In Murmansk, a criminal case has been initiated on embezzlement from the budget when purchasing trolleybuses for the needs of the municipal economy. The very first vehicle delivered by the manufacturer did not pass the examination, which revealed its inadequate quality and a possible threat to the safety of passengers. During the audit, it turned out that the trolleybuses were offered by the Alkor company, which had previously unsuccessfully tried to establish their production in Krasnodar.

According to the information available to, during the course of the ORM, the employees of the FSB department for the Murmansk region found that the general director of the Alkor company, a handicraft manufacturer of the trolleybus, Svatkovskaya I.V. in 2021, she entered into a corrupt conspiracy with the then vice-governor of the Murmansk region and a close friend of the governor - Serdechkin Yu.V. (now the city - the manager of Murmansk) for the supply of 30 trolleybuses.

General Director of JSC "Electrotransport of Murmansk" Korobkov S.E. did not want to purchase Alkorovskie trolleybuses, knowing firsthand about his negative Krasnodar background. However, Serdechkin Yu.V. put pressure on him, directly pointing out the need to purchase the Alkor trolleybus.

After buying the Alkor trolleybus and starting the FSB check, Serdechkin, realizing that the situation was getting out of control, wanting to stop further checks on the condition of these trolleybuses, decided to enlist the public support of Andrey Chibis, Governor Chibis, in this matter.

For this, under the pretext of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the transport enterprise, Serdechkin Yu.V. arranged a public presentation of the trolleybus under the lenses of video and cameras.

At the presentation, Governor Chibis A.V. publicly announced that Alcor's trolleybuses are the most modern in Russia, have been certified, and will ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. "It has a zest, which has been worked out with the manufacturer specifically for the uniqueness of the Murmansk region."

After carrying out the necessary examinations, forging signatures in the contract and initiating a criminal case, taking into account the Kuban history, the Murmansk fiasco of the Alkorovsky trolleybus should raise many questions from Chibis to Serdechkin. Or the security forces and to Chibis, and to Serdechkin. Whoever likes it.

The reason for starting an investigation under the article on especially large-scale fraud with budget money (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) in Murmansk was an inspection conducted by employees of the regional department of the FSB. It was about the supply of trolleybuses "Alkor XT-12" for the needs of JSC "Electrotransport of Murmansk", which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Murmansk Region. This enterprise, which has more than 110 electric vehicles in operation and serves 75 km of trolleybus lines, is considered one of the most advanced not only in its field: in 2011 it became the “Best Russian Regional Public Transport Enterprise”, having received the Golden Chariot badge. Every year, JSC, updating its fleet, buys from five to ten cars, mainly from the Vologda Trans-Alfa JSC (formerly the Stroytrans plant) and from the Belarusian Belkommunmash.

The trial "Alcor XT-12" was delivered in February of this year by the St. Petersburg company "Transkom SPb" for 17.5 million rubles. At the request of the FSB, the head of one of the departments of NAMI, the country's leading organization in the automotive industry, arrived from Moscow to study the trolleybus. A specialist with more than 30 years of work experience concluded (available to Kommersant) that a number of trolleybus parameters do not comply with those specified in the Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS). As a result, an unequivocal conclusion was made that the operation of the trolleybus "is associated with a threat to the life and health of citizens." After that, the operation of Alkor XT-12 was suspended at the request of the prosecutor’s office, and the investigative department of the city Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case against an “unidentified person from among the employees of Alkor LLC”, who embezzled funds from JSC “Electrotransport of Murmansk” when delivery of a knowingly unsafe trolleybus.


The Alkor company was created by former employees of one of the suppliers of the Murmansk enterprise - the ex-financial director of Trans-Alpha Irina Svatkovskaya and the ex-general designer Sergey Kolybin. Initially, the company was registered in violation of the law in Moscow for a nominee - a citizen who had previously been convicted several times, which led to the initiation of a criminal case, and then re-registered in Pskov.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued