessing the light transmission capacity of erythrocytes (when a gap is made, it changes), on the head - a sensor of the psychological component, on the neck - a microphone, under, excuse me, butt - a tremor sensor, a video camera is also placed. First, the pre-test interview, well, and then ... let's go, let's start the bureaucratic auto-da-fe! Auto-da-fe is such a nice little medieval interrogation of suspects of heresy, before sending the suspect to the stake.


What we didn’t manage to find out exactly was which polygraph was used: "Barrier 14", which is used in the Ministry of Internal Affairs? Or "Criss", which is used in special forces and the FSB?

Interviews with the officials at which the sensors were attached often took more than an hour. And although the usual price list (if, say, the same polygraph examiners are hired to check the girls-sellers from some perfume shop to find out who is tying the powder) costs about 3 thousand rubles, it is obvious that in the case of a check in the regional administration the price tag was different. This is understandable. Confidentiality surcharge.

In fact, as the experts themselves say, the polygraph gives a reliable result only in 70% of cases. Trained scouts, professional artists, drunken alcoholics and people with brain disorders can deceive the detector. That is, excuse me, morons. There are also a number of ways that can be trained, including in a fairly short time. We will not be particularly distracted, but those who wish can, for example, type uptime in search engines and read. For a week or two, you can get a little confused polygraph.


And what did the invited metropolitan polygraph examiner find in the end? Never mind! Only in vain did the bureaucratic people, hung with wiring, sweated. But what was the conclusion to be drawn from this? Does this mean that in the administration of the Krasnodar Territory, all officials are completely scouts, artists or patients who accidentally escaped being placed in special hospitals?

It was interesting at whose expense the banquet was? A review of the regional budget for 2020 did not reveal any mention of funding for the work of polygraph examiners. Referring to the site of bidding for the regional administration, gave hope. Something similar at the very end of December 2019: tendering for state contract No. 01000437.195 for the provision of security services for the head of the supreme executive body of state power in the Krasnodar Territory. For 7 785 296 rubles. The contract itself is interesting, but the word "Polygraph" does not contain "" Administration of the Krasnodar Territory, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer", represented by the First Deputy Administrator of the Administration of the Krasnodar Territory, acting on the basis of the order ... "In general, standard paper. Not a word about paying for the polygraph.

If all this “triumph of Kuban democracy” was organized on a subcontract basis, that is, those who had already won tenders for some administration services paid, then the polygraph is clearly an inappropriate use of budget money. That is, Art. 285.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ... "Expenditure of budgetary funds by an official of the recipient of budgetary funds for purposes that do not meet the conditions for their receipt ..." In general, up to 2 years, if very large, and if committed by a group of persons on an especially large scale, then up to 5 years imprisonment.

However, this very group of people - the organizers of the polygraph show were aware of such consequences. Therefore, another payment option was also possible - from the "side". Either some of the friendly businessmen were strained, or, given the importance of identifying internal saboteurs, it is possible that the customers themselves, the highest regional officials, paid the polygraph examiner. But in the first case it is Art. 200.4 of the same Criminal Code. "Abuse in the procurement of goods, works, services to meet state or municipal needs." If in a group, yes by prior agreement, also up to 5 years in prison. Well, what if the heads of the regional administration paid themselves? I don't even want to think about it. Where did they get the millions to pay for the polygraph examiner? They are for the people day and night. They do not feel sorry for themselves for the "clean salary" ... But if, nevertheless, someone took them out of their pocket, then at once a dozen of corruption articles may turn out, when answering the question: "Where are the pennies?"

All organizational issues were decided by the Department of Internal Policy and their chief Alekseenko at that time. It was they who hired Sergei Sergeevich Shvagirev, a bald young man who is designated on the website as a freelance polygraph examiner. The very fact of inviting a freelancer, that is, a person on free bread, and not a representative of serious reputable firms, looks somewhat unusual. After all, before it is enough to type in any search engine "the best polygraph examiners of the country" and links are poured out (although there will not be so many of them, a great polygraph examiner is still a piece product). But only the names of Shvagirev are not in the links. He's probably so classified? Or was it easier to come to an agreement with him on "left-wing" cooperation schemes? In general, Vice-Governor Alekseenko's fuss with this pro was considerable, including the search for strictly classified left-wing finances to pay for the price set by a freelance Muscovite (or he worked for free: “for an idea?”). And all this with zero result, in the end. No, well, of course, there were suspicious employees. But who and how leaked the "Strategy" polygraph examiner Shvagirev did not find it.

The conclusion turns out to be bad. It turns out that the entire regional administration learned to lie for any reason and dozens of times a day, that in this sea of ​​lies there was no chance to reveal a specific lie about the draining of the "Strategy"?

And I would like to say about one more aspect of this procedure. About the fact that the leadership of the region jokingly calls itself "a knocked down, strong, administrative team." That is, six years of tireless concern for increasing its downside and increasing its own strength led to the fact that under suspicion

all hit? Awesome administrative success! Just the apotheosis of the effectiveness of personnel policy!

The most curious thing is that after the Moscow polygraph examiner sailed away (either the money in this strange "governor's fund" ran out, or they realized that the "enemy" was hiding so that it could not be identified with a typewriter with sensors on elastic bands and Velcro), the search for enemies was continued at the usual level.

By order of Alekseenko, a temporary "interrogation room" was located on the top floor of the regional administration of the region (although, it is clear that this cunning cabinet is not called that), where for a "friendly interview" with the whole head of the department for protecting state secrets of the regional administration Stanislav Vobly, they called employees who at least potentially out of the corner of our eye we could see the “Great Strategy for the 2020 elections”. But even here, the detection of enemies did not happen.

... The fact that the bosses love to extract the truth from their subordinates is in Russia from ancient times. Back in the days of Ivan the Terrible, no matter how much the suspects swore and swore during interrogations, only a rawhide whip and rack helped to get a reliable result. “But if they don't blame from the first torture, and after a week of time they are tortured by a row and the third, and they burn them with fire, tie their hands and feet, and put a log between the hands and between the legs, and raise them to the fire, and otherwise light the iron tongs in red, break ribs "... Enlightened Europeans, who had a much more vivid variety in terms of torture, noted that with just a whip and a rack, the Russians achieve such results that European interrogators, much more packed in terms of equipment, could only envy.

In general, practically no one regrets that these glorious times are a thing of the past. From normal citizens. But if you are a modern official? The mighty regional leader Alekseenko? After all, I really want to know which of the subordinate officials is plotting harmful? And what are the most effective ways to bring social and economic damage to clean water? How to find out where enemies are digging holes and setting traps in the path of regional progress? With whom do they share fabrications and what exactly do they file stability with? Tell me how to define all this? But who can obey without a rack?

But I wanted to tell all these amateurs to see fear in the eyes of hundreds of suspected officials sitting on a polygraph. In the Anglo-American legal system, there is a special category of privacy, meaning the right to secrecy and inviolability of private life. And polygraph testing is a direct intervention. And there, with them, it is believed that such interference is justified, for example, in the investigation of serious criminal offenses: murders, terrorist attacks. If you have been slandered, a lie detector test is a way to prove your innocence. But in other cases, compulsion to testing is defined as an insult to a person. Well, yes, in the same place it is about insulting a person. And not an official ...

This story with the polygraph had an unexpected consequence. If before the polygraph tests, bloggers had only a photocopy of the "Election Strategy" in their hands. Then, after the polygraph, the enemies handed over the original file of this curious document. Everything was decorated so colorfully. Not one year of criminal imprisonment.

Now we are waiting with interest for the next show-off from Alekseenko, already as the mayor of Krasnodar. However, here you can be wrong in your expectations. The current leak of information about him is like a slightly intensified murmur of a brook, but it is possible that a release of a compr with not such funny content will happen. Not a trickle, but a mudflow, tornado, tsunami.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued